Law of Mentalism

Photo Credit by Michael Dachstein.

” The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental ” – the Kybalion. Everything is mental from the things that you see to the things that you feel, taste, touch and interact with in this third dimensional reality. Your belief systems, thought patterns, and thoughts are responsible for forming and shaping up your reality into what it is right now. You are the architect of your own reality. Check out my Spider Totem blog post to learn how to create and shape your own reality by manipulating your own thoughts forms and belief systems.  Even the symbolism behind animal totems is associated with the mind. Whenever an animal presents itself to you, it is reminding you to work on some inner energy work within yourself. Each animal vibrates at different frequencies and each animal is associated with different forms of energy. Everything is energy. If you see a snake, then you know that you need to work on opening yourself up to change and transformation so that you activate your pineal gland and then become a higher version of yourself. If you see a bird or a bird’s feather, then you already know that you need to begin thinking more positive thought patterns and belief systems that serve your higher purpose so that you can ascend well above your limitations and negative belief systems. Even nature and weather patterns are associated with symbolisms and this is tied to the mind. Everything is originated from within the mind. There’s nothing physical.

The mind is very powerful. Why? There are many reasons behind this. The powerful pineal gland is one reason why the mind is so powerful. The activation of your pineal gland is open doors to unlimited possibilities, magic, power, Christ energy, and becoming the ultimate version of yourself. Once you activate your pineal gland you can do anything. Unfortunately, most of our pineal glands are calcified because they haven’t been used. There are many ways to decalcify your pineal gland, you just have to be creative and do your research. Another reason why the mind is so powerful is because it contains the spiritual marriage between both the conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is basically your pineal gland while your conscious mind is your current awareness.  When both your conscious and subconscious mind work harmoniously together, you can manifest miracles and wonders, but all of this takes work and lots of time. The more you become aware that the all is mind and the universe is mental, then you will begin to become more aware of your thought patterns and belief systems that affect the outcome of your reality. You will also begin to notice energy and different forms of energy that vibrate from high frequency to low frequency and you can decide which form of energy that you want to associate with. Here’s a tip: Learn to become more observant of your surroundings, and preoccupy yourself with studying, researching, and keeping yourself disciplined and focused on your surrounding and environment.

Listen to some 963Hz Pineal Gland Activation Short video:

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Raccoon Animal Totem

The raccoon totem is quite the intriguing animal totem spirit guide to have on your journey. I have always felt an affinity towards the raccoon since I was at a very young age. I have even written a book in the fourth grade about having a raccoon as a pet. The raccoon has presented itself to me on a few occasions throughout my life so I have decided to dedicate a blog post to a special friend of mine which is the raccoon. The spiritual meaning of the raccoon totem represents camouflage, adaptability, resourcefulness, affinity to darkness, intelligence, stealth, having and possessing the ability to alter and play many roles to increase its ability to adjust and camouflage to different environments and scenarios, neutrality, balance, secrecy, shape shifting, nocturnal, maintaining good health and diet, protective, inquisitive, gregariousness, cleverness, disguise, grounded, ability to view the overall picture of its reality, being drawn to the tree of knowledge, receptivity, divine feminine energy, wisdom, master of illusions, and dexterity. The raccoon totem magic of wisdom is the mask. The raccoon medicine teaches the lesson of wearing different masks in your life to help yourself adapt to many different situations and environment to allow yourself a better chance of survival. This is an perfect example of adaptability and adaptability is derived from the highest form of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is open to change, transformation, cycles, and transitions in order to survive and to have a better chance of manifest the reality that it wants. The raccoon totem is asking you to embody the highest, powerful side of the divine feminine energy which is adaptability in order to have a higher chance of manifesting what you want into your reality. Learn to be more open minded about things and learn to become receptive to knowledge and wisdom from others around you and from within your environment. It’s no wonder why the raccoon has the ability to adapt to many environments including living within cities and suburbs. The raccoon also ask you to remain neutral when playing different roles within your life or else your emotions will get in the way of you adapting to different environments and scenarios. It’s no surprise why the raccoon has a gray colored coat featured all over its body and the color gray is associated with neutrality.

Raccoons love living near water and this symbolizes immersing yourself within your own emotions, thoughts, feelings, and urges and then release them back into the water to maintain a clear mind set and remain neutral. It’s important to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, urges, and emotions, and learn how to deal with them so that they don’t cloud your judgement, your perception, and your mind. Learn to let things go that no longer serves your higher purpose to remain in a neutral state of mind and this all goes back to the raccoon possessing a grayish colored coat. This is the main medicine from the raccoon totem. Raccoons spend most of their time up in the trees and this symbolizes using and maintaining all your thoughts and energy that serves your higher purpose and the raccoon totem urges you to do the same. The raccoon can view its life from a higher perspective when climbing up to the trees and this symbolizes remaining in control of your reality and becoming aware and conscious of everything within your reality, and becoming aware of all your thoughts, thought patterns, and belief systems that either serves your higher purpose or doesn’t serves your higher purpose.

Here’s a short video of raccoons adapting to the city life:

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Spiritual Meaning of Fog

So what is the spiritual meaning of fog? The spiritual meaning of fog represents the unconscious mind. So why do I say that? Fog veils what it doesn’t want to be seen or what to be aware of. The unconscious mind operates the same way. Whenever you want to ignore something from your awareness, you tell your conscious mind to repress it and send it to your unconscious mind. All of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, urges that you choose to ignore from your awareness is sent to and stored within your unconscious mind because you choose to become unaware or unconscious about the things you want to ignore. Your unconscious mind is basically your subconscious mind, but the only difference between them is that your subconscious mind is your permanent storage bin for your mind while your unconscious mind is basically your temporary storage bin for your mind for times when you choose to ignore your problems and feelings. But the thing is, you can’t ignore all your problems, emotions, feelings, and urges forever because they always find a way to reappear within your awareness and consciousness again. An example of this is when the sun’s heat evaporates and dissipates all the fog’s moisture from the air and soon the fog suddenly disappears. The sun in this example represents your conscious mind exposing itself to all of its thoughts, emotions, feelings and urges again. Only the sun has the power to evaporate and dissipate all the fog’s moisture and this symbolizes that only your conscious mind is the only one that can gain access to your unconscious mind. There is no escaping or ignoring all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and urges because your unconscious mind only serves as your mental storage bin temporarily and what you choose to ignore from your awareness will soon and eventually reappear into your awareness and your conscious mind again. Fog is just a physical representation of both your unconscious mind and subconscious mind and also the other weather patterns. Always remember this, ” The All is mind and the universe is mental “, and this is tied to the first universal law, the Law of Mentalism.

Fog also represents chaos and confusion because of one’s inability to acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings within their own awareness. It’s no wonder why you can’t see through fog effectively but all of this could have been avoided if you chose to remain conscious of your own awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Your own thoughts and feelings creates storms and weather patterns if you choose not to remain in control of them. Fog is derived from water and water represents the divine feminine energy and the feminine energy is tied to emotions, feelings, and urges. Fog represents feminine energy. If you notice hot air rises, while cold air like fog condense and sinks. Cold air is heavy, stagnant, and slow moving just like clouds which are the same. Hot air like thermals and updrafts are fast, light, angelic, and free flowing and this represents the masculine energy. I’m actually a big fan of fog and I would love to photograph fog surfacing over a beautiful landscape someday.

Listen to some Celtic Forest Music:

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Spiritual Meaning of the Forest

Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park
Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park

Come join me on a adventurous journey to the mysterious, enchanted forest. The beautiful forest image above belongs to me and I have such a strong love and passion for forest environments and I enjoy photographing them. I want to dedicate this blog post to my love and passion for the forest. So what is the spiritual meaning of the forest? The spiritual meaning of the forest represents being open to change, transformation, transitions, cycles, adaptability, the divine feminine energy, attraction, magnetism, production, projection, divine masculine energy, fruitful, energetic, the duality of  balance between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy, action, patience, receptivity, tree of knowledge, heart chakra, love, peace, tranquility, renewal, refreshing, cleansing, mysterious, endurance, invincibility, structure, foundation, balance, protection, healing, self reliance, survival, the power of positive thoughts and positive belief systems, keeping your mind focused on the heavens and spiritual ascension, grounded, grounding, immortality, ancient, primordial energy, original being and possessing original energy, master of illusions and confusions, ability to create mental labyrinths of chaos and confusions, darkness, absorbing negative energy, independence, omnipresence, god and goddess energy, mazes and complex networks, repetition, camouflage, down to earth, mental power, mind, mental focus, tenacity, strength, courage, creativity, possessing your own inner divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, thinking for yourself, magic, magician, alchemist, master of mental transmutation, emphatic, mental telepathy, the spiritual marriage between both the conscious and subconscious mind, communication, community, social structure, and solitariness. The spiritual meaning of the forest means so many things.

Pristine Forest.
Pristine Forest.

This is also another one of my images that I have photographed above. The forest can also be viewed as a dark place and whatever is associated with the darkness represents the subconscious mind. The dark parts of the forest represents your subconscious mind and the dark parts of the forests represent the unexplored areas containing unlimited possibilities, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and unlimited and powerful energy. The well illuminated parts of the forest symbolizes our conscious minds gathering all knowledge from the universe. For example in my image above, the well illuminated sun spots lighting up certain parts of the forest floor are gathering and absorbing knowledge and warmth from the sun and this allows the forest floor grass to grow abundantly and fruitfully. The sun makes its way across the earth’s sky and illuminates every inch of the forest floor to allow every vegetation to grow prosperously and abundantly for the sake of balance. The forest is reminding us to explore every inch of both of conscious and subconscious mind so that we can learn how to master how to use both of them to serve our higher purpose.

Enjoy some Woodlands Tales Forest Music:

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Spider Totem

Spider totems are miraculous spirit animal guides to have on your spiritual journey. The spider totem represents writing, weaving, and creating your own reality, wisdom, subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, patience, strategic, observation, studying, research, divine feminine energy power, attraction, receptivity, creativity, resourcefulness, creatrix, architect, engineering, foundation, support, structure, divine masculine energy, duality between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, attaining success, builder and destroyer, god and goddess, gaining and viewing your life and reality from a higher perspective, inspiration, intuition, life and death, rebirth, resurrection, construction, progression, cunning, cycles, transitions, transformation, creation, protection, infinity, limitless, power, containing universal knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, learning to balance the duality between both physical and spiritual energy and dimensions, gentleness, strength, flexibility, adaptability, being open to change and transformation, immortality, magic, magician, alchemist, master of mental transmutation, thoughts, feelings, thought patterns, belief systems, emotions, and mental power.

The spider totem is a very powerful animal totem. The spider totem reminds us that we all are the creators and architects of our own realities. We shape and create our realities by the usage of our own thoughts, thought patterns, and belief systems. Whatever your thought patterns and belief systems are, they shape and create your reality. So if you’re not happy with the outcome of your life, the spider totem reminds you that you can always transform your thought patterns and belief systems into positive thought patterns and belief systems that serve your higher purpose. You’re in charge of your own reality. Your thought patterns and belief systems attract the energy that you vibrate with so the spider totem cautions you to become more aware of your own thought patterns and belief systems.Your thought patterns and belief systems are contained within your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is the one responsible for attracting the energy and vibrations that both your thought patterns and belief systems vibrate with.

So how does the spider figure out how to attract what it wants. Let me offer you the answer from a physical perspective. The spider gathers all the knowledge it needs  to know about an area of where there is much flying insects traffic in the air. Once the spider has located a good spot of where a lot of flying insects traffic is, it makes its webs there and once it has finished building its webs, it just sits and waits until its flying insect prey fly into its webs, and then the spider receives its meal. This symbolizes the spider wisdom of how to attract what it wants and now the spider understand what it needs to do to get and attract what it want. There’s a three step process to manifesting what you want and it is the basic universal codes of the universe: knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and the spider totem warns you to become aware of those three basic codes. Here’s my blog post about: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

Check out the World’s Biggest Spider video:

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Spiritual Meaning of Fall

Fall has finally arrived here in Maryland and I am witnessing vibrant colorful change of leave colors and I am also witnessing the forest floors accumulating with fallen leaves from the trees above. I am grateful for receiving the presence of fall in my life.  So what is the spiritual meaning of fall? Fall is the season of change, cycles, transformations, transitions, and the representation of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is centered around change, cycles, transitions, and transformation because it is receptive to energy and change. The fall season is open to receiving change and transformation to soon transform into winter and the winter season is another form of the divine feminine energy. The fall and winter seasons both represent the divine feminine energy while both spring and summer represents the divine masculine energy. When all the seasons are combined within the one year, the divine marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine energy become united and one to help sustain balance within the earth. The fall season also symbolizes the balance between light and darkness, releasing and letting go of the old and negative energies from your presence and awareness, adaptability, preparation, and accepting impermanence. The season of autumn symbolizes the time of self reflection. Purge and relinquish all your negative thoughts, negative belief systems, your limitations, your expectations and allow the season of autumn to absorb them in order to purify your energy so that you can continue on your spiritual growth journey. Autumn is a time for letting go of all your burdens, doubts, grieving, and any emotions that limits your ability from moving on. On the autumn equinox, the day and night amount to 12 hours each equally and this symbolizes to maintain a healthy balance between masculine and feminine energy, and light and darkness within ourselves to better be able to adjust and adapt through the harsh, dark season of winter. Fall is a reminder for us to remained balanced within ourselves before winter arrives.

The season of autumn also reminds us of life and death. When the leaves bud from the trees during spring and then they grow abundantly during summer, and as fall arrives, the leaves finally change colors and suddenly fall to the forest floor signalling the death and the end. Nature is immortal and life is immortal. The leaves fall down to the forest floor to provide enough nourishment for the earth’s soil to grow more leaves for when spring arrives. Everything is recycled through nature. Nature has enough resources and energy to sustain itself for its well being and nature is reminding us to acknowledge this within ourselves to remain cleansed and purified. We all go through different cycles of life and death, but its never a literal life and death, but we experience a new cycle of life once we experience a form of death from the previous end of another cycle of development. This is a way of life.

Here’s a video of the fall season:

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What are Vampires?


Listen to some Vampire Music.

So what are vampires? Vampires are beings that suck human blood to energize themselves in order to maintain their health. They become active at night because their skin burns in the sunlight. They wear dark clothes to absorb energy. The color black absorbs energy and it is the most powerful of colors. The color black also absorbs negative energy and negative vibrations. Vampires believe that they need to consume human blood for their survival. The spiritual meaning of blood represents life, energy, internal life, root chakra,  maintaining basic necessities for survival, survival, health, survival instincts,and fluidity. Blood provides the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal for the body.   Blood represents feminine energy because of their physical properties being associated with fluidity, and liquid properties. Blood flows throughout the body to provide oxygen and nutrition for the body.  Blood represents the basic necessities of life. Without blood you wouldn’t exist in this physical reality. Since vampires require human blood for their survival, this represents that they are not fully human. Vampires are lower life forms that are dead and they don’t contain all the human physical properties to become a human and if they did, they wouldn’t be dead and they would contain their own human blood without having to rely on sucking on blood from their human host . Vampires are at the mercy of their human host existence who posses the blood they need to survive. Because of this, vampires represent the lower, negative side of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy contains many levels of consciousness and vampires just represents lower form of the divine feminine energy. Vampires present themselves as beings who need blood by feeding on blood from a host. Vampires are parasitic and this is another lower form of the divine feminine energy. Feminine energy is darkness and receptivity, but the higher form of the divine feminine energy is adaptability and adaptability is associated with the higher form of feminine energy. Vampires haven’t found a way to become adaptable and that’s why they only become active at night, and they haven’t found a way to protect their skin from the sun. Vampires have many limitations. The vampires’ human host require the sun to energize themselves and to stay healthy, and to grow their food and crops. Humans receive their Vitamin D from the sunlight. Once you receive the sun ultraviolet B rays, the B rays manufacture the vitamin D that you need for your body.  But why does the sun have to burn vampires skin? The sun represents masculine energy. The werewolves know how to live their lives under the sun. The sun represents illumination, productivity, action, strength, power, goodness, likeness, personal power, and willpower. The vampires receive their life force energy secondarily from their human host and this is a lower form of receiving energy instead of just receiving your energy in more prominent, direct way. All of this proves that vampires are lower life forms trying to coexist in the one dimensional higher physical reality.

vampire 2

Vampires lack melanin. So what is melanin? Melanin is dark brown or black hair and skin pigmentation. Melanin can also be found in the iris of eyes in the form of the colors dark brown or black. Since melanin ranges from dark brown to black in color, it’s responsible for absorbing energy and light. Having melanin on your skin means that you can absorb and manufacture all the vitamin D that you need for your body, spirit, and mental health. The sun light offers humans energy, warmth, and vital vitamins for their survival. It is one of the main reasons why we are alive. Many people who possess a lot of melanin reside in warm climate areas where their melanin skin can absorb more of the sun light to receive and maintain their good health. People who tend to possess the least amount of melanin appear light pigmented and they tend to reside in colder northern climate regions where the sun light is less plentiful and where darkness prevails for most of the year. The color white reflects while the color black absorbs. The source of vampires origin is heavily European, Caucasian influenced since they mostly correspond with the energy and characteristics of vampire beings. Life in colder northern climate regions tend to be rougher and survival is pretty bleak. Life in warmer climate regions tend to be more adaptable featuring abundance of food, and pleasant weather. For this reason, this is why vampires have to receive their nutrient and protein from blood secondarily by feeding and sucking on human host. White pigment skin reflects back the vital vitamins of the sun back to the universe and this is why vampires have to escape back into the darkness to protect themselves. So since vampires lack the vital nutrients and protein that they require for their health and their well being, they have to receive their vital protein and vitamins secondarily by feasting and sucking on human blood instead of receiving it directly from the vital omnipresence source which is the sun. This is how they adapt. It’s definitely not the most pleasant way to survive and adapt, but this is how the vampires adapt in their own way. Vampires were created in a way to limit their abilities to survive especially for not a very long time. It’s just too much limitation that vampires have to deal with in order to just get through one day let alone a century or thousand of years. I know that it is said that vampires are immortal, but energy is immortal. Humans are immortal, animals are immortal, I am immortal. Death is an illusion. Once you die in this present reincarnation as a human or as an animal, or whatever the case may be, you just leave your skin suit behind, and transition into the next cycle of your spirit’s journey. Your skin suit isn’t you, it’s just your vessel that your spirit dwells in to coexist in this third dimension physical reality. Your spirit and soul is immortal, not your skin suit.


Vampires can appear very attractive and I definitely have to agree with that. They are attractive, very charismatic, persuasive, great communicators, magicians, and they are very sensual beings. They compel their human hosts into doing whatever they want so that they can suck their blood.  Vampires appear mysterious, aloof, swift, quiet, aware of their surroundings, observant, distant, emphatic, experiencing mood swings,depressed, emotional, perceptive, strong, young, healthy,  self healing, possessing great reflexes, resilient, possessing psychic abilities, clairvoyant, and very sensitive to energy. I had to add the folklore and legendary traits about the vampire. It wouldn’t be entertaining if I didn’t.  Vampires clearly embody the energy and characteristics of feminine energy. Vampires posses an intriguing stare that just sets their human host in a trance of fear and shiver about the mysterious vampire. Vampires are known for attracting their human host to themselves so that they can easily feed off their blood. This is another example of feminine energy. Feminine energy is magnetic and it is associated with attraction and this represents the powerful side of the feminine energy. Vampires dress in attractive clothes to easily attract and arouse the attention from their human hosts. Vampires will do everything in their power to attract the attention of their human hosts so that they can easily suck their blood and absorb their life force energy. This represents their predatory side. Vampires are forced to study and learn everything about their prey because this gives them a higher chance of survival. Their pale skin tends to be cool to the touch because they don’t have much contact or interaction with the warm of the sunlight.


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The Bat Totem

Watch Little Facts About Bats Video:

The bat totem is an amazing spirit animal to have as your animal totem. The bat totem represents death and rebirth, soaring above your limitations, listening, observation, developing sensitivity within one’s environment, using all your senses and intuition to serve your higher purpose, transitions, transformation, intuition, invisibility, communication, sensing beyond in between the lines of the physical, mundane reality, superb hearing and listening abilities, high frequency, sensing higher frequencies and energy, camouflage, observe and sense the unseen forces and energy, emphatic, converting your thought patterns and belief systems into positive thought patterns and belief systems and allowing them to serve your higher purpose, illusions, being open to change and transformation, pursuing your spiritual growth and development, higher thought patterns and vibrating at higher frequencies, soaring above your ego and becoming your higher self, seeing beyond illusions and convoluted fantasies, gregariousness, maintaining family and friends relationships, adaptability, develop sensitivity to the senses of touch, ability to creating new fruitful ideas and possibilities, ability to use vibration sounds, ability to navigate through the darkness, light bringer, divine feminine energy, receptivity, releasing and eliminating all your fears and negative belief systems that no longer serve your higher purpose, possessing clairvoyant abilities, ability to perceive, hear, and discern hidden messages, ability to pinpoint the truth of matters while sensing beyond illusions and fantasies, dreams, possessing psychic abilities, trusting and having more faith in your instincts and abilities, freedom, mental focus, mental tenacity, going with the flow, surprise, magic, magician, alchemist, subconscious mind, and activating and utilizing your third eye.

Bats have have well developed sensitive senses. They use echolocation to navigate their way through the darkness of the night and they also use echolocation for hunting their prey. So what is echolocation? The utilization of sound waves and echoes to be able to determine and pinpoint where objects are within range. The reason why bats use echolocation is because this allows to have greater accuracy of navigating through the darkness. The darkness is the absence of moving and active light. The darkness is light but it contains light that is not active or productive and this is why the darkness appear pitch dark black. Always remember that light comes from the darkness. Bats use echolocation by emitting sound waves from their mouths to detect objects or things within its range to better be able to navigate through the darkness. When bats send out their sound waves, the sound waves hit nearby objects within the bat’s range, and the sound waves then bounce back to the bat to produce echos to allow the bat to hear and know and acknowledge how far or how close an object or its prey is from the bat. This is a quite unique way to navigating through the darkness and this is the main reason why the bat has well developed senses because it is very perceptive to the energy and beings found within its environment. The bat totem remind us to utilize all of our senses that we don’t use as often as we should and put them to good use by becoming active and productive around the times that we tend not to be active and productive and utilize our senses, gifts, and abilities to our advantage. Most bats are active at night, and the night is when the darkness is imminent. The darkness also represents the subconscious mind and feminine energy. Your subconscious mind lives inside the dark and it contains unlimited energy, potential, and unique abilities. The subconscious mind is open to change and transformation and the bat totem is reminding us to become open to change and transformation so that we can fully develop all your senses to our fullest potential. The bat totem reminds us to immerse within the darkness so that we can learn how to unlock and use our subconscious mind to our advantage. This is power. The bat totem ask us to try new things, and expose ourselves to new activities, knowledge, and wisdom, and learn how to face our fears. The bat totem is all about facing its fear. The only way that you can face your fear is by confronting it. Guess where you fear resides? In your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains all your thought patterns, belief systems and your fears. Your belief system is 100% responsible for creating your fears. What is your belief system? Why is your belief system limiting your ability to confront and face your fears? The bat totem is warning us to immerse ourselves within our subconscious mind and explore every inch of it and acknowledge everything about it in order to empower ourselves. If you’re scared of the dark, then you’re scared of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind lives in the dark. The darkness absorbs energy and light. Your subconscious mind is the light. The darkness is the light. The only way to navigate and to get out of the darkness is to know everything about it, and use your knowledge about the darkness to your advantage in the form of wisdom and navigate your way out. The bat totem is reminding us to replace our thought patterns and belief systems constantly to serve our higher purposes and for adapting to new environment and scenarios. You can’t remain stagnant in the dark or you will go now where and results won’t get done.


The bat has wings and it uses its wings to soar above its limitations and negative belief systems. Wings represents your thought patterns and belief systems. I have already discussed and decoded the spiritual meaning of flight. You can learn more about it my clicking my blog post: The Spiritual Meaning of Flying. The bat totem warns us to create new thought patterns and belief systems that serve our higher purpose to allow us to better accomplish our goals and tasks. You don’t need any negative thought patterns and belief systems that limit your ability from soaring above your life challenges, goals, and tasks. This of course takes much spiritual inner work, but we all came here on earth to do this work and this is why we reside on this low frequency third dimensional reality.  The bat has well developed sense of hearing. It hears by listening to the sound waves vibrations. There are high frequencies and low frequencies and it’s not surprising that the bat hears the high frequencies since it resides and vibrates at high frequencies. The bat emits high frequencies sound vibrations and bounces them at its prey as echoes to pinpoint its prey’s accurate location. The bat totem remind us to become sensitive to high frequencies sound vibrations because high frequency sound vibrations allow us to vibrate and exist at higher frequencies and dimensions. Most of the bats that we are mostly familiar with feed on pest flying insects such as mosquitoes and other insects and this symbolizes to eliminate negative energy and thought forms that don’t serve our purpose and release them from our mental air space to prevent ourselves from being weighed down by our limitations. Of course there are some bats that feed on fruits and this symbolizes to feed ourselves positive energy and positive thought forms that will serve our higher purpose.  Only feed and indulge yourself with energy and activities that serves your higher purpose, and that empowers you. Become aware of what energy you feed yourself, your mind, and your body because it has an influence on your mind, body, and soul. The bat totem is the angel of the darkness and it’s also a Light Bringer. It shows that we can use our sixth sense which is our third eye help navigate our way through the darkness. Sometimes our physical eyes aren’t enough to help complete all of our tasks, and goals, and there comes a time when we need to utilize our third eye or intuition so that we can continue on our spiritual growth development. What’s really quite unique about the bat is that it is one of the few flying mammals along with the flying squirrel and this is impressive. The bat totem reminds us that the only way to become the ultimate version of yourself is to first face and confront all your fears, and then you can begin to become and do extraordinary and miraculous things.  Begin to replace your thought patterns and belief systems with positive thought patterns and belief systems and then you will become extraordinary. The bat is awesome. The bat has very flexible and elastic wings, allowing it to stretch easily. Their wings are also very thin allowing them to have a wider range of movement for when they fly, and they can even fly faster as well for this reason. The myth about bats being blind is actually false. Bats have vision, but whenever their vision fails them, they use their sense of smell and hearing as their back up and the bat totem reminds us to develop our senses to our fullest potential so that when one of our sense fail us, we can use another one of our sense to help complete our tasks for great proficiency without a problem. Don’t rely on just one of your senses, utilize all of them. The bat totem is about adaptability, and this is the first lesson that the bat totem teaches to its loyal recipients. When living in the darkness, you can’t just rely on one of your senses, you have to rely on using all your senses to navigate through the darkness and to survive. Like I have always said, ” Feminine energy is all about being open to change and transformation so that you can better be able to adapt to anything and you can confront anything that come across your path “. The bat totem is warning you to do the same. The darkness is feminine energy and you need to embody the energy of feminine energy in order to survive and navigate through the darkness. This is all about energy.

The bat totem remind us to be open to change, transformations, transitions in order to become adaptable, only feed your energy, mind, body, and spirit positive energy and vibrations that serve your higher purpose, eliminate any negative thought forms and belief systems from your mind that prevent you from flying and soaring, soar above your limitations and negative energy, communicate positive high frequencies thought forms to manifest and attract what you want, face and confront all your fears, immerse yourself within the darkness and unlock the key to how to use your subconscious mind, utilize all your senses and develop them into high proficiency, develop all your senses to high sensitivity so that they can easily detect and pinpoint anything form within your environment with great accuracy, and tell the bat totem that it’s an awesome spirit animal to have as your spirit guide.

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