The Spotted Hyena Totem

The Hyena Totem is a female warrior, a powerful princess, and strategic huntress of big game.  She loves matriarchy and the powerful strength of feminine energy.  The hyena totem represents instinct, sociability, power, strength, community, female strength, female dominance, warrior, discernment, team work, trust, loyalty, communication, safety, aggressiveness, assertiveness, protection, determination, perseverance, clean house, cleaning up negative energy, family, friends, laughter, fun, playfulness, strong will, energetic, responsibility, grounding, grounded, connection to earth, foundation, order, structure, and support.  Spotted Hyenas reside on open, dry habitats such as savannah, semi deserts, mountain forest, and acacia bush.  Their range occurs in sub-Saharan Africa, but their numbers occur widely throughout this area because of European related causes.  Spotted hyenas coat feature a sandy, yellowish, gray coat with black or dark brown spots that covers most of its body.

Their coat is mainly a brownish tone and the spiritual meaning of the color brown represents earth, protection, security, material wealth, down to earth, stability, structure, order, grounded, grounding, support, responsibility, family unity, friendship, social ability, loyal, trustworthiness, dependable, reliable, honesty, genuine, sincere, industrious, calmness, comfort, natural, organic, elegance, strength, maturity, friendly, wholesome, approachable, health, and goodness.  Because of the hyena’s association to the color brown it embodies the energy of the color brown.  The hyena find ways to attain its security, food, foundation, order, support, structure, family unity, loyalty, trustworthiness, responsibility, connection to the earth, stability, and strength.

The spotted hyena contains black spots on its coat.  The spiritual meaning of the color black represents hidden, secretive, unknown, mystery, power, cloaking, shielding energy, absorbing negative energy, protection, confidence, independence, elegance, intimidation, control, self discipline, sophistication, symbolizing the ends and implying new beginnings, and seductive.  The spotted hyena uses the energy of its black spots to increase the power of the energy of the color brown that the hyena is associated with and this is why the spotted hyena has such a strong family unit, order, structure, foundation, support, and the color black helps the hyena clan to increase its chances to attain its material wealth which is prey and territory.  All the colors play a major role in the hyena’s life and this is just scratching the surface of understanding the spiritual meaning behind the hyena.

Spotted hyenas live in clans where female hyenas runs the show.  Hyenas are powerful predators and scavengers and they have bone breaking jaws to subdue their prey and to also ingest and break down the bones when feasting on carcasses.  Hyenas are part of the clean up crew and they help clean up the African continent from diseases and harmful bacteria by feasting on carcasses.  They also help control the prey numbers from overpopulating.  The hyenas are the predators and they help maintain balance to the universe.  Hyenas and lions are dual opposites.  In the lion pride, the male lions run the show, but in the hyena clans, the females run the show.  This represents the polar opposites relationships between the energies masculine and feminine energy.  Both of these large competitors compete for the same food source and territories and this symbolizes that they are both each others counterparts.  The hyena is the feminine counterpart of the lion, and the lion is the male counterpart of the hyena and this symbolizes the marriage between the masculine and feminine energy joining forces together in order to maintain balance to the universe.  This is the divine marriage.  I have already discussed the divine marriage between the masculine and feminine energy in my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding article.  What’s ironic about inside both lion pride and the hyena clan structure is that the female members of the groups are the most responsible ones who do the hunting, and caring for the young ones, while the male members one of the groups just enjoy the benefits of the female members hard work.  But in the lion’s case, his reign doesn’t last long because once he gets too old, he tends to lose his pride by fighting against younger, stronger, and more competitive lions who will fight to death to win the older male lion’s pride, but this is all part of the cycle of the universe.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the spotted hyena.  There’s more spiritual messages to decode from the hyena, but this is what I have channel from my 1 hour allotted time. Have a great day readers.


2 thoughts on “The Spotted Hyena Totem

  1. Very interesting post about the female spotted hyena! It sounds like she is so powerful and resourceful, I like the way you describe the relevance of the colors and it’s nice to know the females run the show! 😉 Thank you for all your information Jabari.

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