Using Law of Polarity to your advantage

So how do you use Law of Polarity to your advantage?  This is an interesting question because before you can start using Law of Polarity to your advantage, you first have to identify examples of Law of Polarity around you.  I have listed some examples of Law of Polarity in my previous post.

Let’s brainstorm and see how we can identify some examples of Law of Polarity around us.  Before we can start identifying any examples of Law of Polarity around us, lets consider and look at our lives from a higher perspective.  Is there anything in your life that you would love to improve or transform your reality into what you desire for yourself.  Let’s say for example that you would love to transform your negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns so you can change your reality for the better.  This is what you do.  You focus on your positive thought patterns to gradually rid yourself from your negative thought patterns.  It sounds pretty easy right?  But its not.  Focusing on your positive thoughts patterns everyday can prove difficult especially when life happens.  This is when you need to remain focused on your positive thoughts.  Yes life happens to us all, but you must understand that we’re all being tested on how  focused and disciplined we are when life throws us a curve ball to get us off track from our personal goals and our happiness.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why does life have to be so hard and why things have to happen?  Answer, your spirit or higher self is always testing you by throwing curve balls at you to see how focused you are on your goals and your personal aspirations.  Being focused is all you need to become successful.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are for some reason in a good happy mood one day, but when the next day comes, you just feel like not in a good mood.  Many of us go through this, and this is one of main reasons why we lose focus.  One day you feel inspired to do something productive, but the next day you don’t want to do a damn thing.  This is a perfect example  of not remaining focus.  This is also an example of operating on your emotions to get by through life so you go though the ups and downs of life and not getting nowhere.  This is the average person of toady’s society.  Many of us operate on our emotions and egos to get through life.  This is the perfect example of experiencing both poles of Law of Polarity, the positive pole and the negative pole.  So what’s the key to avoiding the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster?   Remain in a neutral state of mind.  I love to call the middle ground between the positive pole and negative pole of Law of Polarity the neutral zone.  The neutral zone should be as low as you want to end up in terms of emotions and how you want  to end up in your life.  For example, no one wants to experience poverty in their lives which is the negative side of the pole, so what you do is focus on staying on the positive side of the pole and do everything you can to stay on positive side without resorting to your emotions which don’t prove to be reliable or stable in your life.  We all know this.

Maintaining your own happiness is not easy.  It’s quite difficult to stay in your own happiness among your life, but this is the real work that we all came here to work on.  Focusing on your happiness among life requires alchemy, patience, disciplined, focus, and remaining neutral.  The key of life is to remain consistent.  Consistency is key to survival on planet earth.  You can see this trait in animals, plants, and even planets.  Remaining neutral prevents you from going through the ups and downs of life’s roller coasters.

My biggest advice is to always focus on your positive thoughts at all times and I mean this.  This advice is actually tied to the first Universal Law, the Law of Mentalism, that I will discuss later.  Your happiness state of mind is your focus and your inspiration.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post, and I will keep posting more helpful post for you readers.


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