Spiritual Meaning of A Hunter

So what is a hunter. A hunter is someone or something that has a desire to pursue or accomplish something.  A hunter has an urge to fulfill their own sexual desires that they might have repressed over the years.  Hunters spend much of their time on the hunt because they have repressed their own sexual desires, wants, needs, and thoughts and they haven’t fully expressed themselves to others around them or to the universe so they hold all their energy, emotions, sexual desires, wants and needs inside themselves and convert that energy into an urge or desire to pursue or hunt something.  Some of us are hunter while others aren’t. The ones who aren’t the hunters are the ones who are not repressing their emotions, wants or needs, but instead they are preoccupying themselves with their own wants, needs, and sexual desires and these type of individuals or things are what the hunter pursue. The hunter pursues something that it wants and usually the thing that it pursue embodies everything that it pleases and wants.  So the question is, why doesn’t the hunter just become what it wants and desires in order to attract what it wants to itself instead of externally chasing something that it wants and desires? Why can’t the hunter just look inward within itself and realize that in order to manifest what you want into your reality, you must become the energy by vibrating its own energy with the energy of what it wants in order to attract what it wants?  Don’t focus externally but internally.  Well when it comes to hunting and pursuing something, it’s all about maintaining power.  The reason why someone or something might have an urge to hunt or pursue something is because they want to feel more dominant or more in control over what they are pursuing.  The hunter always wants to win the hunt.  The hunter basically creates itself its own mental labyrinth filled with convoluted thoughts caused by unexpressed emotions, wants and needs by not even having to go through all this confusion, chaos and clouded thoughts if it just took the time to clear its mind and plan and strategize on how it wants to manifest what it wants.  Sometimes just asking for what you want helps. Knowing this, why does the hunter decide to put itself through all of this trouble just because its afraid to express what it wants to the universe?  Does it just love the challenge of the hunt or is it something else? There’s obviously a psychological meaning behind this type of behavior and believe it or not, I fall into this category of being a hunter.

I am a nature and wildlife photographer and I have spent most of my life hunting and searching for nature and wildlife subjects to photograph.  Here’s my website if you want to check out my work, but let’s get back to the psychological meaning behind being an hunter.  Throughout my whole life, I have always felt that I needed to search for something like I still do today.  I always feel the need to search for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, answers, and solutions to problems.  In my belief system, I don’t believe that you are not going to get everything you want handed to you on a silver platter so I have spent my whole life working and searching for things that I want and need.  I have never gotten what I wanted easily.  Even the littlest thing that I ever wanted or needed always required my tremendous effort to complete a long, and difficult task and it was never easy.  This is my life.  Anything from a computer that I ever wanted or an amazing wildlife image that I really wanted to capture when trekking on my wildlife journeys required the strength of my willpower, and my tremendous effort and time to manifest only a little in return.  I have always noticed many individuals around me who never had to exert as much willpower or the tremendous strength and endurance of my effort and time to manifest the littlest things that I ever wanted. Many people around me even received more in return for not doing a damn thing, and I never understood this. I don’t believe in hustling, I just believe in hunting.  But I soon discovered some part of this reason why I have always been hunting and searching my whole life.  I have always been attracted to predatory animals such as lions, leopards, sharks, hawks, eagles, wolves, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, and you get the picture.  Whenever the energy you are instantly attracted to is you and usually the energy that you are attracted to is the energy that you need to work on during your present incarnation.  Some of us have think that some people are living an easier lifestyle than most people by having more money like old money people individuals, but we all came here for a different purpose.  Some of us had to work really hard during our previous reincarnation, but in our next reincarnation all their hard work will be paid off by living an easier lifestyle by not having to exerting all their effort to a tremendous degree as much as I do to just to receive the littlest thing in return. This is all about maintaining balance of the energy within the universe. It’s important to take notice of the history of your spirit’s lifetimes in order to have a better understanding of your current circumstances. Now this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have an easy life in my last  previous reincarnation, because I didn’t, but I came here to work on my spiritual inner work to balance out my own energy.  We all came here to work and I’m talking about spiritual inner work, which is the real meaningful work that is going to help you out in life.

I want you readers to try and guess what type of predator animal that I am obsessed with? I will give you a hint, it’s the first image that is displayed on my website slide show on my home page. Have you guessed it? It is the raptor. I have been obsessed with raptors my whole life and I have been studying them for over a decade.  Raptors have many hunting strategies to pursue their prey.  Raptors use high soaring flight to gain a higher vantage point over their territory in order to better locate where they can find potential prey.  This high soaring flight hunting strategy represents the bird gaining knowledge about its habitat, the earth, where to find and locate prey, where to roost for the night, where to find nesting material to build its nest, where to keep a look out for harmful predators from within their territories, and to patrol their territories against other soaring raptors.  Raptors soar high above connecting with the element air.  Air is knowledge and knowledge is masculine energy and masculine energy represents foundation, balance, structure, schedules, action, productivity, light, happiness, illumination, order, support, clarity, mental clarity, awareness, study, observation, planning, organization, electric, and projection.

When the raptor hunts for its prey, it is using its knowledge about where to find and locate its prey that it has already gathered from soaring high above in the sky and plans and strategizes on how it is going to pursue its prey.  This is when the wisdom comes into play. Wisdom is using your knowledge to manifest your desired result or goal. Wisdom is the divine feminine energy, and divine feminine energy represents creativity, intuition, fluidity, emotions, magnetic, attraction, stagnant, chaos, confusion, darkness, psychic abilities, and receptivity.  Some hawks prefer low cursing over a landscape to locate potential prey, kestrels prefer hovering over a field to locate signs and presence of prey, and fish eagles prey catching their prey by cruising low over the water surface and using their talons to snatch fish from out of the water.  Each raptor has their own strategy on how they subdue their prey.  Once they use their strategies to subdue their prey, this is when the understanding comes into play.  Now the raptor understands that it had to become knowledgeable about where to locate its prey and what time of day to pursue its prey in order to catch its prey. Understanding is the marriage between the masculine and feminine energy, and between knowledge and wisdom. When both the masculine and feminine energy unite together, magic happens. The same goes for knowledge and wisdom. This is the basic, fundamental lesson of the universe and we are all subconsciously aware of this divine knowledge. Raptors have to do a lot of searching and homework before they even become successful with catching their prey. If you study raptors as much as I do, you will notice that their success rates are relatively low in terms of catching their prey, but this also depends on how skillful a raptor is at hunting. An example of this is I have seen ospreys successful catch fish from out of the water in four times in a row, while I have seen bald eagles catch no fish from just after their first attempt of hunting for fish, and then they fly back to the trees and I haven’t seen them make any more effort of attempting to catch more fish after their first loss. It just depends on the individual raptor. For instance, hawks hunting in open country with lots of vegetation cover have a harder time pursuing their prey. So why?  Well a lot of things come into play when catching prey.  A open field with a lot of rodents sounds like a great place for the hawk to catch its prey, but its not that easy.  If the field has many plant cover for the rodents hide in, then this makes it more difficult for the hawk to pursue its prey.  Another thing to look at are hunting perches if the hawk is a perch hunter instead of an aerial hunter.  Most open country hawks are both perch and aerial hunters because they have to be.  Does the hawk need to perch high up or low to the ground to pursue its rodent prey?  The ideal situation for a open country hawk to pursue its rodent prey is to hunt in a open field with abundant prey that has less plant cover for the rodents to hide in, and the open field can have a couple trees for the hawk to perch on to have a higher vantage point to keep an eye out for potential prey.  Some open country hawks perch on the ground to locate their rodent prey.  The hawk has to think about everything in order to increase its chances of pursuing its prey successfully.  Hunting is not an easy game and I know this because I am a wildlife photographer and it’s my job to hunt and locate wildlife to photograph.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the spiritual meaning of a hunter, and that you have learned something new. Have a great day!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of A Hunter

  1. Wow, so many points, facts and photos woven into your blog post Jabari! I learned a lot from reading this and you did a great job describing the feminine and masculine energy associated with knowledge and wisdom. Very lovely. 🙂

  2. Loved the spiritual aspect….Is there more of an explanation behind the sexual aspect of the hunter – prey game ? I wish to know if this can be applied in real life

    • Thank you for your kind words. I actually haven’t decoded the sexual aspect of the hunter yet, but I can do a special decode blog post from that perspective . You can apply any form of knowledge into your life to serve your higher purpose.

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