The Spiritual Meaning of Flying

Adult Male American Kestrel

So what is the spiritual meaning of flying? The act of flying is associated with the element air. The element air is associated with knowledge, thoughts, thinking, mental focus, the mind, and masculine energy. Flying is masculine energy. Wings represents thoughts, thought patterns, and belief systems. The only way that you can fly or ascend is by activating and using your own positive thought patterns and belief systems. The way you descend is by using your own negative thought patterns and belief systems. Both the representations of wings and air are tied to the divine masculine energy. Flying is mental focus and focusing on your mind. Angels and Gods are masculine energy while demons and goddesses are feminine energy. Law of Polarity is all around us. Learn more about masculine and feminine energy by clicking my blog post: The Spiritual Marriage Between Masculine and Feminine Energy. When you dream about flying, this symbolizes that you are in complete control of your reality. It also means that you often feel invincible, strong, empowered, and usually nothing can stand in your way from achieving your goals and results. When you fly in your dreams, you have to detach yourself from all your problems, issues, worries, and everything related and associated with the physical, mundane reality, and begin to trust in the present moment and become light and uplift your energy to allow yourself to ascend and ride on the air. Flying is spiritual, not physical or mundane. Trust in the air to lift yourself high above. You cannot fly with a heavy heart or with a heavy mind, but you can only fly with a light heart and a light mind, and have faith in yourself and the air to lift yourself up and ascend. Flying isn’t as hard as you think. Your own thought patterns and belief systems determine if you can fly or not, and this is when the real work comes in. This is actually when mental transmutation comes into play. Here’s my blog post to learn more about: Mental Transmutation. Flying represents power, self control, independence, freedom, self confidence, and being able to soar above your limitations, distractions and focusing on your happiness, joy, pleasure, and obstacles. The art of flying cultivates being fluid and smooth just like swimming and propelling through the water. The higher you fly in your dreams, the more spiritually conscious you are, and the more you are growing spiritually.

Eastern Borealis Race Juvenile Red-Tailed-Hawk

The masters of flying are the birds of prey and these guys can teach you how to fly either in your waking life or in your dreaming world.  Raptors utilize the thermals and updrafts by riding on them to elevate and ascend high above and this symbolizes utilizing all your resources around you to your advantage to serve your higher purpose and this is what the spiritual message that the birds of prey are communicating to us. Thermals are hot rising air, and hot air represents masculine energy and masculine energy is positive energy and only positive energy ascends. Cold air condenses and sinks down and this represents feminine energy and this is how clouds form and clouds are related to cycles, transformation, and the constant shifts of weather patterns. Updrafts are an upward current of air and this is of course another form of hot rising air. Hot air is masculine energy while cold air is feminine energy. In the raptors case scenario to soaring high above by riding on the hot rising air, this also symbolizes using your own positive thought patterns and belief systems to serve your higher purpose. Only positive energy and positive thought forms ascend while negative energy and negative thought forms descend. The raptors are reminding us to use only our positive thought patterns and belief system to become our personal servants to manifesting what we want into our realities.  If you notice many birds that are smaller than raptors feature smaller bodies and smaller wings and they spend most of their time flapping their wings instead of soaring and riding on the thermals and updrafts? The heavier the bird size, and the longer and broader the bird’s wings, the easier the probability that the bird can ride on thermals and updrafts to get around instead of resorting to labored wing flapping.  Smaller sized birds and flying insects have to flap their wings more rapidly just to remain airborne and this is so energy exhausting, but this symbolizes where they are in consciousness. Just remember that raptors remind us to use our positive thoughts and thought forms to soar above our limitations and negative belief systems and become your ultimate version of yourself to remain in control of our realities.

Eastern Borealis Race Adult Red-Tailed-Hawk

I have studied raptors for over a decade and that’s why I’m using raptors in flight images for my blog post for decoding the spiritual meaning of flying. These aren’t my images by the way, I have found them on google images and I am using them for my blog post. You can view my nature and wildlife photography work on my Website. Throughout my whole life, I have always been interested in flight and I have spent half my life photographing raptors and birds in flight. I have even focused on capturing insects in flight. It’s what I do and I have a strong passion for it.  I know the science and spiritual meaning behind flight and this has allowed me to be able to capture and photograph birds and raptors in flight most particularly the raptors. Raptors are the masters of flight and I have spent the majority of my time photographing them in flight than any other bird or animal. Understanding the science and spiritual meaning behind flight has given me the knowledge and wisdom to be able to photograph raptors in flight. Because of my strong passion for flying, this had influenced me in my night dreams and I have had many dreams of flying with birds and flying from danger and harm. This has given me more power and knowledge about myself. You are what you are attracted to and I love birds and raptors to death and I love how they fly. I have heard from many people and all the articles that I have read over the years, that having flying dreams is quite rare, but I have always found this interesting because I have had many flying dreams throughout my life and I have always believed that any one can have flying dreams if they put in the effort and time to manifest their own flying dreams. I don’t believe that flying dreams are rare if you put more energy and time investment into creating and dreaming your own flying dreams. What has helped me develop my flying skills in the dream world was to always focus on observing and watching birds fly for years and the subconscious mind just stores all my images and visions of flying and it replays them over and over again inside my mind and obviously one of these days I will manifest and dream of flying. Once you begin to have a better understanding about how your mind works, you will have a better understanding about how to use and master your mind. The power is all yours at the end of the day.

Bearded Vulture

It’s also interesting that it is said by many people and experts that more men tend to have more flying dreams than women do and this is probably has something to do with the art of flying being associated with masculine energy. You can notice this in nature. Hawks and eagles are the aerial acrobats of the air and they both represent masculine energy and they fly higher than their owl counterparts. Owls represent feminine energy and most owls tend not to fly as often as most hawks and eagles do. Owls don’t fly high at all as well, and this shows that the masculine energy is more dominant in terms of flying in the air. Now there are owls air acrobats such as the Barn Owl and the Short-Eared-Owl, and many other owls. Now this doesn’t mean that feminine energy is not as dominant as masculine energy in terms of dominating the skies. Vultures are the highest flying birds in the world and they fly way higher than hawks and eagles do. The highest flying bird is the endangered Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, reaching heights of up to 37,000 feet in the air. This vulture resides in Africa. The Turkey Vulture can fly 20,000 feet in the air. Most eagles fly only from 10,000 – 15,000 feet in the air. Vultures represents feminine energy because they are responsible for cleaning up the earth. Feminine energy is responsible for absorption and cleaning and this is what the vulture does. The vultures have to fly the highest to clean up the mess from the earth so it has to study and know everything about the earth so vultures are required to fly the highest. It’s part of its job description basically. The masculine energy is more dominant in terms of performing the different arrays of acrobats in the air, but the feminine energy is more dominant in terms of flying the highest at least in terms of the raptor world. I believe that both men and women have a equal playing field in terms of having and dreaming about flying just from my observation from studying the raptors flying abilities in the natural world. Sometimes when you do your own research about certain topics, you have to take bits and pieces of information and knowledge that you have received from different sources and incorporate them into your own divine knowledge. Don’t make someone’s else opinion or expertise on some topics become your belief system or knowledge unless you fully resonate with them. I have never fully accepted someone’s whole opinions and belief systems as my own unless I fully agreed with them, but most of the time I haven’t.  I just grab bits and pieces of knowledge and information from different sources and incorporate them with my own divine knowledge. Women have a good chances as having flying dreams as much as men do. Take it or leave it, its up to you to decide. I’m just offering you my knowledge from my perspective.


Here’s a video of an eagle soaring high above:

Well I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post pertaining to the spiritual meaning of flying and I hope that you have learned something new. If you enjoy my content on my Blog and Website, and you would love to support me then send me a wonderful, generous donation by visiting my About Page on my website. Have a great night guys.


5 thoughts on “The Spiritual Meaning of Flying

  1. This was one very intense post on the spiritual meaning of flying. I have dreams and day dream of flying, so this was incredibly touching. I am very curious, how did you become so incredibly wise? What are you reading and studying. Wow. I am impressed. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words Madeline about my blog post. I really appreciate it. That’s really great to hear that you have flying dreams as well. I am grateful to meet someone else like yourself who experiences flying dreams as well. I believe that anyone can have flying dreams. I just spend most of time studying, reading, and researching about spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric topics and I channel my knowledge and wisdom from my own life experiences that resonates and vibrates cohesively with my energy and belief systems.

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