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Amphibian Animal Totems

Northern Green Frog Totem
Northern Green Frog Totem

This is one of my images of the Northern Green Frog that I have photographed above. It’s the Northern Green Frog, and one of my favorite animals to photograph. Amphibians are intriguing animals and they carry many spiritual messages with them to decode. Amphibians are cold blooded vertebrate animals that are adaptable to live both on land and water. During their larval stage of development, they contain aquatic gills for breathing underwater, and during their adult stage of development, they contain lung breathing organs for inhaling air.  This symbolizes their ability to adapt to both land and water efficiently.  Amphibians include the animals such as frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.  The spiritual meaning of land represents knowledge, conscious mind, foundation, structure, support, order, balance, ruggedness, rigidness, masculine energy, responsibility, determination, ambition, goal oriented, success, manifestation, results, action, endurance, and stamina. The spiritual meaning of water represents feminine energy, fluidity, emotions, fertility, life, motion, absorbing negative energy, receptivity, purity, wisdom, renewal, reflection, refreshing, subconscious mind, transformation, transitions, cycles, change, and intuition. The water represents the subconscious mind while the land represents the conscious mind. Amphibians have mastered how to survive and live in both land and water and this symbolizes that they have learned to master how to use both their conscious mind and subconscious mind and use them to their advantage.  The amphibian totems reminds us to do the same.  The universe is mental and this is the fundamental lesson of the universe.

When amphibians immerse themselves below the water surface, they are connecting with their subconscious mind and the subconscious mind represents feminine energy and feminine is receptive to change and transformation and amphibian totems are reminding you to become receptive to change and transformation so that you can have an easier time to adjust and adapt to live within your environments. The subconscious mind also represents wisdom which also embodies the feminine energy.  Wisdom is the act of using your knowledge to manifest your desired result or goal and this is exactly what the subconscious mind does when working cohesively with the conscious mind. There’s an advantage to being open to change and transformation because you can easily adapt to anything that life throws at you and this is one of the amphibian totems messages.  The subconscious mind stores all your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind.  Sometimes the conscious mind doesn’t always have time or it doesn’t fully comprehend all the knowledge and information that it gathers from a source so it just instantly sends all the information to your subconscious mind for later retrieval whenever it needs to recall a particular topic.  Your subconscious mind includes and stores all your memories, belief systems, previous life experiences, feelings, emotions, your skill sets, all the situations that you have been through, and all the images that you have seen and witnessed.  Your subconscious mind is infinite and magical and it is responsible for manifesting your reality, but of course both your conscious and subconscious mind work together to manifest your reality, but the subconscious mind uses its creative energy from the feminine energy to use the knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind to strategize and figure out how to use the knowledge to manifest its desired goal, result, or outcome.  Your subconscious mind is activated through repetition because the more information and knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to perform the specified task to complete the goal and to manifest the desired result or outcome. This is the divine partnership made between both the conscious mind and subconscious mind and also between both the masculine and feminine energy.  The amphibian totems warns you that in order to master how to use your subconscious mind, you must dive deep within it and explore all parts of your subconscious mind from the most commonly explored areas to the unexplored, inactive areas and use the power of your subconscious mind to your advantage to manifest your desired results or goals.

When amphibians are on land, they are connecting with their conscious mind and the conscious mind represents the masculine energy and the masculine energy represents awareness, action, results, success, and goals.  The conscious mind is the state of awareness within one’s environment.  Your conscious mind includes all your feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions, memories, fantasies all occurring within your current awareness and the present moment. Whatever your conscious mind wants to keep something hidden from its own awareness, it represses it and sends it to the unconscious mind.  Whenever we want to ignore our thoughts, feelings and emotions we instantly tell our conscious mind to send it to our unconscious mind and sometimes our unconscious mind can have an influence on our behavior.  All our feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are contained within our unconscious mind is only available to our conscious mind.  The unconscious mind basically acts like our subconscious mind and it is feminine energy. Sometimes the things contained within our unconscious mind appears into our awareness in the form of dreams. This is how our unconscious mind warns us to become aware of something important that we need to pay attention to especially if we have bad dreams and this usually means something that we need to resolve quickly before our issues or problems become worst than they were previously. It always important to study and analyze your dreams to have a better understanding about what your unconscious mind is communicating to you. The amphibian totems warns you to become aware of what sources that you gather your knowledge and information because whatever your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind has a direct and indirect influence on yourself and your behavior so be conscious of everything and what you are doing. The conscious mind also represents knowledge, and knowledge is masculine energy. The masculine energy is responsible for searching and gathering all the knowledge to become more aware and knowledgeable about its environment. Knowledge comes first, then second comes wisdom, and finally comes the understanding.  These are the three basic steps to the operation of the universe. Simple as that.

When the amphibians have become adaptable to live in both land and water, they are in complete control of using both their conscious and subconscious mind. This is when the understanding comes into play which is the divine marriage. Now the amphibian understands how to survive on both land and water by observing its surroundings and gathering all the knowledge and information that it needs to learn about its environment and soon learn how use its knowledge about its environment to learn how to survive and adapt to both of its environments.  There are steps that need to happen before the amphibian can learn how to adapt to live in both polar opposites environments. Once both the conscious and subconscious mind has worked cohesively together and doing their part in order to manifest its desired result or goal, the divine marriage between both the two polar energies unite. The amphibians adaptability to live and thrive on both land and water is symbolic of mastering how to use both your conscious and subconscious mind.  So the spiritual messages from the amphibian totems is being open to change, adaptability, transitions, transformation, consciousness, balance, learning balance between your conscious and subconscious mind, learning balance between both your masculine and feminine energy, fluidity, receptivity, action, results, and success.

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