Spiritual Meaning Fire Element

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So what is the spiritual meaning of the fire element?  Fire represents action, manifestation, power, creativity, sexual energy, creation, destruction, transformation, masculine energy, ambition, purification, authority, light and wisdom.  Fire is fueled by air and the elements of the earth.  Water is the only element that can eliminate fire.  What’s interesting is that all the three elements fire, air and earth are all masculine energy except water.  Most of the elements of the earth contain  masculine energy.  What I find interesting is that most people don’t view the earth as masculine energy because of its ability to provide nourishment for all the people and animals, but if you check out my blog post about ” Does Planet Earth Present Itself As Masculine or Feminine Energy? “, I discuss and explain about the earth having a moon and because of that, this displays the physical relationship of the Law of Gender between masculine and feminine energy.  Now that I just decoded that most of the elements of the earth are masculine energy, I have already proven my point even further that the earth is even more masculine in the physical manifestation that it presents itself to the universe, but internally the energy of the earth is represented as feminine energy by nourishing all of its inhabitant.  By viewing the energy of the earth from a higher perspective, the energy of the earth is both masculine and feminine.  I like to view things from different perspectives rather than view from the same perspective like everyone else.  So let’s get back on track to discussing the spiritual meaning of the fire element.


The element fire is positive energy while water is negative energy.  Both fire and water represent the physical manifestation of both the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  This represents the divine marriage between the two elements and how they balance each others energy. Fire is also represented as wisdom.  Wisdom is utilizing knowledge to manifest a desired result or goal.  Air is knowledge and it fuels fire, and fire takes that knowledge and energy of the air to conquer, control and handle business.  Check out my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding blog post to get a better understanding about where I am coming from.  The fact that fire represents wisdom from this perspective, this also sheds light on fire’s feminine side because utilizing knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is represented as feminine energy.  The aggression and action aspect of fire is masculine energy, but the act of utilizing knowledge to produce and manifest a desired result or goal is feminine energy.  Everything in the universe contains both masculine and feminine energy.

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