The Beaver Totem

The beaver totem is all about manifesting our dreams, goals and aspirations into our physical realities.  This explains why the beaver is so busy working towards manifesting its dreams and goals into its reality and the beaver warns us to do the same.  The beaver is all about foundation and this explains why it has four legs and toes and both the legs and toes represent foundation and I will discuss the spiritual meaning of four in a minute.  The spiritual meaning of the beaver represents order, structure, foundation, discipline, focus, perseverance, determination, hardworking, creativity, builder, creator, productivity, persistence, fertility, cooperation, being resourceful, group work ethic, balance between work and free play, enjoyment, protection, active, support, creating and making your dreams into your reality, communication, purpose, connecting to the energy of the water and land, becoming self sufficient.  There are so many spiritual messages to decode from the beaver and the more you dive deeper into the spiritual energy of the beaver, the more you will learn from this amazing animal totem.  I’m just giving you guys bread crumbs as I decode the beaver within my 1 hour allotted time frame that I have set for myself to decode the spiritual meaning behind the beaver totem.  I expect you guys to do more digging on any particular animal totem that interest you.

Beavers build dams to create their homes for their families and also for protection from predators.  They also build dams obviously to escape the chilly temperature of the winter seasons.  The temperature inside the beaver dams will not drop below freezing even if its subzero freezing outside in the dead of winter and the reason behind this is because of the dense materials they use to keep their dams well insulated.  Beavers are known for their dreams, and they know how to make their dreams into their reality.   Many of us always visualize about our dreams, but most of us feel discouraged about how to manifest them into reality when we are instantly confused about where to start and how to make our dreams into reality.  The beaver knows want it wants and it knows that its going to take work to achieve its goals.  It takes hard work to build a house and this is what the beaver does and at least the beaver has help from other beavers to build its home.  No one said that it was going to be easy to build a house, but it’s possible and this is the important message that the beaver wants to deliver to us.  Don’t be discouraged about not knowing how to achieve your dreams.  Every time I think about the beaver, I know have much work to do to achieve my dreams and I got nothing to complain about, and I know I’m not the only one.  The beaver doesn’t complain, it just takes action to achieve its dreams.

The beaver has four legs and toes.  The spiritual meaning behind legs represents support, movement, action, standing securely and firmly, locomotion, grounding, grounded, security, protection, success, confidence, endurance, and power.  The spiritual meaning of feet represents  grounded, grounding, foundation, support, power, structure, support, secure, action, confidence, locomotion, connection to the earth, connection to spirit, standing securely and firmly, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, communication, and root chakra.  The spiritual meaning of number four represents foundation, stability, structure, support, endurance, grounded, grounding, persistence, practical, down to earth, realist, responsibility, strength, courage, belief, faith, organized, control, rational, planning, fixing, building, trustworthy, order, diligence, and industrious.  The beaver is brown and the spiritual meaning of brown represents protection, security, stability, structure, support, duty, responsibility, material wealth, family, friends, groundedness, comfortable home, loyal, trustworthiness, honest, genuine, hard work, reliability, industrious, calmness, comfort, sensual, warm, natural, organic, practical, organized, health, and goodness. Clearly the beaver is associated with the energy of foundation, order, support, protection, hard working, responsible, reliable, industrious, warm, natural, active, and productive and this all explains why the beaver is busy as a beaver.   The color and the number of feet and legs that the beaver is associated makes the beaver what it is today.  Always remember that the colors and numbers that we associate ourselves with have a huge impact on your lives and on our energy.  Colors and numbers are everything.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the beaver totem and that you have learned something.  Obviously there’s more that I could have decoded from the beaver totem, but I would be on my computer all night typing it up, but I have decided to give you some of my knowledge about the beaver totem.  Have a great day readers!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Beaver Totem

  1. The beaver is also Canada’s National symbol along with all the amazing spiritual traits you mentioned. It’s almost like the beaver is a life coach, turning dreams into goals and manifesting its goals into reality. I also believe in the meanings of number sequences and four is definitely a powerful number. Thank you for all of your insight.

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