The Dragonfly Totem

The Dragonfly Totem is a quite unique animal totem.  The dragonfly totem represents adaptability, transformation, wisdom, understanding, adeptness, skill, mastering a craft or art form, joyousness, lightness, visionary, metamorphosis, change, becoming the master of flight, learning to balance your own thoughts and emotions, focus, disciplined, flexibility, looking through illusions and differentiating between illusions from reality, magic, creativity, and so much more.

The dragonfly spends most of it life below the water’s surface as a water nymph.  The spiritual meaning of water represents emotional, intuition, spirituality, feminine energy, psychic abilities, fluidity, flexibility, protection, clarity, cleansing, absorbing negative energy, renewal, reflection, subconscious, fertilization, purification, life, movement, motion, and transformation.  When the dragonfly is living its life as a water nymph, its gathering and immersing itself with all the energy of water.  This also means that its receiving the side effect of become too emotional without having no other element to counterbalance its energy from the effects of water.  So the solution to this is for the water nymph to grow into a dragonfly and grow in its wings, legs, and two large compound eyes.  This is a major transformation for the newly developed dragonfly because now the dragonfly is associated with the elements air and land.  The spiritual meaning of earth represents structure, order, protection, responsibility, masculine energy, determination, rigidness, power, goal oriented, and ambition.  All the energy effects of land toughen the dragonfly up so it is able to become self reliant and goal oriented to go after what it wants.  Land is the direct opposite of water and the energy of land is the perfect solution to counterbalance the surplus energy of water within the dragonfly.

The dragonfly is also immersed in the element air since it can fly now.  The spiritual meaning of air represents knowledge, intellect, masculine energy, balance, freedom, lightness, thoughts, mind, mental, and mental strength.  The dragonfly requires both the elements air and land because they both represent masculine energy and since the dragonfly begins its life as a water nymph, it is immersed in water and this element represents feminine energy and both the elements air and land use their masculine energy to better balance the surplus amount of energy being generated by the feminine energy of water.

Since the dragonfly has wings, it can now fly above the water and view its life from a higher perspective to improve its way of life.  This is the power of the dragonfly.  What’s also the power of the dragonfly is its ability to master flight efficiently by fly very fast any different directions with ease.  The dragonfly can fly backwards, forward, up and down, hover, and so many other flight maneuvers.  The dragonfly totem asks you to become very adept at your own unique skills and you it to your fullest potential to enrich your life for the better.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my dragonfly totem decode for today’s blog post.  Have a great afternoon guys!!!!!


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