Coyote Animal Totem

Photo Credit By Justin Johnsen.

The coyote totem is an awesome animal totem to have as your spirit animal guide. The coyote is the first mammal that I have studied and I have even seen one in the wild when I was living out west in Colorado. The coyote is a very special animal totem to me and I want to dedicate a special blog post to the coyote spirit animal. The coyote spirit animal represents resourcefulness, playfulness, intuition, hidden wisdom, creativity, humor, intelligence, instincts, ingenuity, learning the balance between being social and independent, communication, responsibility, adaptability, transformation, being open to change and cycles, stealth, shape shifting, agility, learning how to enjoy life and focus on the positive outlooks on life, domesticity, monogamy, maintaining family bonds and close nit kinship, cunning, trickster, clever, learning to think outside the box and doing things out of the ordinary, endurance, flexibility, using all your skills to manifest and purse what you want, learning the balance of when to become serious and playful, revealing the truth behind chaos, confusion, and illusions, magician, creation, and teaching life lessons.

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What’s most interesting about the coyote is that it is one of the most adaptable medium to large sized predator mammals in North America. Coyotes are even diurnal and nocturnal. It’s larger cousin the gray wolf is not so adaptable to living in cities like its canine cousin the coyote, but its not because the wolf is not adaptable to living in cities and suburbs. One of the main reasons why the gray wolves never had a chance to learn how to become adaptable was because of the Europeans immigrants that have migrated to North America from Europe who persecuted many of the gray wolves species in both Europe and North America. Most of the wolves were exterminated in Europe. The main lesson from the coyote spirit animal is to learn how to become adaptable to handling different situations, environments, and scenarios, and come up with  new methods to serve your higher purpose to help you adapt to new reoccurring situations and environments. Adaptability, transformations, and transitions operate on the higher frequencies of the divine feminine energy and this is where the power lies. Coyotes have learned to form alliances with other animals such as the American Badger to hunt ground squirrels. The coyote animal totem reminds us that in order for us to become adaptable, we must be open to working with other individuals and become receptive to their knowledgeable and wisdom to help us pursue and manifest our desired results and goals. The main medicine of the coyote spirit animal is adaptability and this animal uses adaptability creativity. Coyotes sometimes hunt in packs or individually depending on what they are hunting. So whenever you see a coyote, now you know that you need to open your mind up to change, and transformation so that you can become adaptable to different situations and have a better understanding about how to approach your problems or goals from different perspectives in order to come up with your solutions. Also learn when to become playful after spending all your time working and being serious.

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Check out this short video clip a coyote and badger hunting together:

Video Credit by Judy Lehmberg.

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