Raccoon Animal Totem

The raccoon totem is quite the intriguing animal totem spirit guide to have on your journey. I have always felt an affinity towards the raccoon since I was at a very young age. I have even written a book in the fourth grade about having a raccoon as a pet. The raccoon has presented itself to me on a few occasions throughout my life so I have decided to dedicate a blog post to a special friend of mine which is the raccoon. The spiritual meaning of the raccoon totem represents camouflage, adaptability, resourcefulness, affinity to darkness, intelligence, stealth, having and possessing the ability to alter and play many roles to increase its ability to adjust and camouflage to different environments and scenarios, neutrality, balance, secrecy, shape shifting, nocturnal, maintaining good health and diet, protective, inquisitive, gregariousness, cleverness, disguise, grounded, ability to view the overall picture of its reality, being drawn to the tree of knowledge, receptivity, divine feminine energy, wisdom, master of illusions, and dexterity. The raccoon totem magic of wisdom is the mask. The raccoon medicine teaches the lesson of wearing different masks in your life to help yourself adapt to many different situations and environment to allow yourself a better chance of survival. This is an perfect example of adaptability and adaptability is derived from the highest form of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is open to change, transformation, cycles, and transitions in order to survive and to have a better chance of manifest the reality that it wants. The raccoon totem is asking you to embody the highest, powerful side of the divine feminine energy which is adaptability in order to have a higher chance of manifesting what you want into your reality. Learn to be more open minded about things and learn to become receptive to knowledge and wisdom from others around you and from within your environment. It’s no wonder why the raccoon has the ability to adapt to many environments including living within cities and suburbs. The raccoon also ask you to remain neutral when playing different roles within your life or else your emotions will get in the way of you adapting to different environments and scenarios. It’s no surprise why the raccoon has a gray colored coat featured all over its body and the color gray is associated with neutrality.

Raccoons love living near water and this symbolizes immersing yourself within your own emotions, thoughts, feelings, and urges and then release them back into the water to maintain a clear mind set and remain neutral. It’s important to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, urges, and emotions, and learn how to deal with them so that they don’t cloud your judgement, your perception, and your mind. Learn to let things go that no longer serves your higher purpose to remain in a neutral state of mind and this all goes back to the raccoon possessing a grayish colored coat. This is the main medicine from the raccoon totem. Raccoons spend most of their time up in the trees and this symbolizes using and maintaining all your thoughts and energy that serves your higher purpose and the raccoon totem urges you to do the same. The raccoon can view its life from a higher perspective when climbing up to the trees and this symbolizes remaining in control of your reality and becoming aware and conscious of everything within your reality, and becoming aware of all your thoughts, thought patterns, and belief systems that either serves your higher purpose or doesn’t serves your higher purpose.

Here’s a short video of raccoons adapting to the city life:

Well I hope you readers have enjoyed my raccoon spirit animal blog post. There’s obviously more to decode from the raccoon totem, but I would be babbling on forever. If you readers enjoy my content on both my Blog and Website, and you would love to support me on my spiritual journey, then send me a generous donation by visiting my About page on my website. Have a Great Day Guys!!!!


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