The Swainson’s Hawk Totem

Adult Male Light Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk is one of my favorite hawks and I miss observing it when I used to live out west in Colorado so I want to dedicate my blog post for my love to the Swainson’s Hawk.

This is an handsome hawk and a bird of open country.  The hawk totem represents soaring above your limitations, focus, thoughts, thought patterns, protection, disciplined, order, structure, foundation, freedom, solar worship, willpower, concentration, intelligence, loyalty, honesty, direct, strength, courage, knowledge, study, masculine energy, visionary power, guardianship, clearsightedness, clarity, creativity, seeking your truth, following your own path, illumination, leadership, superb focus and vision, soaring above your life from a higher perspective, skillfulness, awareness, messenger, higher awareness, higher consciousness, the power of positive thoughts, the power of positive belief systems,  vigilance, adeptness, and learning to take advantage of opportunities.  Hawks have superb vision and they have the ability to adjust their superb perception and to focus on from the close up details and then zoom all the way out to focus on the whole overall picture and the hawk totem reminds you of learning when to focus on in the details of life and learn when to keep your eyes focused on the overall picture to gain more perspective of your reality.  You need to develop your awareness within your own environment.  The hawk has the ability to soar high above its limitations very easily and the hawk totem reminds you to focus and become aware of your negative thought patterns and belief systems that don’t serve your purpose by preventing you from soaring high above and staying free. Soar above your limitations, and become the ultimate version of yourself and remain in control of your reality. The hawk totem ask you to have positive thoughts and belief systems that easily serve your purpose so that you can regain control of your reality by soaring high above. If you notice hawks don’t blink, and the hawk totem is asking you to focus on your goals and completing your tasks, and avoid the distractions in your life.  The hawk spends many hours in the air scanning the earth’s surface gaining knowledge about where to look for its prey, and strategizing how it is going to subdue its prey, about where to roost for the night, about where to build its nest, about where to look for nesting materials to build its nest.  The hawk is all about action and manifesting its results and this is of course tied to the masculine energy and the solar power.

Adult Male Light Morph Swainon’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk is associated with the elements air and earth.  The spiritual meaning of the element air represents knowledge, intelligence, observation, thoughts, thought patterns, thinking, masculine energy, motion, life, breath of spirit, breath of life, fluidity, etheric realms, spiritual realms, lightness, mental power, mental focus, mental strength, spiritual, metaphysical, adaptability, flexibility, change, free flowing, active, action, clarity, aloof, freedom, unity, balance, eternity, faith, and belief. The spiritual meaning of earth represents masculine energy, focus, structure, foundation, support, motivation, determination, order, balance, protection, resilience, self sufficient, rigidness, ruggedness, narrow mindedness, independence action, productivity, projection, manifestation, physical reality, willpower, strength, grounded, grounding, responsibility, and ambition. The fact that the hawk is associated with air is the reason why it can fly and it explains why it is always focused on thinking, observation, studying, knowledge and everything else that is associated with the element air.  The hawk prominently vibrates with masculine energy mainly because it is associated with both air and land and both of these elements are associated with masculine energy and masculine energy is always about focus, structure, balance, and discipline.  The air represents heaven, while land represents earth and the hawk is associated with both of these elements and realms.  The hawk can be viewed as a multidimensional being by flying to the heavens and living on land.  The hawk can be associated with angels and other multidimensional beings that are associated with both the elements land and air.

Adult Male Light Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk has some noticeable, unique features displayed on its plumage details.  It has a conspicuously rufous or brownish colored bib on its breast and chest.  The adult male hawk has a rufous colored bib with a grayish colored head while the adult female hawk has a dark brownish colored bib and a brown head.  The color rufous contains the colors brown and red.  The spiritual meaning of the color red represents energy, passion, love, goal driven, drive, determination, root chakra, physical action, survival, masculine energy, strength, leadership, ambition, love, sex, sensuality, basic necessities, needs, wants, sexuality, confidence, lust, aggression, anger, courageous, and powerful.  The spiritual meaning of the color brown represents grounded, grounding, foundation, structure, order, material wealth, security, protection, down to earth, stability, seriousness, family, community, warmth, friendship, duty, responsibility, compassion, trustworthy, dependable, sensual, calmness, peaceful, elegance, organization, strength, maturity, stability, down to earth, connection to earth, sensitive, honest, and sincere. The hawk’s bib is located near the heart center and chest and the heart center is associated with the heart chakra.  The spiritual meaning of the heart represents love, spirit, soul, unity, sacred, cohesion, feminine energy, attraction, sensuality, reflection, emotion, intuition, faith, belief, courage, willpower, strength, endurance, power, lightness, and purity. The heart chakra represents love, joy, happiness, warmth, compassion, self love, generous, passion, kindness, respect, caring, the healing center, the area where the physical and spiritual energy merge, maintaining an open heart to receive energy from the universe, understanding, and balance.  The Swainson’s Hawk totem asks us to maintain a balanced, open heart considering that it lives in an open country habitat.  The Swainson’s Hawk also warns us to maintain a driven, powerful, peaceful, grounded and strong heart.  Since the heart chakra is where both physical and spiritual energy merge, the Swainson’s Hawk warns us to maintain a well balanced heart and be open to receiving love, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  The adult male hawk has a more aggressive spirit than the adult female hawk and this is why it has a rufous colored bib and the rufous color contains both the colors red and brown.  But the thing is the color brown that is contained within the male’s hawk rufous colored bib pacifies the energy of the color red to balances out the overall energy of the rufous color.  The color rufous is both  aggressive and peaceful and its well balanced because of the two colors it contains.  The adult female hawk has a more peaceful heart but it still has the assertive and aggressive energy from the color brown used when it needs to assert its willpower.  So basically the Swainson’s Hawk totem is telling us to have a well balance heart and be open to receiving love from the universe, and use your strong willpower from your heart to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself.  Have your drive and determination to pursue your goals.  The Swainson’s Hawk bib resemble an inverted triangle shape. An inverted triangle represents feminine energy, passiveness, lunar energy, cave, mother, down, creativity, harmony, ascension, manifestation, illumination, and integration. Since the inverted shape triangle bib is located near the heart chakra, the heart chakra is located where both the physical and spiritual energy merge within oneself.  Since the inverted triangle represents feminine energy, the Swainson’s Hawk totem is reminding us to open our hearts to both the physical realm and the spiritual realm and receive all the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, and energy.  Once you open your heart out to the universe, you can then soar high above like the Swainson’s Hawk.  The Swainson’s Hawk is associated with a lot of masculine energy mainly caused by its association with both air and land, but the feminine energy needs to be present within the hawk to counterbalance its dominant masculine energy that is within the hawk so the Swainson’s Hawk associates its feminine energy with its heart chakra to have an open heart chakra in order to keep its energy and heart balanced.   So whenever you see a Swainson’s Hawk, you now know that you need to learn to open up your heart chakra to both the physical realm and the spiritual realm so that you can keep your energy balanced so that you can soar high above like the Swainson’s Hawk. The Swainson’s Hawk is all about opening your heart chakra. There are three color phases of the Swainson’s Hawk and even three of these colors morphs can be further divided, but I will be discussing the Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase which is the most common morph of the Swainson’s Hawk in North America and many people are confused when viewing both the Dark and Intermediate Phase so I will avoid all the confusion by not discussing the two other color morphs for this blog post.  The image below is either of the Intermediate morph or Dark Intermediate Morph Swainson’s Hawk, but as my final verdict I will say that it is a Intermediate Morph.

Intermediate Morph Swainson’s Hawk

The Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase has mainly a white or uniformly tawny underwing coverts that sharply contrast with its dark gray remiges which are the flight feathers. I can already tell that the Law of Polarity plays a major role on how the Swainson’s contains two polar opposite colors that are present on the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings  The spiritual meaning of the color white represents purity, cleanliness, completion, wholeness, innocence, perfection, new beginnings, clean slate, reflective, neutrality, independence, openness, creativity, awakening, protection, encouragement, comfort, hope, peace, refreshing, sterility, detachment, equality, and immaculate. The spiritual meaning of the color gray represents neutrality, detachment, indecision, compromise, unemotional, impartial, stable, solid, reserved, quiet, conservative, dependable, independence, maturity, responsibility, loneliness, isolation, classic, and elegant.  Both the colors compliment each other.  The color white is reflective while the color gray neutralizes energy.  When the hawk flies, the color gray neutralizes its thoughts, the thoughts represents the flight feathers, the wings.  The color white reflects the hawk’s thoughts back to the universe and it also purifies the hawk’s energy and thought forms.  Basically the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings represents having neutral and positive thoughts and thought forms to become the ultimate version of yourself and to also allow yourself to soar high above your limitations. Now this is just a decode of the Swainson’s Hawk Light Phase, I am not decoding the other two color morphs in this blog post.  The color white represents pure and positive energy while the color gray represent neutrality and translating this on the Swainson’s Hawk’s wings means to have neutral and positive thoughts and soar high above.  This is the Swainson’s Hawk message to soaring above your limitations.  The Swainson’s Hawk has a 4 – 41/2 foot wingspan.  The spiritual meaning of number four represents foundation, order, support, structure, protection, hard working, goal oriented, success, challenges, rigid, narrow mindedness, loyal, sincere, down to earth, determination, practical, analytical, organization, planning, building, strong will, independence, stubbornness, disciplined, focus, resilience, self sufficient, reliable, and responsibility.  The Swainson’s Hawk is all about building its foundation, organizing and planning. The Swainson’s Hawk prepares for their winter migration to South America by gathering in flocks in their breeding grounds in North America and then they migrate to their winter grounds in the pampas which are the fertile flat plains in southern South America to forage for grasshoppers and crickets.  Swainson’s Hawks feed mainly on small mammals like ground squirrels and voles on their breeding grounds in North America. I know this sounds like a dramatic change in diet for the Swainson’s Hawk, but this hawk is an opportunistic feeder and it can’t afford to be picky about what it wants to eat since it has to migrate such a long distance just to escape the cold temperatures of North American before the arrival of winter.  The Swainson’s Hawk is definitely a great planner, and organizer, and it is definitely resilient by its long distance migration efforts.  This hawk has to be determined, resilient, and goal oriented since it has to migrate such a long distance.  This hawk is a fighter.  Their migration can be as long as 14,000 miles so this hawk is required to be a planner, and organizer, determined, goal oriented because it’s just the life style of the Swainson’s Hawk.

Adult Male Light Phase Swainson’s Hawk

So here are the basic messages you need to learn from the Swainson’s Hawk Totem: learn how to open your heart chakra to both the spiritual and physical realm, learn to open your heart to the universe to allow yourself to soar high above your limitations, become neutral and start thinking positive thoughts to soar above your limitations, and learn to become more organized, determined, stable, and goal oriented during your undertakings or when pursuing your goals and accomplishments.  There so much more to decode from this hawk, but I have already spent all day decoding it, and I want to end the blog post here tonight guys.  There’s nothing really written about the Swainson’s Hawk totem so I have decided to do my own decode on the Swainson’s Hawk totem. Keep in mind that none of this images are mine, I got them from google images and I am using them for my blog post about the Swainson’s Hawk Totem. You can always check out my photography work by visiting my website link below.

I hope you reader have enjoyed my Swainson’s Hawk Totem Blog Post and that you have learned something new.  If you love my content on my Blog and Website and you would love to support me, then visit my About Page on my website and send me a generous donation. Have a great night guys!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “The Swainson’s Hawk Totem

  1. I’ve been finding hawk feathers lately ~ and stumbled upon your blog when I identified one of them as a Swainson’s Hawk primary wing feather ~ thank you so much for the detailed blog on this hawk’s medicine. The other feather I’ve found is a red tail hawk wing feather. Any specific details on the red-tail? Much much appreciation for your work and your photography!

    • That’s really awesome and thank you for your kind words again. 🙂 That’s really awesome that you have been finding different hawk feathers on your journey and that’s definitely something that you should be grateful to see and experience. I live on the east coast so I notice and spot many Red-Shouldered -hawk feathers on my journeys.
      Well both Red-tailed hawks and Swainson’s Hawks are both open country buteos and they tend to be more approachable and easy to spot. The red color on the red-tail hawk’s tail feather symbolizes the activation and initiation of the kundalini serpent spiraling upward through the aligned seven chakras and this represents being the ultimate version of yourself. The Red-tailed hawk is a powerful warrior and finding the tail feather of a red tail has to be earned by its pupil. You are very lucky to even find any feather that belongs to a Red-tail-hawk. Your hawk feathers are offering you protection and guidance on your spiritual journey. If you really want to learn more about the spiritual meaning of different hawks that you discover on your journey then I advise you to study everything about the hawks you see from the hawk medicine to the physical, mudane life cycle and disect and digest the information and decode it from a spiritual perspective that resonates with you. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. I just searched for red tail medicine and there’s a plethora of info on that hawk! Thanks for adding your insights on the Swainson’s Hawk. . . Amazing detail . . . so helpful.

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