Law of Cause and Effect – Causation


Law of Causation – Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its cause; everything happens according to the Universal Laws; Chance is but a name for the Universal Law not directly recognized; there are many planes of causation, but there is nothing that escapes the Universal Laws. – The Kybalion. I actually have reworded the definition of this Universal law of my own choosing but I have decided to include the original source of this Universal Law which is the Kybalion.  So basically what this Universal Law means is that everything is influenced and effected by a cause of some sort.  For instance the effect of an earthquake is influenced by the direct cause to the earth’s tectonic plates movements by rubbing and bumping towards each other.  The effect and results to how all the continents are shaped today are directly influenced by the cause of the earth’s tectonic plates movements that have occurred over time.  The earth is always morphing and changing the shapes of continents and landmasses by its direct influence to its relationship that it has with the constant movements being caused by active tectonic plates morphing and shaping different landmasses into a variety of shapes.


I think that the Universal Law Cause and Effect can  sometimes be overlook by many people.  The reason why I say this is because many people tend to forget the history and causes of something that has dramatically effected something in sometimes in a negative or positive way and because of this many people question why is happening, or why is this the result?  An example of this could be is why are there so many countries in poverty throughout the world?  Many people around the world shouldn’t and don’t have to live in so much poverty that they can’t barely afford food, clean water, and a comfortable place to live.  There’s enough food and water around the world for everyone.  The animals seem to be doing fine finding food and water for themselves without any assistance.  Humans are supposedly smarter than the animals by having a larger brain and an ability to process and register more information in their brains quicker than animals.  Humans even have the ability to remember and store more information in their brains better than animals.  So the question is, why are humans still struggling to survive to this day in age?  What is the cause behind this?  Any answers?  If people knew this answer, then people wouldn’t be struggling and starving to this day.  What has happened to the human race?  What is going on?


Well, here’s my answer to the questions regarding the causes to humanity’s struggles.  From my metaphysical perspective, humanity is unfortunately under a sleeping spell.  Pretty much what I am saying is that humanity has cycles of rebirth, action, productivity, knowledge, and light but humanity also has a cycle of inactiveness, darkness, stagnant, death, chaos, and confusion.  Living in a planet has its perks and challenges.  The thing is when living in this low third dimensional physical reality on planet earth, we as humans vibrate with the energy of the earth because we live on this planet and you can’t escape it.  Humanity isn’t leaving planet earth to go to Mars.  It’s just not ever going to happen because humanity is just low frequency and they consist of physical matter which is too heavy to go anywhere outside earth.  The famous fantasy of humanity leaving earth to go live on Mars is nothing but a propaganda distraction to throw humanity off focus.  You can believe that you are going to Mars if you want, but you will negatively feel disappointed soon when you will fully realize this little white lie fantasy.  Sometimes you just have to use your common sense when problem solving like myself, but I am doing more than just problem solving right now. I am channeling my own divine knowledge.  Right now, the energy of the earth is experiencing the shift of the negative effects of the divine feminine energy which is chaos and confusion occurring around the globe.  This is the reason why many people are too lazy to do anything or to take action and initiative in their lives to manifest change and results.  This is the reason why the emergence of many men becoming more feminine is because of the direct cause to the earth experiencing the negative effects of the feminine energy instead of experiencing the positive effects of feminine energy.  This is the reason why wars and famine are breaking out in today’s society, Everything is energy.  The feminine energy is becoming more dominant than the positive effects of the masculine energy.  The energy of the earth is imbalance.  Because of this imbalance, sickness arise, chaos and confusion arise, many deaths rise in total.  There is no balance here on planet earth at the moment and humanity doesn’t seem to recognize this. If humanity did, then they would exert their masculine energy from within themselves and take action to balance out the energy form within themselves.  People these days aren’t taking any action, but instead they are just sitting doing nothing and while in the process of humanity doing nothing to help themselves, they are killing themselves.


There are times for resting, but then there are times for taking action.  If you don’t do this, then you will become imbalanced, and then the result and effect will be chaos and confusion like it is here occurring on earth right now.  If you don’t have any understanding of maintaining balance, then you will stay in chaos and confusion.  I decode things from studying the energy.  Simple as that.  There’s a lot more to discuss, but I have actually went beyond my allotted time limit that I have given for myself  today. I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post and have learned something for me.


8 thoughts on “Law of Cause and Effect – Causation

  1. Very interesting blog about Cause and Effect Jabari. Often times change is a combination of chaos and opportunity and the default is to focus on the chaos when really, there is so much opportunity to be caused so that positive effects will happen. I also have to remember to take my own advice.. 😉 Great job!

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