What is Law of Polarity?

Law of Polarity is two polar opposites of energy residing on the same reality plane, but they vary in degree as they extend from each side of the poles in their existence. All energy are the same in degree, but as they extend their reaches far away from each other on different poles of their reality planes, energy starts to take on different characteristics creating polar opposites which leads to the creation of Law of Polarity.  Examples of this are hot and cold, and the physical genders of male and female, and everything else that you can find in this physical reality.  But its important to remember that everything is the same, and energy only appears to be different because it extends itself outward manifesting itself into another form.  A pair of opposites are significant for one’s existence.  A man can’t have a baby by himself and a woman can’t have a baby by herself.  Both a man and woman need each others energy to create a baby.  This all ties up to the Law of Polarity.  Law of Polarity is responsible for manifesting the Law of Gender into existence.  You cannot operate without all the Universal Laws, and the same thing goes with living your life.  Soar above your life from a higher perspective and use the Universal Laws to your advantage to enrich your own lives.


2 thoughts on “What is Law of Polarity?

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