The Moth Totem

The moth totem is quite a unique totem.  The moth totem represents your inner light, finding your inner light, using your intuition as your inner light when you’re in your own darkness, inner knowing, knowledge, wisdom, dreams, shadows, faith, attraction, transformation, psychic awareness, determination, awareness of light and darkness, master of disguising, concealment, camouflaged, flight, spiritual ascension, higher knowledge and wisdom, and mysterious. If you notice moths are nocturnal and you can always find them flying around and sitting near light lamps outside your house or around any other buildings and structures that have light lamps outside the building structures.  What this symbolizes is that moths are attracted to the light and the spiritual meaning of light represents knowledge, wisdom, understanding, awareness, awareness of the darkness, illumination, intuition, inner knowledge, clarity, masculine energy, action, productivity, sight, vision, power, force, energy, and life.  Light represents masculine energy while feminine energy represents darkness.  The moth is attracted to the light because it is aware of its own darkness so it seeks its own light to guide its way out of its darkness and the moth totem is warning and showing us to do the same.  The moth looks quite similar to the butterfly but the only different is that the butterfly is diurnal while the moth is nocturnal.  Both the moth and butterfly are attracted to the light with the butterfly being active at daytime when the sun is up, and the moth is attract to light at night time when the moon is up.  The butterfly is associated with the masculine energy because of its association with the sun, and the moth is associated with the feminine energy because of its association with the moon.  This is all tied to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity, and I have discussed both the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity in an earlier post.

The moth totem reminds us to use our intuition as our inner light to help guide ourselves out of our darkness.  An example of this is like whenever you get lost in the forest when you have decided to take a nice hiking trip though the large, thick forest today, and you decided to hike alone.  Suddenly, you get lost. You try to use for phone to call someone, but your phone signal is off so what do you have to do if you’re lost in the woods all by yourself.  You use your intuition to which is your inner light to help guide your way out of the forest which represents your darkness.  I take many hiking trips in the woods so I have decided to use this as an example of what does it mean to use your intuition as your inner light. I have never been lost in the woods and I’m always careful when hiking.

The moth also has four wings.  The spiritual meaning of wings represents ascension, spiritual ascension, flight, movement, higher knowledge and wisdom, multidimensional, spiritual, awareness, elevation, spiritual elevation, etheric realms, soaring above your limitations, consciousness, freedom, the power of positive thoughts and belief systems, higher thinking, lightness, higher consciousness, and so many other things.  The spiritual meaning of four represents order, structure, protection, foundation, responsibility, stability, reliability, dependable, logical, practical, and security.  The moth uses its four wings to transport and move from one place to the next and this represents that the moth’s wings are its foundation.  What this means is that the moth’s foundation is about soaring above its limitations, using its intuition everyday as its foundations, being connected to the spiritual, etheric realms at all times.  This would make sense for the moth to be focused on vibrating and ascending above its limitations which is the darkness because if it didn’t then it would just fly in the dark without seeing anything and it would be blind in its own confusion and chaos.  The moth’s work and foundation is seeing through the light by using its intuition as its inner light everyday to survive and this is the type of spiritual inner work that most people don’t want to do everyday, but we all came here to do this work and the moth doesn’t have a choice.  The moth is all about awareness either within itself or its environment.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my moth totem blog post.  There’s obviously more to decode about the moth totem, but this is what I have channeled within my one hour limit for tonight’s post, and I’m just giving you the surface of each animal totem.  Have a great night readers!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Moth Totem

  1. Jabari, your post is so informative and lovely, I learned a lot from reading it, thank you. I almost got lost in the forest and it was my intuition that saved me! 🙂 The photos you take are very beautiful.

    • Thank you for your kind words Jennifer. I’m actually working on my own animal book totem now, and I’m using my own nature and wildlife photography that I have gotten in the field for over ten years for my book. The images that I use for my blog post are google images, but my own book will feature my own nature and wildlife photography work.

      • That is wonderful, I will keep my eye on the release of your book. I saw your other book “Nature’s Ascension” on Amazon and it’s really nice to see how connected you are to nature.

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