About Me

Jabari Bellamy Nature and Wildlife Photographer, Published Author, Hiker, Spiritual and Metaphysical

My Self Portrait
My Self Portrait

Some see him as the darkness… others see him as a light… & some experience him as terrestrial…. But those who experience the spirit of him through his craft know that he is… “A multi-dimensional aural image of the mind’s eye that captivates and inspires….” Jabari Bellamy has chosen a path of one who is a quiet, contemplative spirit merging with us at his leisure. Always, serene, profound and devoutly committed to his own space, Jabari has spent more of his life with nature than its human inhabitants. However, through his photography, what we have come to know is that he has done so with the intention and purpose of letting us know who he is. He is a humble being well beyond his 2 decades, who through his gift of imagery, is leading the way to creative, mystical paths, soon to be universally remembered. Jabari’s photographs are quietly merging us with a time and space where nature and human are one…. From the purity of wildlife to the tenderness of familial bonds, Jabari’s photography memorializes inimitable moments in time and allows us to experience life in ways unimaginable. His portfolio is forever expanding, now including wildlife, special events, corporate, food, fine art photography and more. He is a talent that we eagerly anticipate the continued blossoming of and as Jabari would so eloquently state, “we see the world through his lens” and for that we are blessed. He’s also a published author of “Nature’s Inspiration”, “Nature’s Inspiration Plants ” and The Hidden Beauty of Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park which are now available on Amazon. Β He enjoys hiking, researching and studying animals, nature and wildlife.Β  Jabari’s a humble spiritual and metaphysical being.

Prints and my books are available on my website:Β  http://thejbphotos.zenfolio.com/


20 thoughts on “About Me

    • You’re welcome and thank you. The images that I use for my blog post are images that I search for online. I am actually working on an Animal Totem book and I’m incorporating my own animal pictures that I have gathered from the field.

  1. I spend more time with nature than I do with humans. I enjoy walking my property and hanging out with my animals. I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Be well, Koko❀

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