Spiritual Meaning Element Water

View of the Lake

Photo Credit by Jabari Bellamy.

So what is the spiritual meaning of element water?  The spiritual meaning of water represents the subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, fluidity, versatility, transformation, emotions, clarity, adaptability, mystery, receptivity, openness, fertility, healing, psychic abilities, magic and alchemy.  Water comes in many forms such as clouds, liquid, fog, dew, snow and icicles and because of its array versatility, water also represents omnipresence.  Water is contained within everything and its everything and this represents how powerful and adaptable it really is.  Water even comes in different colors depending on its environment.  Like for instance in my image above, the water contains the color blue, and in some places and regions, water can appear as clear as plastic.

Since water represents the subconscious mind, it also represents creativity, and infinite possibilities.  Like I have said before in my Spiritual Meaning of the Air Element blog post, everything in the physical reality is an extension and representation of the mind.  The water element reminds us to become receptive to change and transformation in order to adapt to different environments, circumstances and scenarios, but it also helps us to keep evolving.  When you become unperceptive to change, transformation and energy, you soon become stagnant and limited.  Water goes through cycles of activity and inactivity.  For example, when water is in the form of a pond, it remains inactive, but when water remains in the form of a river, it becomes active.  This is how water refreshes and replenishes its energy and form.  So basically what I am saying is, the element of water is reminding us to keep our minds open to change, transformation, and new possibilities so that we can be more open to learning new things to keep us evolving spiritually and metaphysically.

Listen to some Mountain Stream Water Sounds:

Video Credit by Relaxing White Noise.

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