Spiritual Meaning of the Forest

Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park
Deciduous Forest of Rock Creek Park

Come join me on a adventurous journey to the mysterious, enchanted forest. The beautiful forest image above belongs to me and I have such a strong love and passion for forest environments and I enjoy photographing them. I want to dedicate this blog post to my love and passion for the forest. So what is the spiritual meaning of the forest? The spiritual meaning of the forest represents being open to change, transformation, transitions, cycles, adaptability, the divine feminine energy, attraction, magnetism, production, projection, divine masculine energy, fruitful, energetic, the duality of  balance between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy, action, patience, receptivity, tree of knowledge, heart chakra, love, peace, tranquility, renewal, refreshing, cleansing, mysterious, endurance, invincibility, structure, foundation, balance, protection, healing, self reliance, survival, the power of positive thoughts and positive belief systems, keeping your mind focused on the heavens and spiritual ascension, grounded, grounding, immortality, ancient, primordial energy, original being and possessing original energy, master of illusions and confusions, ability to create mental labyrinths of chaos and confusions, darkness, absorbing negative energy, independence, omnipresence, god and goddess energy, mazes and complex networks, repetition, camouflage, down to earth, mental power, mind, mental focus, tenacity, strength, courage, creativity, possessing your own inner divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, thinking for yourself, magic, magician, alchemist, master of mental transmutation, emphatic, mental telepathy, the spiritual marriage between both the conscious and subconscious mind, communication, community, social structure, and solitariness. The spiritual meaning of the forest means so many things.

Pristine Forest.
Pristine Forest.

This is also another one of my images that I have photographed above. The forest can also be viewed as a dark place and whatever is associated with the darkness represents the subconscious mind. The dark parts of the forest represents your subconscious mind and the dark parts of the forests represent the unexplored areas containing unlimited possibilities, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and unlimited and powerful energy. The well illuminated parts of the forest symbolizes our conscious minds gathering all knowledge from the universe. For example in my image above, the well illuminated sun spots lighting up certain parts of the forest floor are gathering and absorbing knowledge and warmth from the sun and this allows the forest floor grass to grow abundantly and fruitfully. The sun makes its way across the earth’s sky and illuminates every inch of the forest floor to allow every vegetation to grow prosperously and abundantly for the sake of balance. The forest is reminding us to explore every inch of both of conscious and subconscious mind so that we can learn how to master how to use both of them to serve our higher purpose.

Enjoy some Woodlands Tales Forest Music:

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