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Tips on Photographing Vultures in Flight

Photo Credit by Ned Harris.

I will provide some tips on how to photograph vultures in flight.  This image above is not mine, I am just using it as a example for my blog post, but if you want to view my work then scroll down to the bottom of this article and click the hyper link that links you to my website.  I have spent over a decade photographing vultures in flight and I have found them pretty easy to photograph over the years.  The image above is of an American Black Vulture and they reside as far north as southeastern United States and their range extends as far south as southern South America.  The American Black Vulture and many vultures in general mostly contain black or dark colored plumage which makes it pretty hard to photograph them against a bright sky with enough lighting to expose well under their dark colored underparts.  One way to avoid this dilemma is to photograph vultures around early morning or later in the evening when the lighting is most optimal for photographing birds in flight.  Vultures tend to leave their roost around early to mid morning and arrive to their roosting site to later in the evening before night fall.  Usually around mid day, vultures are flying really high up in the sky looking and scanning the terrain for carcasses so basically your main objective is to focus on positioning yourself during times when vultures are flying closer to the earth rather than during other times when they are soaring too high above.

Now you have to keep in mind that vultures are the highest flying birds with the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture reaching heights of up to 37,000 feet and while the Turkey Vulture can reach heights of up to 20,000 feet in the air.  Vultures are one of the most challenging birds to photograph in flight but also the most rewarding.  One tip to keep in mind for when planning to photograph vultures during early or mid morning is to beware of the wind or updraft conditions.  For example, which way is the wind or updraft blowing and is the breeze blowing strongly or softly?  If the wind is blowing against you, position yourself and your camera towards that direction and look for closely approaching flying birds.  Try staying near open terrain where it is easier for you to photograph closely approaching flying birds.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to locate residential vultures’ roosting sites and this will increase you chances of photographing vultures in flight.  Try going to their roosting sites early in the morning before they start taking off to the skies or later in the evening when they are planning for roosting for the night.  You can also rack some luck by driving on the road and keeping an open eye out for dead carcasses and these are prime places for spotting vultures feasting on them along the roadside.

Here’s a youtube video of Giant Turtles vs Black Vultures:

Video Credit by BBC Worldwide.

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Amphibian Animal Totems

Northern Green Frog Totem
Northern Green Frog Totem

This is one of my images of the Northern Green Frog that I have photographed above. It’s the Northern Green Frog, and one of my favorite animals to photograph. Amphibians are intriguing animals and they carry many spiritual messages with them to decode. Amphibians are cold blooded vertebrate animals that are adaptable to live both on land and water. During their larval stage of development, they contain aquatic gills for breathing underwater, and during their adult stage of development, they contain lung breathing organs for inhaling air.  This symbolizes their ability to adapt to both land and water efficiently.  Amphibians include the animals such as frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.  The spiritual meaning of land represents knowledge, conscious mind, foundation, structure, support, order, balance, ruggedness, rigidness, masculine energy, responsibility, determination, ambition, goal oriented, success, manifestation, results, action, endurance, and stamina. The spiritual meaning of water represents feminine energy, fluidity, emotions, fertility, life, motion, absorbing negative energy, receptivity, purity, wisdom, renewal, reflection, refreshing, subconscious mind, transformation, transitions, cycles, change, and intuition. The water represents the subconscious mind while the land represents the conscious mind. Amphibians have mastered how to survive and live in both land and water and this symbolizes that they have learned to master how to use both their conscious mind and subconscious mind and use them to their advantage.  The amphibian totems reminds us to do the same.  The universe is mental and this is the fundamental lesson of the universe.

When amphibians immerse themselves below the water surface, they are connecting with their subconscious mind and the subconscious mind represents feminine energy and feminine is receptive to change and transformation and amphibian totems are reminding you to become receptive to change and transformation so that you can have an easier time to adjust and adapt to live within your environments. The subconscious mind also represents wisdom which also embodies the feminine energy.  Wisdom is the act of using your knowledge to manifest your desired result or goal and this is exactly what the subconscious mind does when working cohesively with the conscious mind. There’s an advantage to being open to change and transformation because you can easily adapt to anything that life throws at you and this is one of the amphibian totems messages.  The subconscious mind stores all your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind.  Sometimes the conscious mind doesn’t always have time or it doesn’t fully comprehend all the knowledge and information that it gathers from a source so it just instantly sends all the information to your subconscious mind for later retrieval whenever it needs to recall a particular topic.  Your subconscious mind includes and stores all your memories, belief systems, previous life experiences, feelings, emotions, your skill sets, all the situations that you have been through, and all the images that you have seen and witnessed.  Your subconscious mind is infinite and magical and it is responsible for manifesting your reality, but of course both your conscious and subconscious mind work together to manifest your reality, but the subconscious mind uses its creative energy from the feminine energy to use the knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind to strategize and figure out how to use the knowledge to manifest its desired goal, result, or outcome.  Your subconscious mind is activated through repetition because the more information and knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to perform the specified task to complete the goal and to manifest the desired result or outcome. This is the divine partnership made between both the conscious mind and subconscious mind and also between both the masculine and feminine energy.  The amphibian totems warns you that in order to master how to use your subconscious mind, you must dive deep within it and explore all parts of your subconscious mind from the most commonly explored areas to the unexplored, inactive areas and use the power of your subconscious mind to your advantage to manifest your desired results or goals.

When amphibians are on land, they are connecting with their conscious mind and the conscious mind represents the masculine energy and the masculine energy represents awareness, action, results, success, and goals.  The conscious mind is the state of awareness within one’s environment.  Your conscious mind includes all your feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions, memories, fantasies all occurring within your current awareness and the present moment. Whatever your conscious mind wants to keep something hidden from its own awareness, it represses it and sends it to the unconscious mind.  Whenever we want to ignore our thoughts, feelings and emotions we instantly tell our conscious mind to send it to our unconscious mind and sometimes our unconscious mind can have an influence on our behavior.  All our feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are contained within our unconscious mind is only available to our conscious mind.  The unconscious mind basically acts like our subconscious mind and it is feminine energy. Sometimes the things contained within our unconscious mind appears into our awareness in the form of dreams. This is how our unconscious mind warns us to become aware of something important that we need to pay attention to especially if we have bad dreams and this usually means something that we need to resolve quickly before our issues or problems become worst than they were previously. It always important to study and analyze your dreams to have a better understanding about what your unconscious mind is communicating to you. The amphibian totems warns you to become aware of what sources that you gather your knowledge and information because whatever your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind has a direct and indirect influence on yourself and your behavior so be conscious of everything and what you are doing. The conscious mind also represents knowledge, and knowledge is masculine energy. The masculine energy is responsible for searching and gathering all the knowledge to become more aware and knowledgeable about its environment. Knowledge comes first, then second comes wisdom, and finally comes the understanding.  These are the three basic steps to the operation of the universe. Simple as that.

When the amphibians have become adaptable to live in both land and water, they are in complete control of using both their conscious and subconscious mind. This is when the understanding comes into play which is the divine marriage. Now the amphibian understands how to survive on both land and water by observing its surroundings and gathering all the knowledge and information that it needs to learn about its environment and soon learn how use its knowledge about its environment to learn how to survive and adapt to both of its environments.  There are steps that need to happen before the amphibian can learn how to adapt to live in both polar opposites environments. Once both the conscious and subconscious mind has worked cohesively together and doing their part in order to manifest its desired result or goal, the divine marriage between both the two polar energies unite. The amphibians adaptability to live and thrive on both land and water is symbolic of mastering how to use both your conscious and subconscious mind.  So the spiritual messages from the amphibian totems is being open to change, adaptability, transitions, transformation, consciousness, balance, learning balance between your conscious and subconscious mind, learning balance between both your masculine and feminine energy, fluidity, receptivity, action, results, and success.

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Steve Irwin – Saltwater Crocodile Totem


I want to dedicate my SaltWater Crocodile Totem to my mentor Steve Irwin who’s great passion was what he liked to refer to as salties, which is the Saltwater Crocodile.

The Crocodile Totem is an amazing spirit animal to have on your journey.  The crocodile is patient, very observant, contemplative, strategic, self sufficient, energy efficient, survivor, warrior, primordial, original, instinctual, connection to the energy of the earth and the water, knowledgeable about the cycles and energies of the earth, moon, and the sun by using its knowledge about them to its advantage, protection, maternal protection, keepers and protectors of all ancient, divine knowledge.  baring untameable creative life force, creation, destruction, primal energy, primal instincts, waiting and searching for opportunities that serves your purpose, concealment, grabbing hold on your opportunities, resourcefulness, creativity, learning to consume and digest all your life experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding down nice and slow,  learning to take your time and do things at your own pace, quickly take advantage of all your opportunities with dead accuracy, clairvoyant abilities, courageous, powerful, determined, aggressive, magic, speed, stealth, resilient, cunning, honor, bravery, dependability, emotional depth, primal power, visionary, fertility, awareness to energy, and powerful.

The Crocodile is so sensitive to the frequency of energy and the degrees of temperature.  The crocodile is also knowledgeable about the energy and cycles of the earth, moon, and the sun that it has used its knowledge about the earth, moon, and sun to thrive and live on earth for millions of years while synchronizing its habits and lifestyle with the cycles and energy of the earth, sun, and moon.  The crocodile totem warns us to study the cycles and energy of the earth, sun, and moon and synchronize our habits and life cycles with them to improve our own life cycles in the process but to also to better remain in control of our realities by becoming more knowledgeable and understanding about their life cycles.  This gives us power and more control over our own life and existence on earth and this is why the crocodile has been able to survive for so long one earth.  It would be wise to meditate and receive the ancient wisdom from the crocodile totem because it contains all the ancient knowledge, wisdom, and understanding within its mind, body, and soul.

The crocodile is associated with the two elements land and water.  The spiritual meaning of land represents masculine energy, order, structure, foundation, support, ruggedness, self reliance, power, strength, honor, reliability, goal oriented, determination, knowledge, stubbornness, rigidness, narrow mindedness, focus, disciplined, protection, consciousness, and balance. The spiritual meaning of water represents feminine energy, fluidity, emotions, creativity, psychic abilities, absorbing negative energy, life, intuition, wisdom, motion, subconscious, fertilization, purification, transformation, reflection, renewal, and refreshing.  Whenever the crocodile submerges under the water, it is reminding us to dive deep into our emotions and immerse ourselves in our own free flowing creative juices, and purify our energy and inner spirits.  Whenever the crocodile is surfacing up to the water’s surface, the crocodile totem is reminding us to keep our emotions down below the water surface by keeping them under control and in check.  Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your vision and perception of your reality. This confuses your judgement and decision making process when the time comes to take advantage of your opportunities when they present themselves to you.  When the crocodile lives on land, it has to become powerful and rugged because when it swims through the water it is quicker and more fluid. The crocodile is not as agile and fluid when it walks on land so it needs to contain the energies of support, foundation and protection to support itself and the crocodile totem is asking you to do the same.  It’s also warning us if you find it easy to dive deep into your creative juices by immersing yourself with the energy of the water, then you need to use those creative juices to support yourself better while living on land.  You need creativity to survive on land because land is just plain and rugged.  Learn to balance both your masculine and feminine energy from within yourself and become your powerful, ultimate version of yourself and the crocodile clearly demonstrates this by the way it lives its life.

The masculine energy represents the element earth while the feminine energy represents water. We all contain these energy from within ourselves.  The crocodile totem acknowledges this but it also reminds us to associate with both the elements that contain the energies that are polar opposite of each other to help maintain balance and manage our energy from within ourselves.  Learn when to dive deep into the emotional, creative juices of the water, and know when to walk and bask on land and plan and strategize how you are going to create your reality.  This is alchemy and magic at its best and this is why the crocodile has been able to survive for so long on earth.  It has definitely done its homework over the course of millions of years.  The Crocodile is such a superb hunter. I actually use the crocodile’s hunting method of waiting patiently for my wildlife subjects to approach me within a reasonable distance for me to photograph them within a close range while using my knowledge of remaining camouflaged within my environment.  The crocodile is so superb with this hunting strategy when it is submerged in the water.  It sits and waits patiently for its prey while keeping its body submerged underwater, while keeping its head above the water surface to resemble a floating log above the water surface and while keeping watch for potential prey.  This is deadly precision at its best.  When the crocodile swims close enough to its potential prey, it prepares its deadly jaws and positions its feet and legs for support and balance and waits patiently for the right moment to strike with dead accuracy with its powerful jaws open to tackling down its prey.  The crocodile totem is reminding us to plan and strategize on how we are going to pursue our own goals and opportunities with deadly precision and accuracy without no mistakes.  Take the time to study and observe your surroundings and environment and then come up with your conclusion on how you are going to tackle down your opportunities and goals.

The saltwater crocodile resides in saltwater.  The spiritual meaning of salt represents cleansing and purifying negative energy, attracting positive energy, repelling negative energy and vibrations, healing, neutralizing, balancing energy, and aiding for manifesting what you want into your reality.  The saltwater crocodile is reminding us to immerse ourselves in the salty waters to purify our energies, spirits and vibrations and use the power of the salt to manifest the realities that we want.  Since water absorbs negative energy, it doesn’t reflects back negative energy to its original source. If saline is present in water, the energy of the salt purifies the energy of the water by cleansing and healing the energy of the water from what the energy of the water absorbs from the negative energy from outside influences of energy.

There’s a lot more to decode from the saltwater crocodile totem, but I will be babbling on forever about this amazing animal totem.  I can understand why Steve Irwin loved this animal so much.  The reason why I have dedicated this post to Steve Irwin is because he is one of my mentors and he is one of the main reasons why I have pursued my passion for nature and wildlife photography.  I have felt his energy around me lately and I felt compelled to dedicate him a SaltWater Crocodile Totem blog post.  Steve Irwin has influenced the world in such a positive, dramatic way for his love and passion for nature and wildlife conservation and he has made amazing accomplishments happen.  He has gotten results done and manifested them into reality. I have the same love and passion for nature and wildlife conservation and I contribute to this cause by dedicating my life to nature and wildlife photography and educating people about the importance of nature and wildlife.  I also show and educate people how important nature and animals are by writing and discussing blog posts about nature and animal totems. If you want to learn more about my nature and wildlife photography work, then definitely visit my website  .If you want to view my nature and wildlife photography work, then you can definitely buy my nature photography book called, “Nature’s Ascension” , which is now available on Amazon.  If you love my content on my blog and website, and you would love to support me on my journey, then definitely send me a generous donation for your support by visiting my  About Page on my website. I’m actually writing my own Animal Totem book and I plan on finish writing it by this September so definitely keep your eyes open for my Animal Totem book by visiting my blog and website. I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post and would love to continue on learning more from my blog posts. Take care!!!!!!!

The Spotted Hyena Totem

The Hyena Totem is a female warrior, a powerful princess, and strategic huntress of big game.  She loves matriarchy and the powerful strength of feminine energy.  The hyena totem represents instinct, sociability, power, strength, community, female strength, female dominance, warrior, discernment, team work, trust, loyalty, communication, safety, aggressiveness, assertiveness, protection, determination, perseverance, clean house, cleaning up negative energy, family, friends, laughter, fun, playfulness, strong will, energetic, responsibility, grounding, grounded, connection to earth, foundation, order, structure, and support.  Spotted Hyenas reside on open, dry habitats such as savannah, semi deserts, mountain forest, and acacia bush.  Their range occurs in sub-Saharan Africa, but their numbers occur widely throughout this area because of European related causes.  Spotted hyenas coat feature a sandy, yellowish, gray coat with black or dark brown spots that covers most of its body.

Their coat is mainly a brownish tone and the spiritual meaning of the color brown represents earth, protection, security, material wealth, down to earth, stability, structure, order, grounded, grounding, support, responsibility, family unity, friendship, social ability, loyal, trustworthiness, dependable, reliable, honesty, genuine, sincere, industrious, calmness, comfort, natural, organic, elegance, strength, maturity, friendly, wholesome, approachable, health, and goodness.  Because of the hyena’s association to the color brown it embodies the energy of the color brown.  The hyena find ways to attain its security, food, foundation, order, support, structure, family unity, loyalty, trustworthiness, responsibility, connection to the earth, stability, and strength.

The spotted hyena contains black spots on its coat.  The spiritual meaning of the color black represents hidden, secretive, unknown, mystery, power, cloaking, shielding energy, absorbing negative energy, protection, confidence, independence, elegance, intimidation, control, self discipline, sophistication, symbolizing the ends and implying new beginnings, and seductive.  The spotted hyena uses the energy of its black spots to increase the power of the energy of the color brown that the hyena is associated with and this is why the spotted hyena has such a strong family unit, order, structure, foundation, support, and the color black helps the hyena clan to increase its chances to attain its material wealth which is prey and territory.  All the colors play a major role in the hyena’s life and this is just scratching the surface of understanding the spiritual meaning behind the hyena.

Spotted hyenas live in clans where female hyenas runs the show.  Hyenas are powerful predators and scavengers and they have bone breaking jaws to subdue their prey and to also ingest and break down the bones when feasting on carcasses.  Hyenas are part of the clean up crew and they help clean up the African continent from diseases and harmful bacteria by feasting on carcasses.  They also help control the prey numbers from overpopulating.  The hyenas are the predators and they help maintain balance to the universe.  Hyenas and lions are dual opposites.  In the lion pride, the male lions run the show, but in the hyena clans, the females run the show.  This represents the polar opposites relationships between the energies masculine and feminine energy.  Both of these large competitors compete for the same food source and territories and this symbolizes that they are both each others counterparts.  The hyena is the feminine counterpart of the lion, and the lion is the male counterpart of the hyena and this symbolizes the marriage between the masculine and feminine energy joining forces together in order to maintain balance to the universe.  This is the divine marriage.  I have already discussed the divine marriage between the masculine and feminine energy in my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding article.  What’s ironic about inside both lion pride and the hyena clan structure is that the female members of the groups are the most responsible ones who do the hunting, and caring for the young ones, while the male members one of the groups just enjoy the benefits of the female members hard work.  But in the lion’s case, his reign doesn’t last long because once he gets too old, he tends to lose his pride by fighting against younger, stronger, and more competitive lions who will fight to death to win the older male lion’s pride, but this is all part of the cycle of the universe.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the spotted hyena.  There’s more spiritual messages to decode from the hyena, but this is what I have channel from my 1 hour allotted time. Have a great day readers.

The Beaver Totem

The beaver totem is all about manifesting our dreams, goals and aspirations into our physical realities.  This explains why the beaver is so busy working towards manifesting its dreams and goals into its reality and the beaver warns us to do the same.  The beaver is all about foundation and this explains why it has four legs and toes and both the legs and toes represent foundation and I will discuss the spiritual meaning of four in a minute.  The spiritual meaning of the beaver represents order, structure, foundation, discipline, focus, perseverance, determination, hardworking, creativity, builder, creator, productivity, persistence, fertility, cooperation, being resourceful, group work ethic, balance between work and free play, enjoyment, protection, active, support, creating and making your dreams into your reality, communication, purpose, connecting to the energy of the water and land, becoming self sufficient.  There are so many spiritual messages to decode from the beaver and the more you dive deeper into the spiritual energy of the beaver, the more you will learn from this amazing animal totem.  I’m just giving you guys bread crumbs as I decode the beaver within my 1 hour allotted time frame that I have set for myself to decode the spiritual meaning behind the beaver totem.  I expect you guys to do more digging on any particular animal totem that interest you.

Beavers build dams to create their homes for their families and also for protection from predators.  They also build dams obviously to escape the chilly temperature of the winter seasons.  The temperature inside the beaver dams will not drop below freezing even if its subzero freezing outside in the dead of winter and the reason behind this is because of the dense materials they use to keep their dams well insulated.  Beavers are known for their dreams, and they know how to make their dreams into their reality.   Many of us always visualize about our dreams, but most of us feel discouraged about how to manifest them into reality when we are instantly confused about where to start and how to make our dreams into reality.  The beaver knows want it wants and it knows that its going to take work to achieve its goals.  It takes hard work to build a house and this is what the beaver does and at least the beaver has help from other beavers to build its home.  No one said that it was going to be easy to build a house, but it’s possible and this is the important message that the beaver wants to deliver to us.  Don’t be discouraged about not knowing how to achieve your dreams.  Every time I think about the beaver, I know have much work to do to achieve my dreams and I got nothing to complain about, and I know I’m not the only one.  The beaver doesn’t complain, it just takes action to achieve its dreams.

The beaver has four legs and toes.  The spiritual meaning behind legs represents support, movement, action, standing securely and firmly, locomotion, grounding, grounded, security, protection, success, confidence, endurance, and power.  The spiritual meaning of feet represents  grounded, grounding, foundation, support, power, structure, support, secure, action, confidence, locomotion, connection to the earth, connection to spirit, standing securely and firmly, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, communication, and root chakra.  The spiritual meaning of number four represents foundation, stability, structure, support, endurance, grounded, grounding, persistence, practical, down to earth, realist, responsibility, strength, courage, belief, faith, organized, control, rational, planning, fixing, building, trustworthy, order, diligence, and industrious.  The beaver is brown and the spiritual meaning of brown represents protection, security, stability, structure, support, duty, responsibility, material wealth, family, friends, groundedness, comfortable home, loyal, trustworthiness, honest, genuine, hard work, reliability, industrious, calmness, comfort, sensual, warm, natural, organic, practical, organized, health, and goodness. Clearly the beaver is associated with the energy of foundation, order, support, protection, hard working, responsible, reliable, industrious, warm, natural, active, and productive and this all explains why the beaver is busy as a beaver.   The color and the number of feet and legs that the beaver is associated makes the beaver what it is today.  Always remember that the colors and numbers that we associate ourselves with have a huge impact on your lives and on our energy.  Colors and numbers are everything.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the beaver totem and that you have learned something.  Obviously there’s more that I could have decoded from the beaver totem, but I would be on my computer all night typing it up, but I have decided to give you some of my knowledge about the beaver totem.  Have a great day readers!!!!!!