The Return of the Wolf

Photo Credit by Mlorenzphotography.

The return of the wolf is imminent in today’s society in North America.  I am going to discuss the importance of the wolf’s presence in our society and how is brings back balance to the universe and into our environments and ecosystems.  The wolf is a very special animal to me and it is very dear to my heart.  Not too many people realized that the gray wolf once dominated most of the continents of Northern Hemisphere from going eastward from Russia and to going westward across the globe to North America.  The Gray wolf resided in most of North America, Asia and Europe just a couple centuries ago.  Not long ago at all.  When the European Settlers came into North America from Europe in their ships thanks to the help that they had from the Moors that built them the ships to travel and navigate, they saw America as a land of opportunity and success and soon to eventually build their empire for themselves like their parents have, the Moors.  The Moors build a successful empire in North America for hundreds and thousands of years ago and they have helped the Europeans build their empire by giving them the tools they would need.  The history is not so pretty but it is what it is.


When the Europeans first encountered the wolves on North America’s soil, they were really intimidated.  The Europeans have already exterminated most of the wolves in Europe and they definitely planned to exterminate the wolves in North America too so that they wouldn’t have any problems with wolves eating their livestock.  Once they have exterminated most of the wolves in the United States excluding Canada and Alaska, the Europeans started expanding their settlement westward to eventually take over the whole Moor’s continent for themselves.  Now in today’s society in the northern and western hemisphere, the wolf is only found in Canada and Alaska and a few western and northern states.  Because of this absence of wolves in the North American continent, the coyote is starting to expand its range eastward towards the eastern states and because of this, both the wolves in Canada and the coyotes migrating from the western states are breeding and hybridizing and eventually creating the coy-wolf hybrid.  There have been many sightings of these coy-wolf hybrids all over North America, but why?  The universe only operates out of balance.  Because of the absence of predators to control all the prey populations such as the deer, the squirrels, rabbits and all the other prey animals, they have now been considered as pest because there is just too many of them.  The deer population is out of control.  Who is controlling the deer numbers?  The modern Europeans claim that they can control the deer’s populations better than the wolves can by regulating the deer harvest season each year in order to keep the deer numbers balanced.  But here’s the thing, this concept of thinking is absurd.  Why would man even want to control animal population numbers.  There was nothing wrong with the animal populations.  The wolves kept the deer numbers balanced for millions of years way before the Europeans were created six thousand years ago.  Nature is balanced and operates under the 7 universal Laws and because of this, nature doesn’t need man’s assistance to balance itself out.


The wolf is a predator and predators jobs are to control the prey populations.  The extermination of the wolves is an immature form of behavior and this sheds much light on how immature, young and ignorant the elite Europeans are in their mind set.  Now these coy-wolf hybrids are easily adapting to cities, towns and human development secretly without most of the American public not even realizing this.  Now I have only posted images of the real wolves, but not the coy-wolf hybrids in my blog post.  The emergence of the wolf or coy-wolf hybrid is inevitable because there needs to be a predator animal to control all these prey populations numbers.  Balance needs to be restored to the universe.   These coy-wolf hybrids sightings are a sign and flash back about what the world was like just a century or two ago.  Wolves were everywhere not that long ago and many people find that puzzling which is amazing to me.  Wolves aren’t evil or bad like how most people view the wolves, but wolves are just balance, order, structure and peace and this is the type of energy this world needs right now.  No more fear based living like how prey animal live, but courage based living like how predators live.

Here’s a good coy-wolf documentary:

Video Credit by Coyote Documentaries.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article concerning ” The Return of the Wolf “, and have learned something new from me and from my perspective.  To learn more about me, then visit by clicking my Website.



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