The Bat Totem

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The bat totem is an amazing spirit animal to have as your animal totem. The bat totem represents death and rebirth, soaring above your limitations, listening, observation, developing sensitivity within one’s environment, using all your senses and intuition to serve your higher purpose, transitions, transformation, intuition, invisibility, communication, sensing beyond in between the lines of the physical, mundane reality, superb hearing and listening abilities, high frequency, sensing higher frequencies and energy, camouflage, observe and sense the unseen forces and energy, emphatic, converting your thought patterns and belief systems into positive thought patterns and belief systems and allowing them to serve your higher purpose, illusions, being open to change and transformation, pursuing your spiritual growth and development, higher thought patterns and vibrating at higher frequencies, soaring above your ego and becoming your higher self, seeing beyond illusions and convoluted fantasies, gregariousness, maintaining family and friends relationships, adaptability, develop sensitivity to the senses of touch, ability to creating new fruitful ideas and possibilities, ability to use vibration sounds, ability to navigate through the darkness, light bringer, divine feminine energy, receptivity, releasing and eliminating all your fears and negative belief systems that no longer serve your higher purpose, possessing clairvoyant abilities, ability to perceive, hear, and discern hidden messages, ability to pinpoint the truth of matters while sensing beyond illusions and fantasies, dreams, possessing psychic abilities, trusting and having more faith in your instincts and abilities, freedom, mental focus, mental tenacity, going with the flow, surprise, magic, magician, alchemist, subconscious mind, and activating and utilizing your third eye.

Bats have have well developed sensitive senses. They use echolocation to navigate their way through the darkness of the night and they also use echolocation for hunting their prey. So what is echolocation? The utilization of sound waves and echoes to be able to determine and pinpoint where objects are within range. The reason why bats use echolocation is because this allows to have greater accuracy of navigating through the darkness. The darkness is the absence of moving and active light. The darkness is light but it contains light that is not active or productive and this is why the darkness appear pitch dark black. Always remember that light comes from the darkness. Bats use echolocation by emitting sound waves from their mouths to detect objects or things within its range to better be able to navigate through the darkness. When bats send out their sound waves, the sound waves hit nearby objects within the bat’s range, and the sound waves then bounce back to the bat to produce echos to allow the bat to hear and know and acknowledge how far or how close an object or its prey is from the bat. This is a quite unique way to navigating through the darkness and this is the main reason why the bat has well developed senses because it is very perceptive to the energy and beings found within its environment. The bat totem remind us to utilize all of our senses that we don’t use as often as we should and put them to good use by becoming active and productive around the times that we tend not to be active and productive and utilize our senses, gifts, and abilities to our advantage. Most bats are active at night, and the night is when the darkness is imminent. The darkness also represents the subconscious mind and feminine energy. Your subconscious mind lives inside the dark and it contains unlimited energy, potential, and unique abilities. The subconscious mind is open to change and transformation and the bat totem is reminding us to become open to change and transformation so that we can fully develop all your senses to our fullest potential. The bat totem reminds us to immerse within the darkness so that we can learn how to unlock and use our subconscious mind to our advantage. This is power. The bat totem ask us to try new things, and expose ourselves to new activities, knowledge, and wisdom, and learn how to face our fears. The bat totem is all about facing its fear. The only way that you can face your fear is by confronting it. Guess where you fear resides? In your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains all your thought patterns, belief systems and your fears. Your belief system is 100% responsible for creating your fears. What is your belief system? Why is your belief system limiting your ability to confront and face your fears? The bat totem is warning us to immerse ourselves within our subconscious mind and explore every inch of it and acknowledge everything about it in order to empower ourselves. If you’re scared of the dark, then you’re scared of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind lives in the dark. The darkness absorbs energy and light. Your subconscious mind is the light. The darkness is the light. The only way to navigate and to get out of the darkness is to know everything about it, and use your knowledge about the darkness to your advantage in the form of wisdom and navigate your way out. The bat totem is reminding us to replace our thought patterns and belief systems constantly to serve our higher purposes and for adapting to new environment and scenarios. You can’t remain stagnant in the dark or you will go now where and results won’t get done.


The bat has wings and it uses its wings to soar above its limitations and negative belief systems. Wings represents your thought patterns and belief systems. I have already discussed and decoded the spiritual meaning of flight. You can learn more about it my clicking my blog post: The Spiritual Meaning of Flying. The bat totem warns us to create new thought patterns and belief systems that serve our higher purpose to allow us to better accomplish our goals and tasks. You don’t need any negative thought patterns and belief systems that limit your ability from soaring above your life challenges, goals, and tasks. This of course takes much spiritual inner work, but we all came here on earth to do this work and this is why we reside on this low frequency third dimensional reality.  The bat has well developed sense of hearing. It hears by listening to the sound waves vibrations. There are high frequencies and low frequencies and it’s not surprising that the bat hears the high frequencies since it resides and vibrates at high frequencies. The bat emits high frequencies sound vibrations and bounces them at its prey as echoes to pinpoint its prey’s accurate location. The bat totem remind us to become sensitive to high frequencies sound vibrations because high frequency sound vibrations allow us to vibrate and exist at higher frequencies and dimensions. Most of the bats that we are mostly familiar with feed on pest flying insects such as mosquitoes and other insects and this symbolizes to eliminate negative energy and thought forms that don’t serve our purpose and release them from our mental air space to prevent ourselves from being weighed down by our limitations. Of course there are some bats that feed on fruits and this symbolizes to feed ourselves positive energy and positive thought forms that will serve our higher purpose.  Only feed and indulge yourself with energy and activities that serves your higher purpose, and that empowers you. Become aware of what energy you feed yourself, your mind, and your body because it has an influence on your mind, body, and soul. The bat totem is the angel of the darkness and it’s also a Light Bringer. It shows that we can use our sixth sense which is our third eye help navigate our way through the darkness. Sometimes our physical eyes aren’t enough to help complete all of our tasks, and goals, and there comes a time when we need to utilize our third eye or intuition so that we can continue on our spiritual growth development. What’s really quite unique about the bat is that it is one of the few flying mammals along with the flying squirrel and this is impressive. The bat totem reminds us that the only way to become the ultimate version of yourself is to first face and confront all your fears, and then you can begin to become and do extraordinary and miraculous things.  Begin to replace your thought patterns and belief systems with positive thought patterns and belief systems and then you will become extraordinary. The bat is awesome. The bat has very flexible and elastic wings, allowing it to stretch easily. Their wings are also very thin allowing them to have a wider range of movement for when they fly, and they can even fly faster as well for this reason. The myth about bats being blind is actually false. Bats have vision, but whenever their vision fails them, they use their sense of smell and hearing as their back up and the bat totem reminds us to develop our senses to our fullest potential so that when one of our sense fail us, we can use another one of our sense to help complete our tasks for great proficiency without a problem. Don’t rely on just one of your senses, utilize all of them. The bat totem is about adaptability, and this is the first lesson that the bat totem teaches to its loyal recipients. When living in the darkness, you can’t just rely on one of your senses, you have to rely on using all your senses to navigate through the darkness and to survive. Like I have always said, ” Feminine energy is all about being open to change and transformation so that you can better be able to adapt to anything and you can confront anything that come across your path “. The bat totem is warning you to do the same. The darkness is feminine energy and you need to embody the energy of feminine energy in order to survive and navigate through the darkness. This is all about energy.

The bat totem remind us to be open to change, transformations, transitions in order to become adaptable, only feed your energy, mind, body, and spirit positive energy and vibrations that serve your higher purpose, eliminate any negative thought forms and belief systems from your mind that prevent you from flying and soaring, soar above your limitations and negative energy, communicate positive high frequencies thought forms to manifest and attract what you want, face and confront all your fears, immerse yourself within the darkness and unlock the key to how to use your subconscious mind, utilize all your senses and develop them into high proficiency, develop all your senses to high sensitivity so that they can easily detect and pinpoint anything form within your environment with great accuracy, and tell the bat totem that it’s an awesome spirit animal to have as your spirit guide.

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  1. Love this —The bat totem reminds us that the only way to become the ultimate version of yourself is to first face and confront all your fears, and then you can begin to become and do extraordinary and miraculous things.

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