What is Law of Vibration?

What is Law of Vibration? Many people are actually familiar with this law, but they call it by a different name, the Law of Attraction.  Law of Attraction is actually a sub category of the Law of Vibration.  What most people are misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction is that only focusing on your desires to attract what you want is not all that you need to do to manifesting your desired result.  There are more steps to achieving to manifesting your heart’s desires and I will discuss my path on studying the Universal Laws to explain how to you attract what you desire.

The Law of Vibration is about concentrating and correlating your energy with the energy and vibration of the thing that you want to manifest into your reality so that soon you can begin attracting the energy and vibration of what you want into your reality.  Before the Law of Vibration or what people call the Law of Attraction takes place, the Law of Mentalism must take place first which is the first law responsible for manifesting anything into existence.  The Law of Mentalism is about focusing on what you want.   Then the second thing that occurs is the Law of Vibration, and this is about the action and the will of the person to do whatever they can attract what they want to themselves.  During the Law of Vibration stage, a person is usually visualizing, immersing themselves with the energy and vibration of what they want to help them visually see themselves having what they want with them.  The Law of Vibration stage is the work of the person’s will.  No one can just attract what they want by just focusing and thinking about what they want.  That’s the stupidest thing that I have ever heard.  The Universal Laws don’t operate like that.  The Law of Vibration is about working to achieve and attract what you want to your reality.  An example of this is, if someone wants to buy a brand new car, but they don’t have the money to buy it, so they must find a way to get the money to get the car.  The thought of buying the brand new car is the Law of Mentalism.  I love to call this the fantasy stage because you are just day dreaming about things that you want, but you really don’t have want you want with you yet.  The Law of Mentalism is just responsible for the thought form of wanting something and that’s it.  In order for the person to get the money to buy the car, they must do something to get enough money to buy the car.  Some people work over time to save enough money to get something they want, other people might get a new job, some people sell some of their old possessions to other people to save enough money to get what they want, the answers are limitless.  The person does whatever they have to do to earn enough money to buy the car that they want.  Their mind is on getting enough money to buy the car, and during this stage, the person is immersing themselves in the energy and vibration of attaining and attracting enough money to get their car.

There is no crazy, magic mind trick to attract things that you want into your reality.  In this third dimensional reality, you have to do the work to get what you want.  You don’t get what you want on a silver platter.  It just doesn’t work like that here.  Of course, this strategy probably works in higher dimensional realities, but the reality is that we don’t live in higher dimensional realities and this strategy doesn’t work here on Earth.  Humanity is just too weak and distracted to maintain their focus long term on a desired result or goal.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post and have learned something new.  I channel my answers for my blog posts and deliver them to you readers so that you can use the wisdom for yourselves.  Have a great afternoon!!!!!!


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