Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is a deep topic depending on how deep you want to dive into decoding the spiritual and metaphysical meaning behind it so I will only discuss a portion of this topic. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding are the basic codes of the Universe.  We’re all subconsciously aware of this universal code.  We use knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to manifest what we want into our reality.  The beaver uses this code to build it’s dams into its reality.  Check out my Beaver Totem post that I have posted yesterday.  Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is a three step process that you must go through in order  to manifest what you want into your reality.  Like I have always said, if you want to attract and manifest what you want into your reality, then you need to do the work first, and the three step process Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is what you need to work through first.  I will discuss each of these steps in detail for you to comprehend the spiritual and metaphysical meaning behind the Universal Code: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

Knowledge is the first step to manifesting what you want into your reality.  Knowledge is awareness.  The spiritual meaning of knowledge represents masculine energy, positive energy, goodness, clarity, mental clarity, light, illumination, awareness of darkness, awareness of feminine energy, awareness of everything, productivity, action, thought, thoughts, mental power, power, strength, reliable, responsible, determination, Light Bringer, order, structure, foundation, protection, angelic, electric, projecting, reflective, and so many other things.  Just remember that knowledge represents masculine energy and I will explain the divine marriage between masculine and feminine energy that makes magic happen.  Knowledge comes into play when you are aware of something in your reality.  Maybe you want to manifest something you want or maybe, you’re afraid of something and you want to learn more about what you’re afraid of to understand what lies in the root of your fear.  You can have many reasons to be interested in attaining knowledge.

To me from much of my time and investment of studying and understanding the concept of the Universal Laws, I perceive  knowledge in a different light.  From my perspective, knowledge represents being aware of the negative pole and the negative pole of Law of Polarity represents chaos and confusion and I don’t like chaos and confusion in my reality.  So to me, I attain my knowledge by studying and researching different topics, and becoming aware of my surroundings to absorb as much knowledge as I can so that I can live my life on the positive pole of the Law of Polarity.  Knowledge resides on the positive side of the pole and I want order, structure, foundation, and peace in my life so I must do everything in my power to vibrate my energy in the same frequency as the positive pole so that I can live my life on the positive pole. Of course we all want positive vibes entering our lives, but it takes work to maintain that positive energy traffic entering your reality, and it takes more than just having positive thoughts to manifest positive energy into your life.  Action is required to make anything possible.  Humanity is too weak to just think positive thoughts to manifest what they want into their reality, and since we live in a third dimensional reality, physical action is required to achieve anything, and if physical action wasn’t required to manifest anything in this third dimensional reality, that would easily contradict the existence and operation of the third dimensional reality.  Of course the higher you ascend into consciousness, the less physical it becomes, and the more mental it becomes, but humanity is no way near that.  So in order to get what you want, you must become more knowledgeable about what you want so that you can manifest what you want into your reality.

Once you have attained all the knowledge that you need about what you want, you must start using your knowledge in order to manifest what you want.  This is when wisdom comes in which is the second step to manifesting what you want.  Wisdom is using your knowledge and applying it to manifest what you want.  Wisdom is associated with feminine energy, creativity, intuition, fluidity, negative energy, and magnetism.  Just remember that wisdom represents feminine energy.  During the wisdom step, you are out in the field using your knowledge and experimenting with.  You’re basically working on igniting the spark to create your fire.  This is the step that you really have to use your mental power and creativity, and it’s a good thing that feminine energy is associated with creativity because you’re going to need creativity in order to know how to use your knowledge.  Many of us might have a hard time how  to use our knowledge once we get to the wisdom stage, and many of us become discouraged, but most of us get discouraged before the knowledge stage.  Many people just believe in day dreaming and wishing that they can attain something, but once they see the sight of how much work that goes to getting manifesting their dreams into reality, they turn the other direction. Law of Attraction is okay in the beginning when visualizing about what you want, but it takes more work than thinking positive thoughts.  It takes action from attaining the knowledge, using the knowledge and then finally manifesting what you want into your reality.  When you get to the wisdom stage, both the masculine and feminine energy, and positive and negative energy inside you is working cohesively together in order to manifest a desired result or goal.  The marriage between positive and negative energy and masculine and feminine energy is actually taking place during the wisdom stage, but this is just the beginning of the marriage and they haven’t manifested what they wanted into their reality just yet.  The manifestation will soon take place.

The last and final step to manifesting what you want is the understanding.  Once you have gone through all the steps of attaining all the knowledge and then using it to manifest what you want into your reality is when you finally understand why you had to go through all of those steps in order to manifest what you want.  During the understanding stage, both the pairs, masculine and feminine energy, and positive and feminine energy finally understand each others roles in their relationships with each other.  Both the pairs knows each others strengths, and they understand that they all need each others energy to manifest their desired result or goal.  The understanding step is when the marriage between the masculine and feminine energy and the positive and negative energy spark a connection and create magic and life.   Let me give you an example of how powerful the marriage is between the man and woman’s household.  The man is builds the house.  He is the repair man, and fixes anything that is broken in the house.  He offers his wife and children protection, comfort, warmth, security, foundation, support, knowledge by maintaining the house up and running and all of these are the traits of masculine energy and positive energy.  The women uses the house as her living space, and you can see it here, the woman plays the wisdom in my example.  The women uses the house to sleep, cook food, feed and nurture her family, decorate the household, cleaning up the rooms, and to raise her children.  Once the man and woman work together in their household, they have created their household.  They know have a well maintained household.  The man and woman worked together to create their house and their household.  This is when the understanding comes into play.  Both the man and woman finally understand each other roles, and together they can do anything.  My example is just an interpretation from a physical perspective, but of course you can interpret knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in so many ways.  I just wanted to show you readers how vital and important it is that the marriage between knowledge and wisdom, and masculine and feminine energy  working together as a whole in order to manifest a desire result or goal.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post for today about Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding.  There’s so much more to decode about this basic Universal Code and I will leave it up to you readers to investigate the spiritual and metaphysical meaning behind this intriguing topic and interpret it from your perspective.  I hope you have learned a lot from my blog post and have a great day!!!!!!!!


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