Spiritual Meaning of The Element Air


So what is the spiritual meaning of the element air?  Air represents the mind, knowledge, thinking, mentality, masculine energy, lightness, ether, action, movement, imagination and ideas.  It is the physical representation of our minds.  Our minds are infinite and great as the sky.  Have you always heard that famous saying, ” The sky is the limit “?  What this means is that your mind, ideas and imagination that you create inside your mind is your  limit and if you think and create thought forms that limits and prevents you from achieving your goals and aspirations then you have set your limit.  You shouldn’t have any limits when it comes to using your own mind to manifest your reality.

Photo Credit by Marko Korosec.


Everything that we see and interact with in this third dimensional reality is a physical representation of our minds.  Birds symbolize and represent exploring every nook and cranny within our minds and learning and knowing how to master our minds.  The Peregrine falcon totem teaches us how to preform those high impact aerial dives high from the sky by freeing our minds to new possibilities, knowledge, wisdom and focusing on executing and manifesting our goals with dead  accuracy.  Amphibian Animal Totems symbolize and represent immersing ourselves within our conscious and subconscious minds and learning how to use them together to manifest what we want.  Amphibian animal totems also represent balancing our emotions, utilizing our creativity and learning how to become more free flowing to easily adapt to the winding curves that life throws at us.  The Spider Totem is the architect of its reality by writing and weaving the reality it wants into the universe.  The spider totem is a physical representation of all of us being the individual creators and architects of our own realities.

Photo Credit by Michael Dachstein.

” The All is Mind and the Universe is Mental “, the Kybalion.  This is the first Universal Law which is the Law of Mentalism.  I have recently written a blog post about the Law of Mentalism and you can read it here by clicking Law of Mentalism. We all came here in human skin suits to experience and interact with each other, but also to experience and interact with our creations.  Our human bodies or shells aren’t the real us, but there are our physical extensions of ourselves that we use to experience and feel different forms of energy, and for building and creating life from ourselves.  God or Allah is in all of us and we are the creators and architects of our own realities.  This third dimensional reality is a matrix system to experience things and energy physically and that’s it.

Listen to some Gentle Streams Water Nature sounds:

Video and Sound Credit by Llewellyn.

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