Reptile Animal Totems

Northern Water Snake
Northern Water Snake

So what are reptiles? Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrate animals that feature dry scales as their skin. The reptile class includes snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, ans tortoises. Reptiles also lay hard shelled eggs on land. What separates reptiles from other animals are their scales like on my northern water snake image above. I have photographed this northern water snake above and snakes are one of favorite animals to photograph.

So how do reptiles use their scales. Reptiles use their scales to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the uv rays that radiate from the sun. Reptiles also have a unique feature beneath their scales. They have a watertight skin suit beneath their scales and this allows them to exist, move, and thrive on dry land. Unfortunately their amphibian counterparts don’t have this watertight skin suit. Reptiles also use their scales to protect themselves from abrasions as for when they slither across the ground, or for when diving below the water surface, and for when climbing the trees.Their scales also protect themselves from loss of body moisture which keeps them healthy. Reptiles have used their scales as their skin suits for millions of years. Reptile scales consist of a similar hard substance that is also found in human fingernails which is known as keratin. Keratin is a fiber protein that forms the main constituent of hoofs, claws, hair, feathers, and horns.  Reptiles all go through a process of shedding their scales to replace all their old scales with new scales. Snakes prefer shedding their skin all at one time, while other reptiles shed their old scales in flaky patches. Snakes shedding all their scales at once is symbolic for replacing all your old, negative thought patterns and belief systems with new positive thought patterns and belief systems that serves your higher purpose. The same also goes for other reptile species that shed their scales frequently. Younger aged reptiles shed their scales more frequently because they are still growing in size. Some reptiles shed their scales as often as every four to six weeks or more. When reptiles shed their scales, this indicates growth, health and if a reptile doesn’t shed its scales as frequently as it should, then it may be facing some health problems or concerns. So basically the spiritual meaning of scales represents transformation, transitions, cycles, change, being open to change, replacing all your old negative thoughts and belief systems with positive thoughts and belief systems, feminine energy, masculine energy, maintaining one’s health, protection, original, ancient, primordial energy, fluidity, adaptability, versatility, life, motion, subconscious mind, intuition, purification, renewal, and reflection.

Reptiles scales symbolize the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is activated through repetition and reptiles are required to shed their scales frequently to maintain their health, to prevent the loss of body moisture, and to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the uv rays.  All of these traits that the reptile scales feature are associated with the element water and the element water is associated with feminine energy and feminine energy is associated with the subconscious mind. Water retains moisture, the scales retain body moisture, and the subconscious mind absorbs energy. Water experiences cycles of change and transitions, the scales experience cycles of shedding and replacing their old scales with new scales, the subconscious mind is open to change by opening itself up to the knowledge and wisdom of the universe and uses them to manifest its desired goal, result, or outcome.  All three: water, the reptiles scales, and the subconscious mind are all open to change, transformation, fluidity, and they all embody feminine energy. This is the common denominator which is feminine energy. You can learn more about the divine feminine energy by reading my blog post by clicking this link: Feminine Energy. So from all the research that I have conducted on the reptiles scales, the spiritual meaning of reptiles represents divine feminine energy, divine masculine energy, adaptability, versatility, life, motion, fluidity, transformation, transitions, cycles, being open to change, change, subconscious mind, repetition, renewal, refreshing, replacing all your old, negative thought patterns and belief systems with positive thought patterns and belief systems, purity, wisdom, intuition, and reflection. If you want to learn more about how both the conscious and subconscious mind are related to both masculine and feminine energy , then visit and click my blog post: Spiritual Marriage Between Masculine and Feminine Energy.

I hope you readers have enjoyed reading my blog post about Reptile Totems and I hope that you have learned something new from me. If you enjoy my content on both my Blog and Website then please visit my About page on my website, and send me a generous donation.


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