What is Law of Gender?

What is Law of Gender?  Law of Gender is the representation of both Masculine and Feminine energy.  Law of Gender is closely tied to the Law of Polarity because of the fact that both masculine and feminine energy are polar opposites of each other.  All the Universal Laws are closely connected to each other and always remember that.  The more you study the Universal Laws, the more you will acknowledge that all the Universal Laws are basically the same in some degree, but they each differ from each other in some degree thanks to the Law of Polarity once again.

The Divine Masculine Principle represents action, productivity, movement, locomotion, illumination, protection, clarity, knowledge, light, creator, destroyer, electric, projection, manifestation, reflective, strength, aggressive, courage, peace, happiness, love, positive energy, goodness, angelic, flight, spiritual ascension, ascension, order, structure, support, foundation, air, power, and standing your ground.  The masculine energy is all about getting the job done, building up the house, building up the house foundation, protecting the household, doing, and staying busy.  We all embody the masculine energy and we achieve this by remaining in our ” I ” aspect of ourselves.  The ” I ” aspect of ourselves is responsible for getting things done, and manifesting things into our reality.  Examples of using the word ” I ” in sentences. ” I got work done today ” . ”  I have finished writing my book today. ”  I have cleaned up my room this morning. ”  I have achieved my goals today. ”  Whenever you use the word ” I ” in sentences, you are responsible for manifesting the result.  You are the God and architect of your reality once you remain in the state of your ” I ” personality.  The word I and masculine energy are tied together.  You must use your masculine energy in balance.  If you do too much, then you are not receiving rest, and this leads us into the introduction of the Divine Feminine Principle.

The Divine Feminine Energy represents receptivity, creatrix, destroyer, cold, darkness, chaos, confusion, fluidity, visualization, flexibility, creativity, emotional, cleansing, absorbing negative energy, non-reflective, stagnant, intuitive, psychic, listening, goddess, power, balance, wisdom, understanding, birth, higher knowledge, nurturing, compassionate, sympathetic, magnetic, negative energy, attraction, sensuality, and fertility.  The Divine Feminine energy is in charge of coming up with the ideas, being creative, decorating the household, cleaning up after the masculine energy, being receptive, listening, watching, visualization, wisdom, and activating and channeling your intuition.  To remain within your divine feminine energy, you must remain with your ” Me ” aspect of yourself.  Examples of using the word  ” me ” in sentences. ” Help me Please. ”  ” Don’t let me down. ”  ” Give me time to work on my project. ”  ” Jack, John, and Jill took all the credit for finishing our project, but Melissa and me didn’t receive any credit for the project. ” ” She made me a cake. ”  ” She did my homework for me. ”  If you notice the word me is only used because someone or something did something for the word me.  The word me is always used in a group, and its not responsible for coming up with the idea on his own.  The word me doesn’t get things done, but it only receives.  The word ” I ” manifests its creation while the word ” me ” just receives the creation from the word ” I “.  For example, ” She gave it to me. ”  The word she represents the word I and the word me represents the word me as being receptive.  The word me is a team player and loves the company of others.  This is when energy of creativity sparks and this explains why many women are more social than men because of the energy of the feminine energy.  The word ” I ” can remain alone and satisfied.

Much of the world today are mostly using their ” me ” aspect of themselves by following religions and rules, getting jobs that they don’t want to do, never coming up with the ideas of their own, paying their taxes, receiving many sicknesses and diseases, and the list goes on and on.  If people balanced out both their masculine and feminine energy, then everyone would remain in control of their reality.  If people took the initiative to remain in their ” I ” aspect of themselves, then they would decide to not get sick, to not go to work and instead start their own business that they love, and remain in their own happiness state of mind.  We all have a choice to live our lives the way we want.  No one put a knife to your throat to do a job that you don’t want to do. We all have a choice and a mind of our own.  There is nothing to complain about if you remain inside your “I ” aspect of your personality.  This explains why so many people complain and make excuses in their lives because they don’t want to do the work to achieve their goals so they wait for someone else to come along and deliver them what they want on a silver platter, but the Universe doesn’t work like that.  If you don’t do the work, then you don’t receive the result.  Masculine and feminine energy remain closely connected together in every light because of the Law of Gender.  The result is always the goal and achievement.  Men always work hard so that they can provide for their women.  The women are the reward, the goal.  The answer is all around us.  If you feel like that you are in a rut, or that you don’t feel like doing anything, then you need to balance out that energy with movement and action to prevent yourself from remaining trapped in your pit.  The dark universe is a perfect example of that.  You can either remain in your own confusion, or do some work to ignite your inner light to shed light through your darkness.  Use the Universal Laws to guide yourself through your day to day life.


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