The Great White Shark Totem

The Great White Shark Totem is one of my favorites.  The shark represents focus, discipline, curiosity, instinctive, calculating, powerful, mysterious, innovative, superiority, perceptive, self sufficient, perpetual motion, physical movement, action, doing, primal instinctual, root chakra, survival, knowledge, awareness, tenacity, determination, forward momentum, renewal, assertiveness, fluidity, controlling your emotions to not cloud your perception of your reality, responsibility, abundance, prosperity, independence, individuality, warning signs sensitive senses, observation, understanding, perception, protection, power, authority, commander, innovation, going after for what it wants, fierce, and masculine energy.

The shark is a very powerful totem.  It doesn’t like wasting its time and it just love getting to the point.  The shark is all about time and movement.  It’s always working around the clock.  The shark’s job is to manage and control the fish population of the sea.  This is a big job.  Fish populate in the millions and billions.  The shark has a lot of work to do, but someone has to do the job.  There is nothing evil about the shark as Hollywood portray it in their movies.  Sharks are just predators with a job to maintain balance in the sea and universe.  Sharks use their highly developed sense of smell to locate blood in their underwater environment for food. The Great white shark can swim up to 35 miles per hour with efficient speed. The Great White Shark have many rows of teeth of up to 300 teeth by using its first two rows of its teeth to grab and shred its prey into pieces.  The Great White Shark also has elector receptors contained within the pores of its snout used to detect electrical currents and it is used to navigate its way through the ocean by following an electric map of the magnetic field that crisscrosses the earth’s crust.  The shark has highly developed senses from nose to eyes, to teeth to its sleek skin surface.

So what are the reasons behind the sharks color?  On the Great White Shark’s dorsal side, it contains the color gray.  The spiritual meaning of the color gray represents indecision, detachment, compromise, neutral, unemotional, impartial, transition, motionless, stable, calm, reserved, conservative, boring, depressing, drab, safe, practical, responsibility, maturity, isolation, infinite interpretation, intellect, knowledge, wisdom, sleek, refined, authoritative, inconspicuous, sorrow, the lone wolf type, voidness, lack of warmth, movement, and interesting characteristics.  This is the reason why the Great White Shark appear as unemotional, authoritative, neutral, detached, and calm.  All the Great White Shark’s characteristics traits has everything to do with its body colors.

On the ventral side of the shark, it has the color white.  The spiritual meaning of the color white represents purity, wholeness, completion, innocence, perfection, new beginnings, equality, neutrality, reflective, awakening, openness, growth, creativity, protection, encouragement, peacefulness, calming, comfort, light, goodness, illumination, brilliance, cleanliness, protection, humility, understanding, sterility, softness, heaven, clarity, sincerity, and spirituality. The Great White Shark uses its white color to cleanse its energy after it feeds on its prey.  This explains why the shark is white underneath where its bladder is located to get rid of the old negative energy that it has digested from its prey.  The Great White Shark uses its gray color to absorb the negative energy that it ingests from its prey, and then once it finishes digesting its prey, it defecates it and purifies itself by using the energy of the white color.

The color dynamics of the light and dark colors play a major role to predator animals such as the Great White Shark.  The colors of the shark give the personality characteristics that people around the globe fear about the shark. The Great White Shark has a perfect balance of both its dark and light colors to become a balanced self sufficient predator.

There is more to decode about my Great White Shark totem, but I’m just giving you readers the surface of this knowledge about the Great White Shark.  I hope you readers enjoy my blog post for today.


2 thoughts on “The Great White Shark Totem

  1. Thank you. I love this post. I had a dream about being in a crystal clear pool of water with a shark. I was scared. My own instict about myself is that I am balanced in dark and light. I am aware of emotions but do not get lost in them. I am slow to make decisions but only because I am getting a Feel for the big picture. Others have called me “intellectual”, “aloof” among other things and I have downplayed myself to fit in with them and have thus believed their interpretations of me. This has been very painful as ive stopped living for me and lived for the appoval of those who have judged me instead. Even those who are aggressive toward me. Reading your article after having the dream, re awakened and confirmed my greatest strengths. Its easier for me to now accept who I am and leave the interpretations of others aside. So thank you once again.

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