Color Partnerships Symbolisms: The Colors Black and White

The color partnership between black and white present many spiritual messages to decode to better understand the relationship that they have with each other. Now I am only decoding the spiritual and metaphysical meanings of colors, not the physical meanings of colors.  Obviously you know they are polar opposites and this is thanks to the Law of Polarity.  I have already written a blog post about the Law of Polarity and you can search for that particular blog post by going through my archives.  The spiritual meaning of the color black represents unknown, mystery, power, control, secrecy, hidden, protection, cloaking, shield, darkness, chaos, confusion, calm, rest, renewal, absorbs negative energy, self control, and resilience.  The color black is very powerful because it has the ability to absorb negative energy.  The color black only absorbs energy. That’s its job when it is in a relationship with the color white.  Guess what the black color’s polar opposite color does?  The spiritual meaning of the color white represents purity, wholeness, completion, innocence, perfection, new beginnings, equality, neutrality, reflective, awakening, openness, growth, creativity, protection, encouragement, peacefulness, calming, comfort, light, goodness, illumination, brilliance, cleanliness, protection, humility, understanding, sterility, softness, heaven, clarity, sincerity, and spirituality.  Have you guys figured out the answer to my previous question?  The color white is reflective.  The color white represents purity, and so does the color black even though it absorbs negative energy, but this symbolizes the black color’s ability to become pure by the act of absorbing negative energy.

The color black is actually the primordial of all colors in the color spectrum and I’m going to tell you why.  Let’s discuss the perfect example to explain my point to you readers.  Have you ever studied outer space?  Everything in outer space is primordial, original, and ancient.  I love to use the term dark universe in replaced of the term outer space because I know the energy of dark, black outer space realm.  The first thing that ever existed was the dark universe.  There were no planets in the beginning, just the dark universe.  So what this means is that there was no light.  This also means that there was no white color in existence. So why is that?  The color black contains all the colors in the color spectrum and it is responsible for creating all the colors in the spectrum.  The earth and sun just didn’t pop out of nowhere.  This is way beyond just colors.  The dark universe is responsible for creating all the planets, stars, galaxies and rocks in the dark universe. The sun was created from the dark universe because the sun is the exact opposite of the dark universe.  Both the sun and the dark universe came from the same source which is the dark universe.  The sun is bright and light and it illuminates in the dark.  The spiritual meaning of the sun represents light, life, illumination, knowledge, inner knowing, productivity, electric, projecting, giving, masculine energy, action, will power, strength, power, mental clarity, clarity, force, seeking one’s knowledge, wisdom, understanding, happiness, joy, cheerfulness, positive energy, like, goodness, order, structure, protection, management, support, determination, reliability, and angelic.

The dark universe is responsible for creating life, planets, humanity, and everything else in existence. The spiritual meaning of the dark universe represents power, magic, alchemy, absorbing negative energy, feminine energy, unlike, demonic, heaviness, chaos, confusion, receptivity, magnetic, wisdom, understanding, higher knowing, intuition, fluidity, creativity, higher knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, psychic, psychic abilities, spiritual, transformation, stillness, stagnant, and many other things.  The dark universe is everything because it has created everything. The sun is the reflection of the dark universe and the same goes for the color white being the reflection of the color black.  The dark universe absorbs energy in order to create something.  The dark universe absorbs energy, and then it creates the star sun, and the sun become bright and illuminates in the darkness to balance out the dark universe energy because the dark universe had no balance before the sun was created.  The sun is represented as masculine energy and masculine energy is all about maintaining order, structure and support to the universe.  The dark universe and the sun feed off of each others energy.  The dark universe is magnetic so it attracts the energy of the light from the sun because the sun is the dark universe polar opposite and they both reside on the same dimension plane.  We all have opposites if we like it or not because of the Law of Polarity to maintain balance in the universe.  One energy form balances out the energy of another energy form that is its opposite. It can’t get any more basic than this.  The sun reflects the negative energy back to the dark universe because the dark universe attracts the negative energy in order maintain balance in the universe.  Both the sun and the dark universe have a healthy, balanced, harmonious relationship. The same goes for the relationship between the colors black and white.

I channel most of my knowledge and wisdom from the dark universe because the dark universe absorbs energy and this is where the primordial, original knowledge is located.  I learn something every time I channel and study the dark universe.  There’s obviously more to learn from the dark universe.  As always I tend to discuss off topic, but I always link everything that I have discussed and relate them in some way.  Everything is connected and the sooner you realize and understand this, the easier it is for you to ascend.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post about the color partnerships symbolism between the colors black and white and I hope you have learned something from my blog post.  Have a great day readers!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Color Partnerships Symbolisms: The Colors Black and White

  1. Another interesting blog post you have created Jabari. Black absorbs energy, contains all the colors, represents the dark Universe while white is about reflection, light and the Sun. Opposites truly do attract and at the same time we are all connected. 🙂 It’s what makes the world go ’round.

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