Spider Totem

Spider totems are miraculous spirit animal guides to have on your spiritual journey. The spider totem represents writing, weaving, and creating your own reality, wisdom, subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, patience, strategic, observation, studying, research, divine feminine energy power, attraction, receptivity, creativity, resourcefulness, creatrix, architect, engineering, foundation, support, structure, divine masculine energy, duality between both the divine masculine and divine feminine energy, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, attaining success, builder and destroyer, god and goddess, gaining and viewing your life and reality from a higher perspective, inspiration, intuition, life and death, rebirth, resurrection, construction, progression, cunning, cycles, transitions, transformation, creation, protection, infinity, limitless, power, containing universal knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, learning to balance the duality between both physical and spiritual energy and dimensions, gentleness, strength, flexibility, adaptability, being open to change and transformation, immortality, magic, magician, alchemist, master of mental transmutation, thoughts, feelings, thought patterns, belief systems, emotions, and mental power.

The spider totem is a very powerful animal totem. The spider totem reminds us that we all are the creators and architects of our own realities. We shape and create our realities by the usage of our own thoughts, thought patterns, and belief systems. Whatever your thought patterns and belief systems are, they shape and create your reality. So if you’re not happy with the outcome of your life, the spider totem reminds you that you can always transform your thought patterns and belief systems into positive thought patterns and belief systems that serve your higher purpose. You’re in charge of your own reality. Your thought patterns and belief systems attract the energy that you vibrate with so the spider totem cautions you to become more aware of your own thought patterns and belief systems.Your thought patterns and belief systems are contained within your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is the one responsible for attracting the energy and vibrations that both your thought patterns and belief systems vibrate with.

So how does the spider figure out how to attract what it wants. Let me offer you the answer from a physical perspective. The spider gathers all the knowledge it needs  to know about an area of where there is much flying insects traffic in the air. Once the spider has located a good spot of where a lot of flying insects traffic is, it makes its webs there and once it has finished building its webs, it just sits and waits until its flying insect prey fly into its webs, and then the spider receives its meal. This symbolizes the spider wisdom of how to attract what it wants and now the spider understand what it needs to do to get and attract what it want. There’s a three step process to manifesting what you want and it is the basic universal codes of the universe: knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and the spider totem warns you to become aware of those three basic codes. Here’s my blog post about: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

Check out the World’s Biggest Spider video:

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