Is Kemetic God Seth really the Bad Guy in The Egyptian Mythology? I will shed some light on the truth!!!!!!!!

Egyptian God Seth is the son of Geb, who is known as the God of the Earth, and Nut, who is known as the Goddess of the Sky, and he was brother of Asar, who is known as God of the Dead, vegetation, and crops, Auset, who is known as the Goddess of Magic, Wisdom, Love, Marriage, Motherhood, Renewal, Healing, and Power, and Nephthys, who is known as the Mistress of the House, Goddess of the Dead and Divine Assistance, and she’s a very powerful Magician. In the Egyptian mythology, Seth is known as the God of storms, chaos, confusion, barren, and deserts.

Seth was more powerful than any of his siblings, and Seth was the one who protected the Sun God Ra, who is Seth’s father, from being consumed by his adversary the Egyptian Snake God Apep who is known as the God of Darkness, Destruction, and the Underworld.  Only Seth and Bastet were the only two deities to defeat Apep every night  to ensure that Ra could rise again every morning for humanity to thrive.  If you really study the mythology carefully, then you will come to a realization that Ra and Apep are not really adversaries at all.  Apep is darkness which is the dark cosmic universe where all the planets are surrounded by black darkness.  Darkness is actually feminine energy and feminine energy is in charge of creating the masculine energy first before the masculine energy is manifested into the universe.  Ra is the sun and the sun is masculine energy.  The sun light represents knowledge, radiance, happiness, order, structure, support, reflective, protection, and awareness which are the polar opposite to the dark universe which represents fluidity, creativity, emotions, getting rid of negative energy, cleansing,  absorption, cold, dark, power, and so many other things.  If you look at outer space, it is nothing but darkness and the only reason why you can see the planets is because of the sun’s illumination which represents intelligence and knowledge.  What this means is that darkness is natural and there’s nothing evil about it.  You also have to keep in mind that the sun and the dark universe are polar opposite and this goes back to my Law of Polarity posts that I have discussed two days ago.  The universal Laws are always at work, even in the dark universe.  I refer to the dark universe as outer space in my terminology.  The sun balances out the energy of the dark universe and they are both needed to balance out each others energy.  In order for you to understand this, you have to ascend above your beliefs about right and wrong being relevant because right and wrong don’t exist in the operation of the Universal Laws and the Universal Laws keep everything in check so keep that in mind.  The dark universe is responsible for creating the planets and stars like the sun, and the dark universe is responsible for destroying the planets and stars by creating the black hole to clean up the mess.  This is what divine feminine energy does.  You can clearly see this example among human and animal mothers and they always clean up after their children.  This is all normal.  Nothing evil about it.  The dark universe is as natural as it can be.

The Kemetic God Seth was often portrayed as the bad guy because he slain his brother Osiris for sleeping with his wife Nephythys.  This is actually nothing evil about it.  Any many would kill his wife if his own brother was sleeping with his wife.  That’s just not right.  Osiris was actually the bad guy here, and he should have kept his penis to himself and stay with his wife Auset.  That is the European version  Egyptian mythology.  Here’s the real version of the Egyptian mythology.  Egyptian God Asar was actually married to Nephythys since they are both dark beings associated with the underworld.  Auset and Seth were both married and they are more associated with the heavens.  Auset was often associated with birds of prey such as hawks and vultures and birds of prey are all about the skies and the heavens.  Seth was often associated with the sky by preventing Ra from being eaten Apep.  Seth had no time for humanity concerns since his father Ra instructed Seth to help him out in the heavens.  In the European version of the mythology, they written Seth killing Asar for sleeping with his wife Nephythys, and soon Nephythys gave birth to God Anubis, who is known as the God of the Underworld, Embalming, the Dead, and Protector and Guardian of the Dead.  The Europeans written that Seth was so barren, he had no choice but to take care of Asar’s child Anubis.  Who is ok with taking care of another man’s child, and that same man had sex with your wife to give birth to his own child for you to take care of.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  No man in their right mind would be cool with that.  The European version of the Egyptian mythology doesn’t make any sense.  There are too many holes in the European version of their Egyptian mythology.  Another thing that doesn’t make any sense is what Black Man is so barren that he can’t have no kids.  Black men have plenty of kids, and I have never met any black man who was barren as a desert who couldn’t have kids.  This European theory can easily be refuted by their own evidence in the news.  I don’t know if I’m the only one with a brain or human society is just stupid.

Here’s is what really happened in the Egyptian mythology.  Seth was married to Auset, and Seth roles was to protect the heavens for Ra.  Seth used to rule humanity on earth but Ra called on him for his strength to defeat Apep every night so that Ra and illuminate and crop human’s crops and to also keep everyone alive.  Seth is a major hero for that reason.  All the people of the earth loved Seth when he ruled on earth, but Asar was soon getting jealous of his brother Seth appraise from the people so Asar started to keep his anger inside himself for Seth.  When Seth was called on Ra for help from the heavens, Seth soon left earth and came with Ra.  Ra left Asar to rule and take care of humanity, and Asar was so excited to be ruler on earth and he obviously wanted to do a better job than his brother Seth.  Asar was so full of his ego and materialistic.  He believed he could make the earth a better place for humanity and himself.  Asar found ways to grow crops for the people, and he taught people how to take care of their plants and live as a community.  Here’s when things started to go down hill.  Asar was so into himself, he was often offered many women for him to associate with at whatever he plases even though he was already married to his sister Nephythys and he had his son Anubis with her but Asar was starting to have high expectations in the look department for women he wanted to associated with, and Nephythys just wasn’t enough for Asar.  He needed really beautiful women so he often sleep with many different women.

As Seth was busy winning wars for Ra’s protection, Auset started to become bored staying in heaven alone, and not appreciated what Seth does everyday to keep everyone alive by preventing the sun from being destroyed and cleaned up by the dark universe who is the Snake God Apep.  She started to lose sight of the bigger bigger and become distant from Seth.  Seth started to notice that something was off about Auset and he did whatever he could to cheer her up by taking care of her and doing romantic things, but she still distance herself even when Seth and she were together.  One day Auset decided to descend towards earth and make a visit to Asar.  Asar was soon surprised by Auset’s presence.  When she meet with Asar, she wanted to ask if he needed help with anything on earth, but Asar told her that he took care of everything, and he said that people are in better shape than ever before and people were happier.  Asar was confident in his job as ruler.  So Auset soon flew back up to heaven to not make Seth suspecious about anything.  Soon Seth decided to descend down from his heavens and wanted to check on Asar to see if he made any progress on earth and the people and from what Seth heard from Asar, things looked better and the people were happier, but Seth started to notice something off from Asar.  Asar was so cold, boastful about himself and not loving at all.  Asar was too egotistical.  Seth confronted Asar about what was really going on earth, but Asar didn’t sense anything wrong that he did on earth so Seth knew things were getting worse on earth so he jst left that thought and he soon asked Asar did he sense anything off about Auset and Asar said no, and he told Seth that you should know what’s going on with your wife, and not him so Seth ended the conversation with Asar and ascended back to heaven.  Asar sensed that he would see Auset again so he decided to move on back to work as ruler on earth.  As time when on, Auset soon started to enjoy the thought of staying on earth for a while but not as herself, and she wanted to hang out with Asar for some fun so she soon made a trip back on earth to hang with Asar.  Auset went to Asar’s temple in her own disguise.  When Asar saw Auset, he thought she was one of the most beautiful wooman he has ever saw, and he wanted to be with her privately and excluded the other women from his palace.  They both went over board and made love, so Auset felt guilty, and used her magic to disappear from Asar’s palace to head back up to earth.

When Seth noticed Auset, he couldn’t help but notice that something was still off about her, so he confronted her about it, but she wasn’t so eagerly to tell him.  But of the thought of having more fun with Asar, she quicly blurted out that she was having sex with his brother Asar and telling him that he was more fun.  Seth soon became infuriated, and so he descended back to earth, and chopped his brother Asar into 42 pieces.  Auset called on her sister Nephythys to help look for all the peices of Asar to assemble hims back together.  Two two sisters combined their magic to assemble Asar, but they couldn’t find Asar’s phallas, so Auset and Nephythys created a new one for him.  It seems like Auset didn’t give a damn about Seth nor Nephythys, and it couldn’t get any worse than this but it did.

When  Auset told Seth that he was barren and she couldn’t have kids with him, she told Seth that when she had sex with Asar, she bore Horus, who is known as God of the sky.  This little white lie was clearly taken cared of when Seth was noticing that Horus was having similar tempers like he does and that Horus was only about the heavens which Asar wassn’t about, and Seth soon figured out that Horus was his own child and not Asar’s.  Horus was sick of fighting Seth, and Auset after he realize what choas his mother caused between her, Seth, and Asar.  Peace, resolution, and conclusion soon surfaced in the Egyptian mythology.

This is my decode on the Egyptian mythology and about Seth.  I hope you readers have enjoyed my blog post, and I hope you have learned a lot from it.  Do your own due diligence to seek your own truth and path.  Have a great night!!!!!!!!


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