Spiritual Meaning of Fog

So what is the spiritual meaning of fog? The spiritual meaning of fog represents the unconscious mind. So why do I say that? Fog veils what it doesn’t want to be seen or what to be aware of. The unconscious mind operates the same way. Whenever you want to ignore something from your awareness, you tell your conscious mind to repress it and send it to your unconscious mind. All of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, urges that you choose to ignore from your awareness is sent to and stored within your unconscious mind because you choose to become unaware or unconscious about the things you want to ignore. Your unconscious mind is basically your subconscious mind, but the only difference between them is that your subconscious mind is your permanent storage bin for your mind while your unconscious mind is basically your temporary storage bin for your mind for times when you choose to ignore your problems and feelings. But the thing is, you can’t ignore all your problems, emotions, feelings, and urges forever because they always find a way to reappear within your awareness and consciousness again. An example of this is when the sun’s heat evaporates and dissipates all the fog’s moisture from the air and soon the fog suddenly disappears. The sun in this example represents your conscious mind exposing itself to all of its thoughts, emotions, feelings and urges again. Only the sun has the power to evaporate and dissipate all the fog’s moisture and this symbolizes that only your conscious mind is the only one that can gain access to your unconscious mind. There is no escaping or ignoring all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and urges because your unconscious mind only serves as your mental storage bin temporarily and what you choose to ignore from your awareness will soon and eventually reappear into your awareness and your conscious mind again. Fog is just a physical representation of both your unconscious mind and subconscious mind and also the other weather patterns. Always remember this, ” The All is mind and the universe is mental “, and this is tied to the first universal law, the Law of Mentalism.

Fog also represents chaos and confusion because of one’s inability to acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings within their own awareness. It’s no wonder why you can’t see through fog effectively but all of this could have been avoided if you chose to remain conscious of your own awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Your own thoughts and feelings creates storms and weather patterns if you choose not to remain in control of them. Fog is derived from water and water represents the divine feminine energy and the feminine energy is tied to emotions, feelings, and urges. Fog represents feminine energy. If you notice hot air rises, while cold air like fog condense and sinks. Cold air is heavy, stagnant, and slow moving just like clouds which are the same. Hot air like thermals and updrafts are fast, light, angelic, and free flowing and this represents the masculine energy. I’m actually a big fan of fog and I would love to photograph fog surfacing over a beautiful landscape someday.

Listen to some Celtic Forest Music:

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