What is the Darkness?

So what is the darkness? The darkness is the universe. Everything was created from the darkness. The earth was created from the darkness, humanity was created from the darkness, and life as we know it here on earth was created from the darkness. So why not come to the dark side with me and decode the spiritual meaning behind the darkness since you’re already created from the energy.

The darkness is feminine energy and feminine energy is very receptive to change, energy, cycles, transformation, and transitions. Feminine energy is very powerful, chaotic and filled with confusions because this is caused by the fact that feminine energy is always open to receiving energy and change and it always remains in the state of allowance instead of balancing when to receive certain forms of energy that easily serves its higher purpose and knowing when to reject and deny certain forms of energy that doesn’t serves its purpose and this is when the masculine energy is required for the feminine energy’s assistance of knowing when to discipline itself and know when not to allow certain forms of energy into itself that doesn’t serves its purpose and this is one of main reasons why the masculine energy is the protector and it guards the feminine energy non stop. You can learn more about masculine and feminine energy by clicking my blog post link:   The Spiritual Marriage Between Masculine and Feminine Energy.

The dark universe which is a term that I prefer to call outer space contains both the energies masculine and feminine energy.  It is the creatrix and creator and also the destroyer. The dark universe is black and the color black is powerful, primordial, original, absorptive, mysterious, and it absorbs negative energy.  The color black contains all the colors because it is the primordial, original energy. Anything black or dark is original energy while anything that is light and reflective is secondary energy.  The sun is secondary because it was birthed from the dark universe. You have to contain energy before you create and manifest something. It’s basically common sense, and this is why the color black is powerful because it absorbs energy constantly. The dark universe or darkness in general can remain a confusing topic for comprehension by many people. If people just started with the physical basics and characteristics of the darkness, they would at least have some basic understanding about the darkness. The darkness isn’t evil or bad. You were created from the darkness for God sake.  Where did you think that you came from? When you were a baby or fetus inside your mother’s womb, it was dark, and you were dwelling inside the darkness. We all were created and birthed from the darkness. You can see and notice signs of this everywhere in nature, in life, and within our diminutive solar system. The darkness is where no light dwells, and instead it is a place to focus and absorb energy so that soon you can develop your own inner light which is your knowledge about the darkness to help navigate yourself through the darkness out of the darkness. The darkness is a place to learn and grow. The darkness is natural and original energy. You begin to learn more about yourself when you’re living inside the darkness and you know what you can accomplish by yourself. The darkness is the best teacher and mentor that you could ever have.  The subconscious mind dwells inside the darkness and the subconscious mind is receptive to energy, change, transformation, and knowledge and wisdom. Your subconscious mind is the darkness. Your conscious mind is the light and it protects and fight against negative energy and harm. Your conscious mind is in the state of awareness, active, and productive. The conscious mind is the sun. Your conscious mind is your light, your inner knowledge, and your willpower. Light and darkness are the divine marriage. Light represents masculine energy while darkness represents feminine energy. It’s important to have a better understanding about what you fear because once you shed some light on your fear, you begin to lose your fear towards it, and this is nothing but spiritual growth. I find it quite interesting that many people today show such negative responses towards the darkness and they are not even aware of its vital role that it has in the universe but of course this is the ignorance of humanity. The irony of this is quite intriguing and thought provoking. But the issue is that most people view and interpret darkness from a physical perspective, and this is a lower dimensional concept of thinking and belief systems. If you study and analyze darkness from a spiritual perspective, then you will eliminate your limited perceptions about darkness.

Here’s the thing when people misinterpret the spiritual meaning of darkness. Darkness is everything. We all contain it, and within darkness there is light. Light is movement while darkness is stillness. Light travels while darkness remains motionless, light reflects, while darkness absorbs. Light and darkness are the same and one with each other because they both dwell on the same plane of reality and they both coexist with each other. Light and darkness both operate differently to serve each others purposes in order to sustain balance within the universe and this is why both light and darkness are polar opposites but this is an interpretation from a physical perspective just to simplify this for your readers. Light and darkness are the same. They both go through cycles of rebirth and death. It’s basically the cycle of life.  If you notice the sun within our solar goes through a period of death, and then a new sun is born. Everything births and dies, but death doesn’t necessarily mean the end, it just means the end of a cycle, and the birth and beginning of a new cycle.  Even when you die in this reality, your spirit still lives on. Your spirit is immortal. Your human skin suit is gone when you die, but that skin suit isn’t you, it’s just a vessel for your spirit to dwell in when existing on the physical plane. There’s nothing evil about darkness. It’s the cycle of life. When you live in the darkness, this is when you absorb your knowledge and ignite it to create your flame to navigate your way through the darkness. Darkness is magic, power, strength, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, spirit, endless, and infinite. Your subconscious mind dwells in the darkness and the subconscious mind has unlimited possibilities. Since your subconscious mind is already connected with the darkness, this allows it to have unlimited energy and possibilities. Imagine if you lowered your guard down just for a minute and allow your conscious mind which are your current negative belief systems that you have towards the darkness and open yourself up to the darkness and allow the darkness to flow through your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind and channel your own unlimited energy and infinite possibilities. Your negative belief systems is the only thing that is stopping you from receiving the happiness that you ever wanted, the life you have ever wanted, and the love that you have ever wanted to experience. I will leave the your decision up to you.

I hope you readers have enjoyed reading my blog post about the spiritual meaning of darkness. If you enjoy content on my Blog and Website and you would love to support me, then visit my About Page and send me a generous donation. Have a great evening guys!!!!!!


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