How To Grow A Chinese Evergreen Water Plant

Chinese Evergreen Water Plant
Chinese Evergreen Water Plant

Chinese Evergreen Water plants are one of the easiest plants to grow and to take care of.  They are low maintenance plants and they don’t require a lot of watering or sunlight.  These plants can even tolerate dry air as well.  Chinese Evergreen plants can tolerate harsh conditions that most plants can’t tolerate such as poor lighting and drought conditions.  I own a Chinese Evergreen water plant in my home and I enjoy watching it plant grow.  I have watched my plant grow with successes by using a few techniques that I have researched and have came up with myself.  Today, I will share with you a few tips that I use to grow my Chinese Evergreen Water Plant.

Chinese Evergreen Water Plants love indirect sunlight.  They do not like to be in direct sunlight and this will cause their leaves to be yellow.  Make sure that your plant is not by an A/C vent or cold air draft which can cause their leaves to turn brown.  Any temperature above 60 degrees is favorable.

When you buy a vase for your water plant, make sure that it is big enough for the plants’ roots to grow in because these plants’ roots can grow quite fast when they are really happy.  It is recommended that you buy an opaque colored vase to diffuse the bright sunlight from entering the vase to prevent the spread of algae inside the vase.  I don’t use an opaque vase for my water plant but instead, I use a clear vase and because of that I have to constantly clean out the vase once a week and refill the vase with water.  I am really picky about buying vases for my plants because I find that it’s harder for me to find the right sized opaque vase for my plants so I find the clear vases are easier to find in local stores.  Light can easily penetrate a clear vase than an opaque vase.  If you use an opaque vase, you don’t have to clean out the vase as often as you would a clear vase.  Go with what works for you.

Once you find your vase, you have the option to buy some small pebbles from your local arts and craft store.  I place the pebbles in the bottom of the vase and I find that the pebbles adds more character to how you plant looks in your room.  It reminds me that the water plant is in its natural element with the rocks underneath the plant and the plant is somewhere in a small body of water growing.  It’s just a creative idea.  When I clean out my vase once a week, I also have to clean off the pebbles to make sure that they are clean.  Also rinse off the plants’ roots in the sink to clear off any debris from the plant.

The key to watering these plants is to not overwater them.  If you overwater them, then it can lead to root rot. This is why I have came up with a strict watering schedule for my plant.  On the day that I clean out the vase, I use Alkaline water to water my plant.  I also mists the leaves with Alkaline water as well and I spray on the top side of the leaves and bottom side of the leaves.  I just use a spray bottle and fill it with water and I spray the leaves. Spray the plant’s stalks as well.


I usually start cleaning out my plant’s vase in the beginning of the week and towards the middle of the week, I mist the plant’s leaves again like I did in the beginning of the week.  So I water and clean out the vase once a week and I mist the leaves twice week.  I mist the leaves on the same day as I clean out the vase and I mist the leaves again towards the middle of the week.  Another good practice to incorporate is when you notice an accumulation of dust building up on your plants’ leaves, grab a rag or wash cloth, immerse it in water and wipe it over the leaves to clean off the dust from the leaves.  You can do this once or twice a week.  This is my water plant weekly routine and I have came up with it myself.

The most important part about taking care of your plant is to have fun with it and enjoy watching your plant grow each day.  When you plant begins growing a new leaf, you are growing in some area in your life.  The way that you take of your plant is a reflection of you.  I find it important to find some way to bring nature into your home and this will help you connect with nature on a deeper level.  This alone has inspired me to create this blog post.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog post and that you’ve been able to learn something new.  I will be posting a new blog post every Sunday at 7 p.m.; so look forward to the next one! Have a Great Day!!



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