Does Planet Earth Presents Itself as Masculine or Feminine Energy?

Planet Earth is quite a unique planet that is in our solar system.  Many groups of people around the world describe earth as feminine energy because of how the earth provides food and nourishment for its inhabitants.  This is one of the reason why earth is so unique in our solar system.  The Earth is the only planet in our solar system where animals and people can live, breathe air, and the only planet where our food is grown and provided for us.  This is what makes the earth feminine, and it explains why many groups of people around the world call it mother earth.  Earth has such a long history in our solar system and we barely know enough about our planet.  The earth is mainly consisted of hard and volcanic rock, and it took billions of years for the earth to develop into what it is today, and the earth is still evolving and transforming today.

There is one group of people in the world who view the earth as masculine energy.  The Kemetics of Kemet viewed the earth as masculine energy by naming their earth god Geb.  The Kemetic God Geb is the God of the Earth and he is responsible for feeding and house the people and animals.  He doesn’t do all the work himself.  He has his wife Nut, who is known as the Goddess of the sky, provides the rain and water to feed the people and animals to help grow their crops and food, and to provide drinking water for them.  Together Nut and Geb make up planet earth.  Earth is both masculine and feminine energy.  The rain represents feminine energy while the production of food and crops and housing the earth’s inhabitants represents masculine energy.  Everything in the universe feature both masculine and feminine energy to sustain their existence.

The earth can be viewed differently in a different light.  In our solar system, the earth has a moon in its orbit.  The moon represents feminine energy.  In this instance, the earth is representing the masculine principle of the Law of Gender as a physical example.  Almost every planet in the solar system has a moon.  The list of planets that have moons are Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  The only ones that don’t have moons are Mercury and Venus.  So why is that?  The reason behind that is because of the Law of Gender.  The Planet Mercury’s orbit is so close to the sun that it doesn’t need a moon, and because of that it needs a planet beside it to represents the feminine principle of the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  The planet Mercury must balance its energy within itself to sustain its existence.  Everything in the Universe must embody both masculine and feminine energy.  The reason why the planet Venus doesn’t have a moon is because it doesn’t  need more feminine energy associated with it so instead it needs masculine energy like the planet Mercury by it side to balance out its energy from within itself.  All the planets are physical examples of the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  Everything in the universe must operate under the Universal Laws.

If you have too much masculine energy in your reality and you’re not balancing it by receiving feminine energy, then you will remain imbalance.  If you are associated with too much feminine energy and you are not utilizing your masculine energy to get things done, then you will remain imbalance.  Chaos and confusion arise when the energy in your reality is not balance.

I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post, and continue with me on my journey.


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