What is Law of Rhythm?

So what is the Law of Rhythm?  The Law of Rhythm is the measure of the pendulum swing from the positive pole to the negative pole or from negative pole to the positive pole of the Law of Polarity.  Once you start studying the Universal Laws, you will begin to see that all the Universal Laws are connected.  So what is the meaning behind the measure of the pendulum swing from the positive pole to the negative and vise versa.  Well let me give you an example.  If you give out positive energy to the universe, that’s what you will reap back in benefits.  So for instance, if you spend the majority of your time helping people out around you, and you volunteer your time to help other people, you will receive the same treatment in return.  The Law of Rhythm is basically like a self reflection of yourself and your own energy.  It’s also like a boomerang.  When you throw the boomerang into the universe, it comes right back to you with the same, force, speed, and energy that you have exerted to throw the boomerang.  The energy that you have used to throw the boomerang, comes right back at you when the boomerang returns to you.

Most people in general are quite familiar with the Law of Rhythm, but they call it by a different name: Karma.  Karma is nothing but a subcategory of the Law of Rhythm and it’s a man made law.  Many groups of people around the world were heavily influenced by the 7 basic Universal Laws, and this has inspired many different cultures around the world to create their own laws that pertains to Universal Laws, but they just give a different name.  For example, the Law of Attraction is nothing but a subcategory of the Law of Vibration, and Law of Attraction is nothing but a man made law.  I actually already discussed the Law of Attraction in little detail in my Law of Vibration post.

It pays to be aware of your actions and your energy because the Law of Rhythm can quickly remind you of what you will reap back in return.  To me the Law of Rhythm means to work on your spiritual inner work so that when the divine time comes, you will reap the benefits of what you want in return.  If you want to work on your happiness and joy in your life, then keep working on attaining that energy into your reality so that when the divine time comes, you will reap the benefits from your hard earned work.  If you are not happy with your life, then vibrate your energy on the positive pole and do everything you can to transform your reality into something that you desire.  One of the keys to mastering the Law of Rhythm is neutrality which means lacking any emotions.  Emotions are responsible for keeping your life in a roller coaster ride.  Have you noticed when you were happy one day, but the next day, you just feel like crap and you hate everybody.  Most of us go through this everyday.  That is an example of living your life through your emotions.  Your emotions are responsible causing all the events in your life.  Whenever you are in good mood, your energy is vibrating on the positive pole, but when you are in a bad mood, your energy is vibrating on the negative pole.  Who wants to go up and down everyday between the positive and negative pole.  Living your life like this means you are just looping in an endless circle and you are going nowhere and you’re not learning anything to control your energy and mind.

Being neutral allows you to remain in control of your emotions, your mind, and your reality.  When you’re neutral, you no longer have to experience the life roller coasters of the ups and downs.  When you master your emotions, your mind, your willpower, and your energy, you can better manipulate the Law of Rhythm in your reality and you can easily decide which pole you want to live your life in.  Of course this takes work, but we all live in this third dimensional reality, and there’s nothing to do but work.  There’s no excuses.  If you don’t do the spiritual inner work, then you don’t reap the awesome benefits of remaining in control of your reality.

I hope you readers have enjoyed by blog post about the Law of Rhythm.  I hope you have learned something from my blog post, and I encourage you to share my knowledge and wisdom to other like minded individuals like yourself.  Have a great day guys!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “What is Law of Rhythm?

  1. This is a wonderful post Jabari, I think the Law of Rhythm might be my favorite law so far that you have described! You explain things so well and it’s a joy to read your writings. I love your analogy of the boomerang and how it relates to giving and receiving, paying it forward and having it come back to you. Reaping those benefits will eventually come whether it’s now or later, I completely agree with you on that and it’s something I value very much. The challenge is keeping emotions in check. When I envision a difficult situation and take away the emotion it loses its power over me. I have to keep remembering that and now I can thank you for this reminder.

    • Thank you Jennifer Juneau for your kind words about my blog. Yes definitely, the Law of Rhythm is about giving and receiving, and its important to be aware of what type of energy that you are giving and to the universe because that same energy you have given to the Universe is what exactly you will receive in return. I’m glad to hear you enjoy my blog posts.

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