Steve Irwin – Saltwater Crocodile Totem

I want to dedicate my SaltWater Crocodile Totem to my mentor Steve Irwin who’s great passion was what he liked to refer to as salties, which is the Saltwater Crocodile.

The Crocodile Totem is an amazing spirit animal to have on your journey.  The crocodile is patient, very observant, contemplative, strategic, self sufficient, energy efficient, survivor, warrior, primordial, original, instinctual, connection to the energy of the earth and the water, knowledgeable about the cycles and energies of the earth, moon, and the sun by using its knowledge about them to its advantage, protection, maternal protection, keepers and protectors of all ancient, divine knowledge.  baring untameable creative life force, creation, destruction, primal energy, primal instincts, waiting and searching for opportunities that serves your purpose, concealment, grabbing hold on your opportunities, resourcefulness, creativity, learning to consume and digest all your life experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding down nice and slow,  learning to take your time and do things at your own pace, quickly take advantage of all your opportunities with dead accuracy, clairvoyant abilities, courageous, powerful, determined, aggressive, magic, speed, stealth, resilient, cunning, honor, bravery, dependability, emotional depth, primal power, visionary, fertility, awareness to energy, and powerful.

The Crocodile is so sensitive to the frequency of energy and the degrees of temperature.  The crocodile is also knowledgeable about the energy and cycles of the earth, moon, and the sun that it has used its knowledge about the earth, moon, and sun to thrive and live on earth for millions of years while synchronizing its habits and lifestyle with the cycles and energy of the earth, sun, and moon.  The crocodile totem warns us to study the cycles and energy of the earth, sun, and moon and synchronize our habits and life cycles with them to improve our own life cycles in the process but to also to better remain in control of our realities by becoming more knowledgeable and understanding about their life cycles.  This gives us power and more control over our own life and existence on earth and this is why the crocodile has been able to survive for so long one earth.  It would be wise to meditate and receive the ancient wisdom from the crocodile totem because it contains all the ancient knowledge, wisdom, and understanding within its mind, body, and soul.

The crocodile is associated with the two elements land and water.  The spiritual meaning of land represents masculine energy, order, structure, foundation, support, ruggedness, self reliance, power, strength, honor, reliability, goal oriented, determination, knowledge, stubbornness, rigidness, narrow mindedness, focus, disciplined, protection, consciousness, and balance. The spiritual meaning of water represents feminine energy, fluidity, emotions, creativity, psychic abilities, absorbing negative energy, life, intuition, wisdom, motion, subconscious, fertilization, purification, transformation, reflection, renewal, and refreshing.  Whenever the crocodile submerges under the water, it is reminding us to dive deep into our emotions and immerse ourselves in our own free flowing creative juices, and purify our energy and inner spirits.  Whenever the crocodile is surfacing up to the water’s surface, the crocodile totem is reminding us to keep our emotions down below the water surface by keeping them under control and in check.  Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your vision and perception of your reality. This confuses your judgement and decision making process when the time comes to take advantage of your opportunities when they present themselves to you.  When the crocodile lives on land, it has to become powerful and rugged because when it swims through the water it is quicker and more fluid. The crocodile is not as agile and fluid when it walks on land so it needs to contain the energies of support, foundation and protection to support itself and the crocodile totem is asking you to do the same.  It’s also warning us if you find it easy to dive deep into your creative juices by immersing yourself with the energy of the water, then you need to use those creative juices to support yourself better while living on land.  You need creativity to survive on land because land is just plain and rugged.  Learn to balance both your masculine and feminine energy from within yourself and become your powerful, ultimate version of yourself and the crocodile clearly demonstrates this by the way it lives its life.

The masculine energy represents the element earth while the feminine energy represents water. We all contain these energy from within ourselves.  The crocodile totem acknowledges this but it also reminds us to associate with both the elements that contain the energies that are polar opposite of each other to help maintain balance and manage our energy from within ourselves.  Learn when to dive deep into the emotional, creative juices of the water, and know when to walk and bask on land and plan and strategize how you are going to create your reality.  This is alchemy and magic at its best and this is why the crocodile has been able to survive for so long on earth.  It has definitely done its homework over the course of millions of years.  The Crocodile is such a superb hunter. I actually use the crocodile’s hunting method of waiting patiently for my wildlife subjects to approach me within a reasonable distance for me to photograph them within a close range while using my knowledge of remaining camouflaged within my environment.  The crocodile is so superb with this hunting strategy when it is submerged in the water.  It sits and waits patiently for its prey while keeping its body submerged underwater, while keeping its head above the water surface to resemble a floating log above the water surface and while keeping watch for potential prey.  This is deadly precision at its best.  When the crocodile swims close enough to its potential prey, it prepares its deadly jaws and positions its feet and legs for support and balance and waits patiently for the right moment to strike with dead accuracy with its powerful jaws open to tackling down its prey.  The crocodile totem is reminding us to plan and strategize on how we are going to pursue our own goals and opportunities with deadly precision and accuracy without no mistakes.  Take the time to study and observe your surroundings and environment and then come up with your conclusion on how you are going to tackle down your opportunities and goals.

The saltwater crocodile resides in saltwater.  The spiritual meaning of salt represents cleansing and purifying negative energy, attracting positive energy, repelling negative energy and vibrations, healing, neutralizing, balancing energy, and aiding for manifesting what you want into your reality.  The saltwater crocodile is reminding us to immerse ourselves in the salty waters to purify our energies, spirits and vibrations and use the power of the salt to manifest the realities that we want.  Since water absorbs negative energy, it doesn’t reflects back negative energy to its original source. If saline is present in water, the energy of the salt purifies the energy of the water by cleansing and healing the energy of the water from what the energy of the water absorbs from the negative energy from outside influences of energy.

There’s a lot more to decode from the saltwater crocodile totem, but I will be babbling on forever about this amazing animal totem.  I can understand why Steve Irwin loved this animal so much.  The reason why I have dedicated this post to Steve Irwin is because he is one of my mentors and he is one of the main reasons why I have pursued my passion for nature and wildlife photography.  I have felt his energy around me lately and I felt compelled to dedicate him a SaltWater Crocodile Totem blog post.  Steve Irwin has influenced the world in such a positive, dramatic way for his love and passion for nature and wildlife conservation and he has made amazing accomplishments happen.  He has gotten results done and manifested them into reality. I have the same love and passion for nature and wildlife conservation and I contribute to this cause by dedicating my life to nature and wildlife photography and educating people about the importance of nature and wildlife.  I also show and educate people how important nature and animals are by writing and discussing blog posts about nature and animal totems. If you want to learn more about my nature and wildlife photography work, then definitely visit my website  .If you want to view my nature and wildlife photography work, then you can definitely buy my nature photography book called, “Nature’s Ascension” , which is now available on Amazon.  If you love my content on my blog and website, and you would love to support me on my journey, then definitely send me a generous donation for your support by visiting my  About Page on my website. I’m actually writing my own Animal Totem book and I plan on finish writing it by this September so definitely keep your eyes open for my Animal Totem book by visiting my blog and website. I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post and would love to continue on learning more from my blog posts. Take care!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Steve Irwin – Saltwater Crocodile Totem

  1. Wow, such a beautiful dedication to Steve Irwin, your mentor. Very beautiful. I saw some of my own traits in this crocodile totem which maybe sounds funny…but right now I am very laser focused on certain things and I am counting on this resourcefulness to help me. I’ll have to keep this one handy.. 🙂 Thank you so much Jabari.

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