What are Vampires?


Listen to some Vampire Music.

So what are vampires? Vampires are beings that suck human blood to energize themselves in order to maintain their health. They become active at night because their skin burns in the sunlight. They wear dark clothes to absorb energy. The color black absorbs energy and it is the most powerful of colors. The color black also absorbs negative energy and negative vibrations. Vampires believe that they need to consume human blood for their survival. The spiritual meaning of blood represents life, energy, internal life, root chakra,  maintaining basic necessities for survival, survival, health, survival instincts,and fluidity. Blood provides the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal for the body.   Blood represents feminine energy because of their physical properties being associated with fluidity, and liquid properties. Blood flows throughout the body to provide oxygen and nutrition for the body.  Blood represents the basic necessities of life. Without blood you wouldn’t exist in this physical reality. Since vampires require human blood for their survival, this represents that they are not fully human. Vampires are lower life forms that are dead and they don’t contain all the human physical properties to become a human and if they did, they wouldn’t be dead and they would contain their own human blood without having to rely on sucking on blood from their human host . Vampires are at the mercy of their human host existence who posses the blood they need to survive. Because of this, vampires represent the lower, negative side of the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy contains many levels of consciousness and vampires just represents lower form of the divine feminine energy. Vampires present themselves as beings who need blood by feeding on blood from a host. Vampires are parasitic and this is another lower form of the divine feminine energy. Feminine energy is darkness and receptivity, but the higher form of the divine feminine energy is adaptability and adaptability is associated with the higher form of feminine energy. Vampires haven’t found a way to become adaptable and that’s why they only become active at night, and they haven’t found a way to protect their skin from the sun. Vampires have many limitations. The vampires’ human host require the sun to energize themselves and to stay healthy, and to grow their food and crops. Humans receive their Vitamin D from the sunlight. Once you receive the sun ultraviolet B rays, the B rays manufacture the vitamin D that you need for your body.  But why does the sun have to burn vampires skin? The sun represents masculine energy. The werewolves know how to live their lives under the sun. The sun represents illumination, productivity, action, strength, power, goodness, likeness, personal power, and willpower. The vampires receive their life force energy secondarily from their human host and this is a lower form of receiving energy instead of just receiving your energy in more prominent, direct way. All of this proves that vampires are lower life forms trying to coexist in the one dimensional higher physical reality.

vampire 2

Vampires lack melanin. So what is melanin? Melanin is dark brown or black hair and skin pigmentation. Melanin can also be found in the iris of eyes in the form of the colors dark brown or black. Since melanin ranges from dark brown to black in color, it’s responsible for absorbing energy and light. Having melanin on your skin means that you can absorb and manufacture all the vitamin D that you need for your body, spirit, and mental health. The sun light offers humans energy, warmth, and vital vitamins for their survival. It is one of the main reasons why we are alive. Many people who possess a lot of melanin reside in warm climate areas where their melanin skin can absorb more of the sun light to receive and maintain their good health. People who tend to possess the least amount of melanin appear light pigmented and they tend to reside in colder northern climate regions where the sun light is less plentiful and where darkness prevails for most of the year. The color white reflects while the color black absorbs. The source of vampires origin is heavily European, Caucasian influenced since they mostly correspond with the energy and characteristics of vampire beings. Life in colder northern climate regions tend to be rougher and survival is pretty bleak. Life in warmer climate regions tend to be more adaptable featuring abundance of food, and pleasant weather. For this reason, this is why vampires have to receive their nutrient and protein from blood secondarily by feeding and sucking on human host. White pigment skin reflects back the vital vitamins of the sun back to the universe and this is why vampires have to escape back into the darkness to protect themselves. So since vampires lack the vital nutrients and protein that they require for their health and their well being, they have to receive their vital protein and vitamins secondarily by feasting and sucking on human blood instead of receiving it directly from the vital omnipresence source which is the sun. This is how they adapt. It’s definitely not the most pleasant way to survive and adapt, but this is how the vampires adapt in their own way. Vampires were created in a way to limit their abilities to survive especially for not a very long time. It’s just too much limitation that vampires have to deal with in order to just get through one day let alone a century or thousand of years. I know that it is said that vampires are immortal, but energy is immortal. Humans are immortal, animals are immortal, I am immortal. Death is an illusion. Once you die in this present reincarnation as a human or as an animal, or whatever the case may be, you just leave your skin suit behind, and transition into the next cycle of your spirit’s journey. Your skin suit isn’t you, it’s just your vessel that your spirit dwells in to coexist in this third dimension physical reality. Your spirit and soul is immortal, not your skin suit.


Vampires can appear very attractive and I definitely have to agree with that. They are attractive, very charismatic, persuasive, great communicators, magicians, and they are very sensual beings. They compel their human hosts into doing whatever they want so that they can suck their blood.  Vampires appear mysterious, aloof, swift, quiet, aware of their surroundings, observant, distant, emphatic, experiencing mood swings,depressed, emotional, perceptive, strong, young, healthy,  self healing, possessing great reflexes, resilient, possessing psychic abilities, clairvoyant, and very sensitive to energy. I had to add the folklore and legendary traits about the vampire. It wouldn’t be entertaining if I didn’t.  Vampires clearly embody the energy and characteristics of feminine energy. Vampires posses an intriguing stare that just sets their human host in a trance of fear and shiver about the mysterious vampire. Vampires are known for attracting their human host to themselves so that they can easily feed off their blood. This is another example of feminine energy. Feminine energy is magnetic and it is associated with attraction and this represents the powerful side of the feminine energy. Vampires dress in attractive clothes to easily attract and arouse the attention from their human hosts. Vampires will do everything in their power to attract the attention of their human hosts so that they can easily suck their blood and absorb their life force energy. This represents their predatory side. Vampires are forced to study and learn everything about their prey because this gives them a higher chance of survival. Their pale skin tends to be cool to the touch because they don’t have much contact or interaction with the warm of the sunlight.


I hope you guys have enjoyed my blog post about Vampires. Now I might not agree with everything that is associated with vampires but I enjoy the vampire folklore and legends and I am a big fan of both the vampire tv shows, ” The Vampire Diaries “, and, ” The Originals ” for my own mental entertainment. If you guys love my content on both my Blog and Website  and you would love to support me on my artistic journey, then send me a generous donation by visiting my About Page on on my website. Have a great night guys!!!!!!!


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