Northern Green Frog Totem

Northern Green Frog Totem
Northern Green Frog Totem

The frog totem represents metamorphism, transformation, feminine energy, healing, rebirth, renewal, flexibility, and being aware of your natural surroundings.  If you notice the frog totem has similar symbolic meanings as the element water where the frog mostly dwells.

The Northern Green Frog Totem spends most of its lifetime in water.  The spiritual meaning of water represents clarity, emotions, intuition, transformation, psychic abilities, fluidity, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, flexibility, creativity, subconscious, emotions, refreshing, mystery, renewal, fertilization, purification, receptivity, cleansing, motion, life, and reflection.  When the frog is a tadpole, its learning everything about its water environment from what it needs to eat to survive, and from learning how to breathe through its gills while living underwater.  The Northern Green Frog tadpole mainly feeds off of algae.  At their tadpole stage, they live their life as a fish by swimming with their long tail fins.  This is one of the reasons why the frog represents transformation because it first starts out its life living as a fish, but once it reaches near adulthood, the tadpole grows its four legs to jump from place to place, and it develops a long stick tongue for snatching its insect prey.  This is a major transformation for the frog.

After the frog finishes its tadpole stage, it lives its life both on water and land, and it even breathes in air through its newly developed lungs.  The tadpole has dramatically transformed into a fully developed frog with newly developed internal organs to survive on land and water.  The frog is a survivor.  The frog can now jump using its four legs to move quickly and escape from predators.  This is a new reality for the frog.  The spiritual meaning of land represents foundation, structure, support, stability, order, organization, protection, rigidness, prosperity, grounding, strength, and power.  The frog has now gained a new ground which is earth.  Its four legs represents its connection to the earth.  The number of legs and feet the frog has also represents its connection to the earth.  The energy of number four represents foundation, structure, order, protection, stability, responsibility, determination, drive, goal oriented, grounding, and support.  This doesn’t mean that the frog has left its connection to the water because it still has webbed feet, and this allows the frog to easily propel through the water with grace and agility.  The frog has a highly developed eyesight allowing it to have a 360 degree eye vision.  It also has developed a large tympanum for hearing and listening to its surroundings.

The northern green frog has an array of colors featuring brown, green, and white and all of these colors symbolize its connection to its environment.  The northern green frog has a white belly and the color white represents cleanliness, purification, reflective, and new beginnings, awakening, and peacefulness.  This symbolizes the frog’s ability to rid itself of old negative energy.  The white color is used as a recycling system for the frog.  The white color cleans the frog’s system up regularly and its white color is needed since the frog does live in a muddy, murky water environment.  The green color of the frog represents its connection to the abundance of the earth, prosperity, wealth, health, harmony, growth, renewal rebirth, vitality, restoration, self reliance, nurturing, and balance.  The frog’s brown color represents its connection to the earth, foundation, structure, stability, support, protection, family unit, order, strength, comfort, reliability, practical, sensibility, warm, sincere, and loyal.  Both the green and brown color represents the frog’s connection to the earth because the newly developed frog now needs to learn how to live off the land, and its brown and green colors can help the frog become self sufficient on how to live on the land.

Everything from the colors, the numbers of legs, and the frogs connection to its environments play a major role to the Northern Green Frog survival.  The frog totem asks you to become flexible, self sufficient, responsible, receptive, peaceful, grounding, and patient in your day to day life.  There is a lot more to decode from the frog totem, but this post would be too long for you readers to read so I will end this post here tonight guys. I hope you have enjoyed reading my Northern Green Frog totem blog and I hope that you do your own due diligence to learn more about our Northern Green Frog Totem!!!!!!!


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