What Does It Mean To Be Attracted To Predator Animals?

So what does it mean to be attracted to predator animals?  This actually goes really deep if you decode this from a spiritual, energetic viewpoint.  Predator animals are lions, cheetahs, leopards, wolves, coyotes, hawks, eagles, sharks, dolphins, dragonflies, frogs, hyenas, and many other animals.  So what do predator animal do?  They control their prey populations from over populations.  Many animals prey on insects from over populating because if too many insects are abundant, then the animal food chain is not in balance and usually the result of insects overpopulating is that the vegetation is overeaten by the insects and when that happens, the other animals that feed on the vegetation have less food to eat and certain animals start to decrease in numbers because of the insects overindulge over a food source.  Usually when you notice that a certain animal’s numbers are declining, it usually has to do with its other relationships with other animals who might not be in steady numbers to keep their environment balanced.  Once one species of animal’s number declines, the whole environment is usually affected.  This symbolizes that we all are connected to each other.

So what does predator animals represent? Masculine energy.  The spiritual meaning of masculine energy is about maintaining order, structure, foundation, grounded, protection,  stability, reliability, intuition, knowledge, illumination, action, productivity, laws, rules, justice, logical, practical, analytical thinking, power, strength, and will power.  Predators help maintain balance within the environment by controlling their prey’s numbers from overpopulating in one’s environment to prevent large prey numbers from over eating the food and vegetation in the environment.  Many people still believe that predators like wolves and lions are evil and bad, but this belief system is simply ignorance because they don’t obviously comprehend the significance of the predators roles in our environment.  The feminine energy are the prey. The spiritual meaning of feminine energy represents intuition, fluidity, darkness, selfishness, chaos, confusion, power, psychic, emotional, creativity, wisdom, and understanding.  The feminine energy goes through its cycles when it forgets the understanding the significance of the masculine energy’s role in their partnership together.  The masculine energy is all about maintaining order, balance and structure and you can clearly see this example in our human societies and even in nature.  This is very important.  The masculine energy goes through its cycles of becoming inactive and not take action to maintain balance on a reality plane.  When both the masculine and feminine energies vibrate on their negative side of their energy, the energy within their environment becomes chaos and confusion and this is basically the dark ages.  This is what’s going on today on planet earth.  Right now, the masculine energy is not doing its role of maintaining balance to the universe.  The first signs and symbols of this is when most of the predators around the world like lions, leopards, snakes, spiders, wolves, and many other predator animals are being killed in large numbers.  Many of large killing on our earth’s predator animals are European influenced. There is a reason why Europeans are killing the predator animals around the world, but I won’t have enough time to discuss the spiritual meaning behind that for this blog post.  Because that many of our animal predators are being killed in the numbers, this is also affecting humanity.  The act of killing predator animals symbolizes the feminine energy eliminating the masculine energy because the feminine energy is forgetting the significance of the masculine energy role in the universe,  and the masculine energy itself is forgetting its role in the universe.  We all have jobs to do.  Its not just about predator animals being killed around the world.  This is something bigger occurring and this is when I’m decoding the spiritual and energies about what’s going on today.

So how are the killing of predator animals effecting us?  Since the masculine energy is becoming inactive, the feminine energy is now becoming the active, domination and the feminine energy is now becoming masculine energy and this is not the universal role of the feminine energy.  It’s only natural for the masculine energy to become more dominant and more active than the feminine energy and you can easily notice this in nature and animals.  That’s not a big secret.  So the effect of the feminine energy becoming more dominant means that the all the earth’s inhabitants are becoming more feminine in response to this shift of energy.  I’m only talking about the energy and vibration of the planet earth.  The masculine energy is now becoming more feminine by remaining in active which is unnatural for masculine energy and this is directly against the operation of the Universal Laws.  Many people are not familiar with the Universal Laws, and I am discussing, channeling, decoding, and writing blog post about the Universal Laws every Monday to lend my help to humanity.  There is a lot of confusion going on around the world because the feminine energy is the dominant energy on planet earth.  Chaos and confusion represents feminine energy and you can clear notice this with the sun and the dark universe relationship symbolism.

The sun represents masculine energy.  The spiritual meaning of the sun represents life, joy, happiness, illumination, active, strength, power, endurance, productivity, masculine energy, clarity, order, structure, protection, knowledge, intuition, and inner spirit.  The spiritual meaning of the sun is relative to the spiritual meaning of masculine energy.  The spiritual meaning of the dark universe, I use the term dark universe as my other term for outer space, is relative to the spiritual meaning of feminine energy.  Planet earth has been in this dark ages cycle for too long, and people are not aware of this.  There is a time to go through different cycles of masculine and feminine energy, but planet earth has been through this feminine energy long enough because all of this chaos and confusion that is going on now is killing humanity and you can clearly see this in the news on tv.  Masculine energy is positive energy,  while feminine energy is negative energy and you can clearly notice this example in our societies today.  Many people in our societies have negative thoughts, and many people today are not inspired and motivated to do what they love to do and they resort to getting a job they hate to live their lives.  You need to use your masculine positive energy to change your life into what you want, and you just can’t sit there and do nothing to get what you want.

The spiritual meaning of predator animals go way deeper.  When you’re attracted to predators like myself, you reincarnated on this earth to influence many groups of people.  Of course in human terms, maintaining the predator animal energy means inspiring people, taking care of people, helping people, teach people, maintaining balance within a community, making the environment safe and protected.  Being attracted to predator animals as human being means that you are gifted with higher knowledge and wisdom because you can easily see beyond human mundane limitations and you know ways that you can help humanity and the earth to become a better place.  People that love predators animals are like angels lending their help to humanity.  People who love predator animals have huge responsibilities on earth and these responsibilities aren’t easy to do.  Since you have higher knowledge, you now have to make earth a better place for everyone to live.  Prey animals aren’t aware of the responsibilities of maintaining their own numbers because they operate out of fear, and you can clearly see this in our own human societies where people are afraid to do anything on their own.  People who love predator animals are definitely more spiritual conscious and they gravitate more towards order, balance, structure, peace pretty much the energies of masculine energy.  People who love predator animals are leaders, and they help keep people happy and in their place.

I am definitely a guy who loves predator animals and I am aware of why I love them.  Its important to understand the reason behind why you are attracted to certain energies and frequencies.  My job as being a human predator animal, I spend the majority of my time channeling, decoding, researching, and  studying into the spiritual, metaphysics, and the Universal Laws because I love my role of maintaining balance, order, structure, mental clarity, freedom back into the universe.  I study the 7 basic Universal Laws to help maintain balance in my reality but also to help maintain balance within the universe by writing and blogging about the Universal Laws every Monday.  The fact that I spend so many hours and years studying higher knowledge makes me become the human predator animal on earth. The one who possess the most advanced knowledge and wisdom is the one most responsible for maintaining balance within the universe, but in the end we are all responsible for our universe and planet earth.  My job is to share my knowledge that I channel and decode from everything that I study and deliver it back to humanity for all of us to use to enrich our lives.  I am doing my part, but everyone has to do their part so we can manifest the results that we want.  I’m all about results, and predator animals are all about results not excuses.

Alright guys, I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post for tonight.  There’s obviously more to decode about the spiritual meaning behind being attracted to predator animals.  Obviously this goes beyond being attracted to predator animals but for some reason felt the need to associate my article to predator animals.  I would love to decode more about my channel tonight, but this would continue all night, and I don’t want to channel all night, but I hope you readers have  learned something from my blog post tonight.  Have a great night guys!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be Attracted To Predator Animals?

  1. Interesting blog about masculine and feminine predator energies and the connection we have as humans to nature. I love being a helping professional and I think blogging about certain aspects not only helps humanity but also ourselves. When someone is acting out of fear instead of love, it’s because they have forgotten who they are. Being out in nature can help remind them of this and I know when I feel out of balance, I head straight for the water’s edge and walk for hours. Great post, I enjoy your work.

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