How To Become A Spiritual Decoder

So what is a Decoder.  There are many decoders out there, but I’m discussing only a specific decoder which is the spiritual decoder.  A spiritual decoder deciphers the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of ordinary things that occur through life, death, animals, colors, symbolism, signs, symbols, names, nature, Universal Laws, occurrences, events, planets, solar system, the dark universe, and the list goes on and on.  I have decided to create my own term spiritual decoder because I decode the spiritual aspect of my physical reality each day to regain mental clarity, and so that I remain control of my reality at all times. A spiritual decoder is infinite and limitless because knowledge and wisdom is infinite.  A symbol of a spiritual decoder is the sun.  The sun is a powerful spiritual decoder illuminating its light within the Dark Universe.  A spiritual decoder is masculine energy, productivity, reading, research, observation, spiritual perception, awareness, illumination, Light Bringer, Angel, Light, Clarity, mental clarity, limitless, infinite, receptivity which balances its energy with the feminine energy, oneness with self, wholeness, and so much more.

So what do I do as a Spiritual Decoder? I constantly study a variety of subjects whenever I have the time.  I study nature, animals, nature and animal totems, the Universal Laws, color symbolism, meanings of names, astrology, spiritual and metaphysical meaning of planets and everything within the dark universe that we call outer space, and my list is constantly growing.  Of course it’s just almost impossible to study all these subjects everyday so I what I do is study different subjects at a time instead of study all them at one time.  There’s no rush to attaining knowledge because it doesn’t go any where.  Knowledge only perceives as disappearing when one lose mental and spiritual clarity of their reality by creating their own clouded vision of confusion and chaos.

To begin your journey, study what you are instantly drawn to, and as you start studying more and more things, you will begin to notice that all the subjects you study are interconnected by the web matrix of reality. All knowledge is the same in degree but differ in degree as it operates on the opposite side of the Law of Polarity to show oneself to stay aware of both the positive pole and the negative pole.  Knowledge is about being aware of the negative pole and maintaining your energy above the negative pole and staying on the positive side of the pole.  This is why positive energy is light, while negative energy is dark.

In order to be a Light Bringer or a Spiritual Decoder, you must be like the sun by seeking and illuminating your knowledge and wisdom constantly.  Maintain your mental and spiritual clarity. I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog spot, and I look forward to you reading my next blog spot.


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