Spiritual Meaning of Finding Bird Feathers

Photo Credit by Sarah and Andy WedFest.com.

I have been wanting to write this blog post in so long that I have finally made an effort to set aside some time to write and discuss the spiritual meaning of finding and discovering bird feathers on your path.  So what is the spiritual meaning of bird feathers?  Feathers represent flight, freedom, ascension, limitless, positive thoughts, mind, knowledge, and soaring above your limitations.  We find feathers all around us and they remind us consciously and subconsciously that we all have the ability to soar above our limitations  and problems from a higher perspective in order to gather the answers we need to deal with our current dilemma or circumstances.  Feathers are light, etheric, and very soft to the touch and this reminds us to readjust our energies to match the energy of the feather so that we can have a more open, positive attitude about our perspectives.  Whenever you spot a feather on your path, you can’t help but question, “why have I discovered a feather on my path today?”  What is the energy of the feather trying to tell me?  Do I feel too earthbound to fly?  Do I need to pay more attention to my thought patterns throughout the day?  There are so many questions to ask.

Photo Credit by Harsi S. Parker.

When I discover bird feathers, the first thing that I do is identify the bird feather.  I’m a bird photographer so I spend countless hours studying birds, their feathers and the spiritual meaning behind birds and so I am already aware of the energy and spiritual messages that birds convey.  For example, one of my most favorite birds are vultures and I have witnessed a few vulture feathers on my journey.  Vultures clean up the environment by feasting on dead animals and they represent purification and cleansing.  So when I discover a vulture feather, the vulture feather is telling me to pay more attention to cleansing my mind from negative thoughts.  The second thing that I take notice of is the color of the feather.  Associate the colors of the feather with the 7 seven chakras to make it more easier for you readers to comprehend.  If you find a white feather, then you know it represents purification and new beginnings, and if you see a blue feather, then you know the feather represents communication and speaking you truth and etc.  Always learn to keep a journal with you and write down all your thoughts about how you’re feeling when you discovered the feather.  Were you feeling happy or sad when you discovered a feather?  Were you feeling optimistic about something when you discovered the feather?   Your feelings and thoughts are drawn from your subconscious mind and they are the prime indicators of  what’s going on within your reality.  If lately you’re energy has been feeling too heavy for you to bear, and suddenly you have discovered a feather on your path, the universe is telling you to lighten up load by eliminating the heavy rocks from your mind and body and take to skies and fly.   Forget about all your worries and stresses about life and focus your energy in the present moment and transmute your energy from negative to positive and make miracles happen.

Photo Credit by Gregg Hake and Zack Travers.

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading my article about ” The Spiritual Meaning of Finding Bird Feathers“, and you have learned something new from me from my perspective.  To learn more about me, then click my Website.