Colorful Fungi


Colorful Fungi

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Wild Blue Berries

Image of wild blue berries.
Image of Wild Blue Berries.

Learn to appreciate the little things in life.

I have photographed these wild blue berries in Lake Needwood Rock Creek Regional Park in Montgomery County, Maryland. I was very surprised to have spotted a bush of wild blue berries.  I was so amazed and intrigued all at the same time.  There’s food growing in our backyards and forest all around us.  All we have to do is set aside some time to walk in the forest and observe nature.  Enjoy and take care!!!

Tips on Photographing Vultures in Flight

Photo Credit by Ned Harris.

I will provide some tips on how to photograph vultures in flight.  This image above is not mine, I am just using it as a example for my blog post, but if you want to view my work then scroll down to the bottom of this article and click the hyper link that links you to my website.  I have spent over a decade photographing vultures in flight and I have found them pretty easy to photograph over the years.  The image above is of an American Black Vulture and they reside as far north as southeastern United States and their range extends as far south as southern South America.  The American Black Vulture and many vultures in general mostly contain black or dark colored plumage which makes it pretty hard to photograph them against a bright sky with enough lighting to expose well under their dark colored underparts.  One way to avoid this dilemma is to photograph vultures around early morning or later in the evening when the lighting is most optimal for photographing birds in flight.  Vultures tend to leave their roost around early to mid morning and arrive to their roosting site to later in the evening before night fall.  Usually around mid day, vultures are flying really high up in the sky looking and scanning the terrain for carcasses so basically your main objective is to focus on positioning yourself during times when vultures are flying closer to the earth rather than during other times when they are soaring too high above.

Now you have to keep in mind that vultures are the highest flying birds with the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture reaching heights of up to 37,000 feet and while the Turkey Vulture can reach heights of up to 20,000 feet in the air.  Vultures are one of the most challenging birds to photograph in flight but also the most rewarding.  One tip to keep in mind for when planning to photograph vultures during early or mid morning is to beware of the wind or updraft conditions.  For example, which way is the wind or updraft blowing and is the breeze blowing strongly or softly?  If the wind is blowing against you, position yourself and your camera towards that direction and look for closely approaching flying birds.  Try staying near open terrain where it is easier for you to photograph closely approaching flying birds.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to locate residential vultures’ roosting sites and this will increase you chances of photographing vultures in flight.  Try going to their roosting sites early in the morning before they start taking off to the skies or later in the evening when they are planning for roosting for the night.  You can also rack some luck by driving on the road and keeping an open eye out for dead carcasses and these are prime places for spotting vultures feasting on them along the roadside.

Here’s a youtube video of Giant Turtles vs Black Vultures:

Video Credit by BBC Worldwide.

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The Bat Totem

Watch Little Facts About Bats Video:

The bat totem is an amazing spirit animal to have as your animal totem. The bat totem represents death and rebirth, soaring above your limitations, listening, observation, developing sensitivity within one’s environment, using all your senses and intuition to serve your higher purpose, transitions, transformation, intuition, invisibility, communication, sensing beyond in between the lines of the physical, mundane reality, superb hearing and listening abilities, high frequency, sensing higher frequencies and energy, camouflage, observe and sense the unseen forces and energy, emphatic, converting your thought patterns and belief systems into positive thought patterns and belief systems and allowing them to serve your higher purpose, illusions, being open to change and transformation, pursuing your spiritual growth and development, higher thought patterns and vibrating at higher frequencies, soaring above your ego and becoming your higher self, seeing beyond illusions and convoluted fantasies, gregariousness, maintaining family and friends relationships, adaptability, develop sensitivity to the senses of touch, ability to creating new fruitful ideas and possibilities, ability to use vibration sounds, ability to navigate through the darkness, light bringer, divine feminine energy, receptivity, releasing and eliminating all your fears and negative belief systems that no longer serve your higher purpose, possessing clairvoyant abilities, ability to perceive, hear, and discern hidden messages, ability to pinpoint the truth of matters while sensing beyond illusions and fantasies, dreams, possessing psychic abilities, trusting and having more faith in your instincts and abilities, freedom, mental focus, mental tenacity, going with the flow, surprise, magic, magician, alchemist, subconscious mind, and activating and utilizing your third eye.

Bats have have well developed sensitive senses. They use echolocation to navigate their way through the darkness of the night and they also use echolocation for hunting their prey. So what is echolocation? The utilization of sound waves and echoes to be able to determine and pinpoint where objects are within range. The reason why bats use echolocation is because this allows to have greater accuracy of navigating through the darkness. The darkness is the absence of moving and active light. The darkness is light but it contains light that is not active or productive and this is why the darkness appear pitch dark black. Always remember that light comes from the darkness. Bats use echolocation by emitting sound waves from their mouths to detect objects or things within its range to better be able to navigate through the darkness. When bats send out their sound waves, the sound waves hit nearby objects within the bat’s range, and the sound waves then bounce back to the bat to produce echos to allow the bat to hear and know and acknowledge how far or how close an object or its prey is from the bat. This is a quite unique way to navigating through the darkness and this is the main reason why the bat has well developed senses because it is very perceptive to the energy and beings found within its environment. The bat totem remind us to utilize all of our senses that we don’t use as often as we should and put them to good use by becoming active and productive around the times that we tend not to be active and productive and utilize our senses, gifts, and abilities to our advantage. Most bats are active at night, and the night is when the darkness is imminent. The darkness also represents the subconscious mind and feminine energy. Your subconscious mind lives inside the dark and it contains unlimited energy, potential, and unique abilities. The subconscious mind is open to change and transformation and the bat totem is reminding us to become open to change and transformation so that we can fully develop all your senses to our fullest potential. The bat totem reminds us to immerse within the darkness so that we can learn how to unlock and use our subconscious mind to our advantage. This is power. The bat totem ask us to try new things, and expose ourselves to new activities, knowledge, and wisdom, and learn how to face our fears. The bat totem is all about facing its fear. The only way that you can face your fear is by confronting it. Guess where you fear resides? In your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains all your thought patterns, belief systems and your fears. Your belief system is 100% responsible for creating your fears. What is your belief system? Why is your belief system limiting your ability to confront and face your fears? The bat totem is warning us to immerse ourselves within our subconscious mind and explore every inch of it and acknowledge everything about it in order to empower ourselves. If you’re scared of the dark, then you’re scared of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind lives in the dark. The darkness absorbs energy and light. Your subconscious mind is the light. The darkness is the light. The only way to navigate and to get out of the darkness is to know everything about it, and use your knowledge about the darkness to your advantage in the form of wisdom and navigate your way out. The bat totem is reminding us to replace our thought patterns and belief systems constantly to serve our higher purposes and for adapting to new environment and scenarios. You can’t remain stagnant in the dark or you will go now where and results won’t get done.


The bat has wings and it uses its wings to soar above its limitations and negative belief systems. Wings represents your thought patterns and belief systems. I have already discussed and decoded the spiritual meaning of flight. You can learn more about it my clicking my blog post: The Spiritual Meaning of Flying. The bat totem warns us to create new thought patterns and belief systems that serve our higher purpose to allow us to better accomplish our goals and tasks. You don’t need any negative thought patterns and belief systems that limit your ability from soaring above your life challenges, goals, and tasks. This of course takes much spiritual inner work, but we all came here on earth to do this work and this is why we reside on this low frequency third dimensional reality.  The bat has well developed sense of hearing. It hears by listening to the sound waves vibrations. There are high frequencies and low frequencies and it’s not surprising that the bat hears the high frequencies since it resides and vibrates at high frequencies. The bat emits high frequencies sound vibrations and bounces them at its prey as echoes to pinpoint its prey’s accurate location. The bat totem remind us to become sensitive to high frequencies sound vibrations because high frequency sound vibrations allow us to vibrate and exist at higher frequencies and dimensions. Most of the bats that we are mostly familiar with feed on pest flying insects such as mosquitoes and other insects and this symbolizes to eliminate negative energy and thought forms that don’t serve our purpose and release them from our mental air space to prevent ourselves from being weighed down by our limitations. Of course there are some bats that feed on fruits and this symbolizes to feed ourselves positive energy and positive thought forms that will serve our higher purpose.  Only feed and indulge yourself with energy and activities that serves your higher purpose, and that empowers you. Become aware of what energy you feed yourself, your mind, and your body because it has an influence on your mind, body, and soul. The bat totem is the angel of the darkness and it’s also a Light Bringer. It shows that we can use our sixth sense which is our third eye help navigate our way through the darkness. Sometimes our physical eyes aren’t enough to help complete all of our tasks, and goals, and there comes a time when we need to utilize our third eye or intuition so that we can continue on our spiritual growth development. What’s really quite unique about the bat is that it is one of the few flying mammals along with the flying squirrel and this is impressive. The bat totem reminds us that the only way to become the ultimate version of yourself is to first face and confront all your fears, and then you can begin to become and do extraordinary and miraculous things.  Begin to replace your thought patterns and belief systems with positive thought patterns and belief systems and then you will become extraordinary. The bat is awesome. The bat has very flexible and elastic wings, allowing it to stretch easily. Their wings are also very thin allowing them to have a wider range of movement for when they fly, and they can even fly faster as well for this reason. The myth about bats being blind is actually false. Bats have vision, but whenever their vision fails them, they use their sense of smell and hearing as their back up and the bat totem reminds us to develop our senses to our fullest potential so that when one of our sense fail us, we can use another one of our sense to help complete our tasks for great proficiency without a problem. Don’t rely on just one of your senses, utilize all of them. The bat totem is about adaptability, and this is the first lesson that the bat totem teaches to its loyal recipients. When living in the darkness, you can’t just rely on one of your senses, you have to rely on using all your senses to navigate through the darkness and to survive. Like I have always said, ” Feminine energy is all about being open to change and transformation so that you can better be able to adapt to anything and you can confront anything that come across your path “. The bat totem is warning you to do the same. The darkness is feminine energy and you need to embody the energy of feminine energy in order to survive and navigate through the darkness. This is all about energy.

The bat totem remind us to be open to change, transformations, transitions in order to become adaptable, only feed your energy, mind, body, and spirit positive energy and vibrations that serve your higher purpose, eliminate any negative thought forms and belief systems from your mind that prevent you from flying and soaring, soar above your limitations and negative energy, communicate positive high frequencies thought forms to manifest and attract what you want, face and confront all your fears, immerse yourself within the darkness and unlock the key to how to use your subconscious mind, utilize all your senses and develop them into high proficiency, develop all your senses to high sensitivity so that they can easily detect and pinpoint anything form within your environment with great accuracy, and tell the bat totem that it’s an awesome spirit animal to have as your spirit guide.

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Reptile Animal Totems

Northern Water Snake
Northern Water Snake

So what are reptiles? Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrate animals that feature dry scales as their skin. The reptile class includes snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, ans tortoises. Reptiles also lay hard shelled eggs on land. What separates reptiles from other animals are their scales like on my northern water snake image above. I have photographed this northern water snake above and snakes are one of favorite animals to photograph.

So how do reptiles use their scales. Reptiles use their scales to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the uv rays that radiate from the sun. Reptiles also have a unique feature beneath their scales. They have a watertight skin suit beneath their scales and this allows them to exist, move, and thrive on dry land. Unfortunately their amphibian counterparts don’t have this watertight skin suit. Reptiles also use their scales to protect themselves from abrasions as for when they slither across the ground, or for when diving below the water surface, and for when climbing the trees.Their scales also protect themselves from loss of body moisture which keeps them healthy. Reptiles have used their scales as their skin suits for millions of years. Reptile scales consist of a similar hard substance that is also found in human fingernails which is known as keratin. Keratin is a fiber protein that forms the main constituent of hoofs, claws, hair, feathers, and horns.  Reptiles all go through a process of shedding their scales to replace all their old scales with new scales. Snakes prefer shedding their skin all at one time, while other reptiles shed their old scales in flaky patches. Snakes shedding all their scales at once is symbolic for replacing all your old, negative thought patterns and belief systems with new positive thought patterns and belief systems that serves your higher purpose. The same also goes for other reptile species that shed their scales frequently. Younger aged reptiles shed their scales more frequently because they are still growing in size. Some reptiles shed their scales as often as every four to six weeks or more. When reptiles shed their scales, this indicates growth, health and if a reptile doesn’t shed its scales as frequently as it should, then it may be facing some health problems or concerns. So basically the spiritual meaning of scales represents transformation, transitions, cycles, change, being open to change, replacing all your old negative thoughts and belief systems with positive thoughts and belief systems, feminine energy, masculine energy, maintaining one’s health, protection, original, ancient, primordial energy, fluidity, adaptability, versatility, life, motion, subconscious mind, intuition, purification, renewal, and reflection.

Reptiles scales symbolize the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is activated through repetition and reptiles are required to shed their scales frequently to maintain their health, to prevent the loss of body moisture, and to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the uv rays.  All of these traits that the reptile scales feature are associated with the element water and the element water is associated with feminine energy and feminine energy is associated with the subconscious mind. Water retains moisture, the scales retain body moisture, and the subconscious mind absorbs energy. Water experiences cycles of change and transitions, the scales experience cycles of shedding and replacing their old scales with new scales, the subconscious mind is open to change by opening itself up to the knowledge and wisdom of the universe and uses them to manifest its desired goal, result, or outcome.  All three: water, the reptiles scales, and the subconscious mind are all open to change, transformation, fluidity, and they all embody feminine energy. This is the common denominator which is feminine energy. You can learn more about the divine feminine energy by reading my blog post by clicking this link: Feminine Energy. So from all the research that I have conducted on the reptiles scales, the spiritual meaning of reptiles represents divine feminine energy, divine masculine energy, adaptability, versatility, life, motion, fluidity, transformation, transitions, cycles, being open to change, change, subconscious mind, repetition, renewal, refreshing, replacing all your old, negative thought patterns and belief systems with positive thought patterns and belief systems, purity, wisdom, intuition, and reflection. If you want to learn more about how both the conscious and subconscious mind are related to both masculine and feminine energy , then visit and click my blog post: Spiritual Marriage Between Masculine and Feminine Energy.

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Amphibian Animal Totems

Northern Green Frog Totem
Northern Green Frog Totem

This is one of my images of the Northern Green Frog that I have photographed above. It’s the Northern Green Frog, and one of my favorite animals to photograph. Amphibians are intriguing animals and they carry many spiritual messages with them to decode. Amphibians are cold blooded vertebrate animals that are adaptable to live both on land and water. During their larval stage of development, they contain aquatic gills for breathing underwater, and during their adult stage of development, they contain lung breathing organs for inhaling air.  This symbolizes their ability to adapt to both land and water efficiently.  Amphibians include the animals such as frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.  The spiritual meaning of land represents knowledge, conscious mind, foundation, structure, support, order, balance, ruggedness, rigidness, masculine energy, responsibility, determination, ambition, goal oriented, success, manifestation, results, action, endurance, and stamina. The spiritual meaning of water represents feminine energy, fluidity, emotions, fertility, life, motion, absorbing negative energy, receptivity, purity, wisdom, renewal, reflection, refreshing, subconscious mind, transformation, transitions, cycles, change, and intuition. The water represents the subconscious mind while the land represents the conscious mind. Amphibians have mastered how to survive and live in both land and water and this symbolizes that they have learned to master how to use both their conscious mind and subconscious mind and use them to their advantage.  The amphibian totems reminds us to do the same.  The universe is mental and this is the fundamental lesson of the universe.

When amphibians immerse themselves below the water surface, they are connecting with their subconscious mind and the subconscious mind represents feminine energy and feminine is receptive to change and transformation and amphibian totems are reminding you to become receptive to change and transformation so that you can have an easier time to adjust and adapt to live within your environments. The subconscious mind also represents wisdom which also embodies the feminine energy.  Wisdom is the act of using your knowledge to manifest your desired result or goal and this is exactly what the subconscious mind does when working cohesively with the conscious mind. There’s an advantage to being open to change and transformation because you can easily adapt to anything that life throws at you and this is one of the amphibian totems messages.  The subconscious mind stores all your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind.  Sometimes the conscious mind doesn’t always have time or it doesn’t fully comprehend all the knowledge and information that it gathers from a source so it just instantly sends all the information to your subconscious mind for later retrieval whenever it needs to recall a particular topic.  Your subconscious mind includes and stores all your memories, belief systems, previous life experiences, feelings, emotions, your skill sets, all the situations that you have been through, and all the images that you have seen and witnessed.  Your subconscious mind is infinite and magical and it is responsible for manifesting your reality, but of course both your conscious and subconscious mind work together to manifest your reality, but the subconscious mind uses its creative energy from the feminine energy to use the knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind to strategize and figure out how to use the knowledge to manifest its desired goal, result, or outcome.  Your subconscious mind is activated through repetition because the more information and knowledge that it receives from the conscious mind, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to perform the specified task to complete the goal and to manifest the desired result or outcome. This is the divine partnership made between both the conscious mind and subconscious mind and also between both the masculine and feminine energy.  The amphibian totems warns you that in order to master how to use your subconscious mind, you must dive deep within it and explore all parts of your subconscious mind from the most commonly explored areas to the unexplored, inactive areas and use the power of your subconscious mind to your advantage to manifest your desired results or goals.

When amphibians are on land, they are connecting with their conscious mind and the conscious mind represents the masculine energy and the masculine energy represents awareness, action, results, success, and goals.  The conscious mind is the state of awareness within one’s environment.  Your conscious mind includes all your feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions, memories, fantasies all occurring within your current awareness and the present moment. Whatever your conscious mind wants to keep something hidden from its own awareness, it represses it and sends it to the unconscious mind.  Whenever we want to ignore our thoughts, feelings and emotions we instantly tell our conscious mind to send it to our unconscious mind and sometimes our unconscious mind can have an influence on our behavior.  All our feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are contained within our unconscious mind is only available to our conscious mind.  The unconscious mind basically acts like our subconscious mind and it is feminine energy. Sometimes the things contained within our unconscious mind appears into our awareness in the form of dreams. This is how our unconscious mind warns us to become aware of something important that we need to pay attention to especially if we have bad dreams and this usually means something that we need to resolve quickly before our issues or problems become worst than they were previously. It always important to study and analyze your dreams to have a better understanding about what your unconscious mind is communicating to you. The amphibian totems warns you to become aware of what sources that you gather your knowledge and information because whatever your knowledge and information that your conscious mind sends to your subconscious mind has a direct and indirect influence on yourself and your behavior so be conscious of everything and what you are doing. The conscious mind also represents knowledge, and knowledge is masculine energy. The masculine energy is responsible for searching and gathering all the knowledge to become more aware and knowledgeable about its environment. Knowledge comes first, then second comes wisdom, and finally comes the understanding.  These are the three basic steps to the operation of the universe. Simple as that.

When the amphibians have become adaptable to live in both land and water, they are in complete control of using both their conscious and subconscious mind. This is when the understanding comes into play which is the divine marriage. Now the amphibian understands how to survive on both land and water by observing its surroundings and gathering all the knowledge and information that it needs to learn about its environment and soon learn how use its knowledge about its environment to learn how to survive and adapt to both of its environments.  There are steps that need to happen before the amphibian can learn how to adapt to live in both polar opposites environments. Once both the conscious and subconscious mind has worked cohesively together and doing their part in order to manifest its desired result or goal, the divine marriage between both the two polar energies unite. The amphibians adaptability to live and thrive on both land and water is symbolic of mastering how to use both your conscious and subconscious mind.  So the spiritual messages from the amphibian totems is being open to change, adaptability, transitions, transformation, consciousness, balance, learning balance between your conscious and subconscious mind, learning balance between both your masculine and feminine energy, fluidity, receptivity, action, results, and success.

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The Swainson’s Hawk Totem

Adult Male Light Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk is one of my favorite hawks and I miss observing it when I used to live out west in Colorado so I want to dedicate my blog post for my love to the Swainson’s Hawk.

This is an handsome hawk and a bird of open country.  The hawk totem represents soaring above your limitations, focus, thoughts, thought patterns, protection, disciplined, order, structure, foundation, freedom, solar worship, willpower, concentration, intelligence, loyalty, honesty, direct, strength, courage, knowledge, study, masculine energy, visionary power, guardianship, clearsightedness, clarity, creativity, seeking your truth, following your own path, illumination, leadership, superb focus and vision, soaring above your life from a higher perspective, skillfulness, awareness, messenger, higher awareness, higher consciousness, the power of positive thoughts, the power of positive belief systems,  vigilance, adeptness, and learning to take advantage of opportunities.  Hawks have superb vision and they have the ability to adjust their superb perception and to focus on from the close up details and then zoom all the way out to focus on the whole overall picture and the hawk totem reminds you of learning when to focus on in the details of life and learn when to keep your eyes focused on the overall picture to gain more perspective of your reality.  You need to develop your awareness within your own environment.  The hawk has the ability to soar high above its limitations very easily and the hawk totem reminds you to focus and become aware of your negative thought patterns and belief systems that don’t serve your purpose by preventing you from soaring high above and staying free. Soar above your limitations, and become the ultimate version of yourself and remain in control of your reality. The hawk totem ask you to have positive thoughts and belief systems that easily serve your purpose so that you can regain control of your reality by soaring high above. If you notice hawks don’t blink, and the hawk totem is asking you to focus on your goals and completing your tasks, and avoid the distractions in your life.  The hawk spends many hours in the air scanning the earth’s surface gaining knowledge about where to look for its prey, and strategizing how it is going to subdue its prey, about where to roost for the night, about where to build its nest, about where to look for nesting materials to build its nest.  The hawk is all about action and manifesting its results and this is of course tied to the masculine energy and the solar power.

Adult Male Light Morph Swainon’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk is associated with the elements air and earth.  The spiritual meaning of the element air represents knowledge, intelligence, observation, thoughts, thought patterns, thinking, masculine energy, motion, life, breath of spirit, breath of life, fluidity, etheric realms, spiritual realms, lightness, mental power, mental focus, mental strength, spiritual, metaphysical, adaptability, flexibility, change, free flowing, active, action, clarity, aloof, freedom, unity, balance, eternity, faith, and belief. The spiritual meaning of earth represents masculine energy, focus, structure, foundation, support, motivation, determination, order, balance, protection, resilience, self sufficient, rigidness, ruggedness, narrow mindedness, independence action, productivity, projection, manifestation, physical reality, willpower, strength, grounded, grounding, responsibility, and ambition. The fact that the hawk is associated with air is the reason why it can fly and it explains why it is always focused on thinking, observation, studying, knowledge and everything else that is associated with the element air.  The hawk prominently vibrates with masculine energy mainly because it is associated with both air and land and both of these elements are associated with masculine energy and masculine energy is always about focus, structure, balance, and discipline.  The air represents heaven, while land represents earth and the hawk is associated with both of these elements and realms.  The hawk can be viewed as a multidimensional being by flying to the heavens and living on land.  The hawk can be associated with angels and other multidimensional beings that are associated with both the elements land and air.

Adult Male Light Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk has some noticeable, unique features displayed on its plumage details.  It has a conspicuously rufous or brownish colored bib on its breast and chest.  The adult male hawk has a rufous colored bib with a grayish colored head while the adult female hawk has a dark brownish colored bib and a brown head.  The color rufous contains the colors brown and red.  The spiritual meaning of the color red represents energy, passion, love, goal driven, drive, determination, root chakra, physical action, survival, masculine energy, strength, leadership, ambition, love, sex, sensuality, basic necessities, needs, wants, sexuality, confidence, lust, aggression, anger, courageous, and powerful.  The spiritual meaning of the color brown represents grounded, grounding, foundation, structure, order, material wealth, security, protection, down to earth, stability, seriousness, family, community, warmth, friendship, duty, responsibility, compassion, trustworthy, dependable, sensual, calmness, peaceful, elegance, organization, strength, maturity, stability, down to earth, connection to earth, sensitive, honest, and sincere. The hawk’s bib is located near the heart center and chest and the heart center is associated with the heart chakra.  The spiritual meaning of the heart represents love, spirit, soul, unity, sacred, cohesion, feminine energy, attraction, sensuality, reflection, emotion, intuition, faith, belief, courage, willpower, strength, endurance, power, lightness, and purity. The heart chakra represents love, joy, happiness, warmth, compassion, self love, generous, passion, kindness, respect, caring, the healing center, the area where the physical and spiritual energy merge, maintaining an open heart to receive energy from the universe, understanding, and balance.  The Swainson’s Hawk totem asks us to maintain a balanced, open heart considering that it lives in an open country habitat.  The Swainson’s Hawk also warns us to maintain a driven, powerful, peaceful, grounded and strong heart.  Since the heart chakra is where both physical and spiritual energy merge, the Swainson’s Hawk warns us to maintain a well balanced heart and be open to receiving love, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  The adult male hawk has a more aggressive spirit than the adult female hawk and this is why it has a rufous colored bib and the rufous color contains both the colors red and brown.  But the thing is the color brown that is contained within the male’s hawk rufous colored bib pacifies the energy of the color red to balances out the overall energy of the rufous color.  The color rufous is both  aggressive and peaceful and its well balanced because of the two colors it contains.  The adult female hawk has a more peaceful heart but it still has the assertive and aggressive energy from the color brown used when it needs to assert its willpower.  So basically the Swainson’s Hawk totem is telling us to have a well balance heart and be open to receiving love from the universe, and use your strong willpower from your heart to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself.  Have your drive and determination to pursue your goals.  The Swainson’s Hawk bib resemble an inverted triangle shape. An inverted triangle represents feminine energy, passiveness, lunar energy, cave, mother, down, creativity, harmony, ascension, manifestation, illumination, and integration. Since the inverted shape triangle bib is located near the heart chakra, the heart chakra is located where both the physical and spiritual energy merge within oneself.  Since the inverted triangle represents feminine energy, the Swainson’s Hawk totem is reminding us to open our hearts to both the physical realm and the spiritual realm and receive all the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, and energy.  Once you open your heart out to the universe, you can then soar high above like the Swainson’s Hawk.  The Swainson’s Hawk is associated with a lot of masculine energy mainly caused by its association with both air and land, but the feminine energy needs to be present within the hawk to counterbalance its dominant masculine energy that is within the hawk so the Swainson’s Hawk associates its feminine energy with its heart chakra to have an open heart chakra in order to keep its energy and heart balanced.   So whenever you see a Swainson’s Hawk, you now know that you need to learn to open up your heart chakra to both the physical realm and the spiritual realm so that you can keep your energy balanced so that you can soar high above like the Swainson’s Hawk. The Swainson’s Hawk is all about opening your heart chakra. There are three color phases of the Swainson’s Hawk and even three of these colors morphs can be further divided, but I will be discussing the Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase which is the most common morph of the Swainson’s Hawk in North America and many people are confused when viewing both the Dark and Intermediate Phase so I will avoid all the confusion by not discussing the two other color morphs for this blog post.  The image below is either of the Intermediate morph or Dark Intermediate Morph Swainson’s Hawk, but as my final verdict I will say that it is a Intermediate Morph.

Intermediate Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase has mainly a white or uniformly tawny underwing coverts that sharply contrast with its dark gray remiges which are the flight feathers. I can already tell that the Law of Polarity plays a major role on how the Swainson’s contains two polar opposite colors that are present on the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings  The spiritual meaning of the color white represents purity, cleanliness, completion, wholeness, innocence, perfection, new beginnings, clean slate, reflective, neutrality, independence, openness, creativity, awakening, protection, encouragement, comfort, hope, peace, refreshing, sterility, detachment, equality, and immaculate. The spiritual meaning of the color gray represents neutrality, detachment, indecision, compromise, unemotional, impartial, stable, solid, reserved, quiet, conservative, dependable, independence, maturity, responsibility, loneliness, isolation, classic, and elegant.  Both the colors compliment each other.  The color white is reflective while the color gray neutralizes energy.  When the hawk flies, the color gray neutralizes its thoughts, the thoughts represents the flight feathers, the wings.  The color white reflects the hawk’s thoughts back to the universe and it also purifies the hawk’s energy and thought forms.  Basically the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings represents having neutral and positive thoughts and thought forms to become the ultimate version of yourself and to also allow yourself to soar high above your limitations. Now this is just a decode of the Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase, I am not decoding the other two color morphs in this blog post.  The color white represents pure and positive energy while the color gray represent neutrality and translating this on the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings means to have neutral and positive thoughts and soar high above.  This is the Swainson’s Hawk message to soaring above your limitations.  The Swainson’s Hawk has a 4 – 41/2 foot wingspan.  The spiritual meaning of number four represents foundation, order, support, structure, protection, hard working, goal oriented, success, challenges, rigid, narrow mindedness, loyal, sincere, down to earth, determination, practical, analytical, organization, planning, building, strong will, independence, stubbornness, disciplined, focus, resilience, self sufficient, reliable, and responsibility.  The Swainson’s Hawk is all about building its foundation, organizing and planning. The Swainson’s Hawk prepares for their winter migration to South America by gathering in flocks in their breeding grounds in North America and then they migrate to their winter grounds in the pampas which are the fertile flat plains in southern South America to forage for grasshoppers and crickets.  Swainson’s Hawks feed mainly on small mammals like ground squirrels and voles on their breeding grounds in North America. I know this sounds like a dramatic change in diet for the Swainson’s Hawk, but this hawk is an opportunistic feeder and it can’t afford to be picky about what it wants to eat since it has to migrate such a long distance just to escape the cold temperatures of North American before the arrival of winter.  The Swainson’s Hawk is definitely a great planner, and organizer, and it is definitely resilient by its long distance migration efforts.  This hawk has to be determined, resilient, and goal oriented since it has to migrate such a long distance.  This hawk is a fighter.  Their migration can be as long as 14,000 miles so this hawk is required to be a planner, and organizer, determined, goal oriented because it’s just the life style of the Swainson’s Hawk.

Adult Male Light Phase Swainson’s Hawk

So here are the basic messages you need to learn from the Swainson’s Hawk Totem: learn how to open your heart chakra to both the spiritual and physical realm, learn to open your heart to the universe to allow yourself to soar high above your limitations, become neutral and start thinking positive thoughts to soar above your limitations, and learn to become more organized, determined, stable, and goal oriented during your undertakings or when pursuing your goals and accomplishments.  There so much more to decode from this hawk, but I have already spent all day decoding it, and I want to end the blog post here tonight guys.  There’s nothing really written about the Swainson’s Hawk totem so I have decided to do my own decode on the Swainson’s Hawk totem. Keep in mind that none of this images are mine, I got them from google images and I am using them for my blog post about the Swainson’s Hawk Totem. You can always check out my photography work by visiting my website link below.

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Spiritual Meaning of A Hunter

So what is a hunter. A hunter is someone or something that has a desire to pursue or accomplish something.  A hunter has an urge to fulfill their own sexual desires that they might have repressed over the years.  Hunters spend much of their time on the hunt because they have repressed their own sexual desires, wants, needs, and thoughts and they haven’t fully expressed themselves to others around them or to the universe so they hold all their energy, emotions, sexual desires, wants and needs inside themselves and convert that energy into an urge or desire to pursue or hunt something.  Some of us are hunter while others aren’t. The ones who aren’t the hunters are the ones who are not repressing their emotions, wants or needs, but instead they are preoccupying themselves with their own wants, needs, and sexual desires and these type of individuals or things are what the hunter pursue. The hunter pursues something that it wants and usually the thing that it pursue embodies everything that it pleases and wants.  So the question is, why doesn’t the hunter just become what it wants and desires in order to attract what it wants to itself instead of externally chasing something that it wants and desires? Why can’t the hunter just look inward within itself and realize that in order to manifest what you want into your reality, you must become the energy by vibrating its own energy with the energy of what it wants in order to attract what it wants?  Don’t focus externally but internally.  Well when it comes to hunting and pursuing something, it’s all about maintaining power.  The reason why someone or something might have an urge to hunt or pursue something is because they want to feel more dominant or more in control over what they are pursuing.  The hunter always wants to win the hunt.  The hunter basically creates itself its own mental labyrinth filled with convoluted thoughts caused by unexpressed emotions, wants and needs by not even having to go through all this confusion, chaos and clouded thoughts if it just took the time to clear its mind and plan and strategize on how it wants to manifest what it wants.  Sometimes just asking for what you want helps. Knowing this, why does the hunter decide to put itself through all of this trouble just because its afraid to express what it wants to the universe?  Does it just love the challenge of the hunt or is it something else? There’s obviously a psychological meaning behind this type of behavior and believe it or not, I fall into this category of being a hunter.

I am a nature and wildlife photographer and I have spent most of my life hunting and searching for nature and wildlife subjects to photograph.  Here’s my website if you want to check out my work, but let’s get back to the psychological meaning behind being an hunter.  Throughout my whole life, I have always felt that I needed to search for something like I still do today.  I always feel the need to search for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, answers, and solutions to problems.  In my belief system, I don’t believe that you are not going to get everything you want handed to you on a silver platter so I have spent my whole life working and searching for things that I want and need.  I have never gotten what I wanted easily.  Even the littlest thing that I ever wanted or needed always required my tremendous effort to complete a long, and difficult task and it was never easy.  This is my life.  Anything from a computer that I ever wanted or an amazing wildlife image that I really wanted to capture when trekking on my wildlife journeys required the strength of my willpower, and my tremendous effort and time to manifest only a little in return.  I have always noticed many individuals around me who never had to exert as much willpower or the tremendous strength and endurance of my effort and time to manifest the littlest things that I ever wanted. Many people around me even received more in return for not doing a damn thing, and I never understood this. I don’t believe in hustling, I just believe in hunting.  But I soon discovered some part of this reason why I have always been hunting and searching my whole life.  I have always been attracted to predatory animals such as lions, leopards, sharks, hawks, eagles, wolves, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, and you get the picture.  Whenever the energy you are instantly attracted to is you and usually the energy that you are attracted to is the energy that you need to work on during your present incarnation.  Some of us have think that some people are living an easier lifestyle than most people by having more money like old money people individuals, but we all came here for a different purpose.  Some of us had to work really hard during our previous reincarnation, but in our next reincarnation all their hard work will be paid off by living an easier lifestyle by not having to exerting all their effort to a tremendous degree as much as I do to just to receive the littlest thing in return. This is all about maintaining balance of the energy within the universe. It’s important to take notice of the history of your spirit’s lifetimes in order to have a better understanding of your current circumstances. Now this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have an easy life in my last  previous reincarnation, because I didn’t, but I came here to work on my spiritual inner work to balance out my own energy.  We all came here to work and I’m talking about spiritual inner work, which is the real meaningful work that is going to help you out in life.

I want you readers to try and guess what type of predator animal that I am obsessed with? I will give you a hint, it’s the first image that is displayed on my website slide show on my home page. Have you guessed it? It is the raptor. I have been obsessed with raptors my whole life and I have been studying them for over a decade.  Raptors have many hunting strategies to pursue their prey.  Raptors use high soaring flight to gain a higher vantage point over their territory in order to better locate where they can find potential prey.  This high soaring flight hunting strategy represents the bird gaining knowledge about its habitat, the earth, where to find and locate prey, where to roost for the night, where to find nesting material to build its nest, where to keep a look out for harmful predators from within their territories, and to patrol their territories against other soaring raptors.  Raptors soar high above connecting with the element air.  Air is knowledge and knowledge is masculine energy and masculine energy represents foundation, balance, structure, schedules, action, productivity, light, happiness, illumination, order, support, clarity, mental clarity, awareness, study, observation, planning, organization, electric, and projection.

When the raptor hunts for its prey, it is using its knowledge about where to find and locate its prey that it has already gathered from soaring high above in the sky and plans and strategizes on how it is going to pursue its prey.  This is when the wisdom comes into play. Wisdom is using your knowledge to manifest your desired result or goal. Wisdom is the divine feminine energy, and divine feminine energy represents creativity, intuition, fluidity, emotions, magnetic, attraction, stagnant, chaos, confusion, darkness, psychic abilities, and receptivity.  Some hawks prefer low cursing over a landscape to locate potential prey, kestrels prefer hovering over a field to locate signs and presence of prey, and fish eagles prey catching their prey by cruising low over the water surface and using their talons to snatch fish from out of the water.  Each raptor has their own strategy on how they subdue their prey.  Once they use their strategies to subdue their prey, this is when the understanding comes into play.  Now the raptor understands that it had to become knowledgeable about where to locate its prey and what time of day to pursue its prey in order to catch its prey. Understanding is the marriage between the masculine and feminine energy, and between knowledge and wisdom. When both the masculine and feminine energy unite together, magic happens. The same goes for knowledge and wisdom. This is the basic, fundamental lesson of the universe and we are all subconsciously aware of this divine knowledge. Raptors have to do a lot of searching and homework before they even become successful with catching their prey. If you study raptors as much as I do, you will notice that their success rates are relatively low in terms of catching their prey, but this also depends on how skillful a raptor is at hunting. An example of this is I have seen ospreys successful catch fish from out of the water in four times in a row, while I have seen bald eagles catch no fish from just after their first attempt of hunting for fish, and then they fly back to the trees and I haven’t seen them make any more effort of attempting to catch more fish after their first loss. It just depends on the individual raptor. For instance, hawks hunting in open country with lots of vegetation cover have a harder time pursuing their prey. So why?  Well a lot of things come into play when catching prey.  A open field with a lot of rodents sounds like a great place for the hawk to catch its prey, but its not that easy.  If the field has many plant cover for the rodents hide in, then this makes it more difficult for the hawk to pursue its prey.  Another thing to look at are hunting perches if the hawk is a perch hunter instead of an aerial hunter.  Most open country hawks are both perch and aerial hunters because they have to be.  Does the hawk need to perch high up or low to the ground to pursue its rodent prey?  The ideal situation for a open country hawk to pursue its rodent prey is to hunt in a open field with abundant prey that has less plant cover for the rodents to hide in, and the open field can have a couple trees for the hawk to perch on to have a higher vantage point to keep an eye out for potential prey.  Some open country hawks perch on the ground to locate their rodent prey.  The hawk has to think about everything in order to increase its chances of pursuing its prey successfully.  Hunting is not an easy game and I know this because I am a wildlife photographer and it’s my job to hunt and locate wildlife to photograph.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the spiritual meaning of a hunter, and that you have learned something new. Have a great day!!!!!!!