Spiritual Meaning Earth Element


Photo Credit by Jabari Bellamy.

So what is the spiritual meaning of the element earth?  Earth represents order, structure, foundation, stability, fertility, masculine and feminine energy, nourishment, shelter, grounded, manifestation, prosperity and projection.  I find the earth element to be the most intriguing of the four elements because it presents itself to the universe as both masculine and feminine energy.  Fire instantly presents itself as masculine energy while water presents itself as feminine energy.  Air instantly presents itself as masculine energy, but the energy of the earth is more androgynous.  Most people view the earth as feminine energy, but this is just one way  of viewing earth.  Earth has a masculine side.  The earth is mainly consisted of rocks and rocks are mostly sturdy and rough and this is a physical representation of masculine energy.

Earth also features a moon and because of that, this sheds light on earth’s masculine side.  Planet Venus is feminine energy and it has no moon.  Planet Mercury doesn’t have a moon either but the reason why is because its orbits is too close to the sun, and the closet energy to planet Mercury that contains feminine energy is Venus and because of that, Mercury doesn’t require a moon.  All the other planets have moons and because of this polarity of energies, this makes all the other planets a representation of masculine energy.  Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Uranus all have moons.  The reason why all the planets and the universe operate under this system of balance is because of the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  I meant to write a blog post about the Law of Gender so I will write about it next week.  Once you have a better understanding about how the universe operates, you will soon shed some light on the darkness.  Check out my Law of Polarity post.

Earth’s feminine side displays nurturing, food, shelter, prosperity, mothering and protection.  Planet Earth feeds and shelters all of its inhabitants and provides life for all to grow and flourish.  This is a prime example of the earth’s selfless duty to take care of all of its inhabitants and this is a representation of the divine feminine energy and the feminine energy side of the earth is the only reason why most people around the globe view earth as mother earth and feminine energy.

Listen to some Earth Meditations:

Video Credit by Brainwave Power Music.

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Spiritual Meaning Element Water

View of the Lake

Photo Credit by Jabari Bellamy.

So what is the spiritual meaning of element water?  The spiritual meaning of water represents the subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, fluidity, versatility, transformation, emotions, clarity, adaptability, mystery, receptivity, openness, fertility, healing, psychic abilities, magic and alchemy.  Water comes in many forms such as clouds, liquid, fog, dew, snow and icicles and because of its array versatility, water also represents omnipresence.  Water is contained within everything and its everything and this represents how powerful and adaptable it really is.  Water even comes in different colors depending on its environment.  Like for instance in my image above, the water contains the color blue, and in some places and regions, water can appear as clear as plastic.

Since water represents the subconscious mind, it also represents creativity, and infinite possibilities.  Like I have said before in my Spiritual Meaning of the Air Element blog post, everything in the physical reality is an extension and representation of the mind.  The water element reminds us to become receptive to change and transformation in order to adapt to different environments, circumstances and scenarios, but it also helps us to keep evolving.  When you become unperceptive to change, transformation and energy, you soon become stagnant and limited.  Water goes through cycles of activity and inactivity.  For example, when water is in the form of a pond, it remains inactive, but when water remains in the form of a river, it becomes active.  This is how water refreshes and replenishes its energy and form.  So basically what I am saying is, the element of water is reminding us to keep our minds open to change, transformation, and new possibilities so that we can be more open to learning new things to keep us evolving spiritually and metaphysically.

Listen to some Mountain Stream Water Sounds:

Video Credit by Relaxing White Noise.

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Spiritual Meaning of the Forest

Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park
Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park

Come join me on a adventurous journey to the mysterious, enchanted forest. The beautiful forest image above belongs to me and I have such a strong love and passion for forest environments and I enjoy photographing them. I want to dedicate this blog post to my love and passion for the forest. So what is the spiritual meaning of the forest? The spiritual meaning of the forest represents being open to change, transformation, transitions, cycles, adaptability, the divine feminine energy, attraction, magnetism, production, projection, divine masculine energy, fruitful, energetic, the duality of  balance between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy, action, patience, receptivity, tree of knowledge, heart chakra, love, peace, tranquility, renewal, refreshing, cleansing, mysterious, endurance, invincibility, structure, foundation, balance, protection, healing, self reliance, survival, the power of positive thoughts and positive belief systems, keeping your mind focused on the heavens and spiritual ascension, grounded, grounding, immortality, ancient, primordial energy, original being and possessing original energy, master of illusions and confusions, ability to create mental labyrinths of chaos and confusions, darkness, absorbing negative energy, independence, omnipresence, god and goddess energy, mazes and complex networks, repetition, camouflage, down to earth, mental power, mind, mental focus, tenacity, strength, courage, creativity, possessing your own inner divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, thinking for yourself, magic, magician, alchemist, master of mental transmutation, emphatic, mental telepathy, the spiritual marriage between both the conscious and subconscious mind, communication, community, social structure, and solitariness. The spiritual meaning of the forest means so many things.

Pristine Forest.
Pristine Forest.

This is also another one of my images that I have photographed above. The forest can also be viewed as a dark place and whatever is associated with the darkness represents the subconscious mind. The dark parts of the forest represents your subconscious mind and the dark parts of the forests represent the unexplored areas containing unlimited possibilities, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and unlimited and powerful energy. The well illuminated parts of the forest symbolizes our conscious minds gathering all knowledge from the universe. For example in my image above, the well illuminated sun spots lighting up certain parts of the forest floor are gathering and absorbing knowledge and warmth from the sun and this allows the forest floor grass to grow abundantly and fruitfully. The sun makes its way across the earth’s sky and illuminates every inch of the forest floor to allow every vegetation to grow prosperously and abundantly for the sake of balance. The forest is reminding us to explore every inch of both of conscious and subconscious mind so that we can learn how to master how to use both of them to serve our higher purpose.

Enjoy some Woodlands Tales Forest Music:

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