Spiritual Meaning of Fall

Fall has finally arrived here in Maryland and I am witnessing vibrant colorful change of leave colors and I am also witnessing the forest floors accumulating with fallen leaves from the trees above. I am grateful for receiving the presence of fall in my life.  So what is the spiritual meaning of fall? Fall is the season of change, cycles, transformations, transitions, and the representation of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is centered around change, cycles, transitions, and transformation because it is receptive to energy and change. The fall season is open to receiving change and transformation to soon transform into winter and the winter season is another form of the divine feminine energy. The fall and winter seasons both represent the divine feminine energy while both spring and summer represents the divine masculine energy. When all the seasons are combined within the one year, the divine marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine energy become united and one to help sustain balance within the earth. The fall season also symbolizes the balance between light and darkness, releasing and letting go of the old and negative energies from your presence and awareness, adaptability, preparation, and accepting impermanence. The season of autumn symbolizes the time of self reflection. Purge and relinquish all your negative thoughts, negative belief systems, your limitations, your expectations and allow the season of autumn to absorb them in order to purify your energy so that you can continue on your spiritual growth journey. Autumn is a time for letting go of all your burdens, doubts, grieving, and any emotions that limits your ability from moving on. On the autumn equinox, the day and night amount to 12 hours each equally and this symbolizes to maintain a healthy balance between masculine and feminine energy, and light and darkness within ourselves to better be able to adjust and adapt through the harsh, dark season of winter. Fall is a reminder for us to remained balanced within ourselves before winter arrives.

The season of autumn also reminds us of life and death. When the leaves bud from the trees during spring and then they grow abundantly during summer, and as fall arrives, the leaves finally change colors and suddenly fall to the forest floor signalling the death and the end. Nature is immortal and life is immortal. The leaves fall down to the forest floor to provide enough nourishment for the earth’s soil to grow more leaves for when spring arrives. Everything is recycled through nature. Nature has enough resources and energy to sustain itself for its well being and nature is reminding us to acknowledge this within ourselves to remain cleansed and purified. We all go through different cycles of life and death, but its never a literal life and death, but we experience a new cycle of life once we experience a form of death from the previous end of another cycle of development. This is a way of life.

Here’s a video of the fall season:

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5 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Fall

  1. I’ve never thought about the ‘meaning’ of fall before…you put it so well – thanks for sharing this very interesting post 🙂

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