Colorful Fungi


Colorful Fungi

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Wild Blue Berries

Image of wild blue berries.
Image of Wild Blue Berries.

Learn to appreciate the little things in life.

I have photographed these wild blue berries in Lake Needwood Rock Creek Regional Park in Montgomery County, Maryland. I was very surprised to have spotted a bush of wild blue berries.  I was so amazed and intrigued all at the same time.  There’s food growing in our backyards and forest all around us.  All we have to do is set aside some time to walk in the forest and observe nature.  Enjoy and take care!!!

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Bird Feathers

Photo Credit by Sarah and Andy

I have been wanting to write this blog post in so long that I have finally made an effort to set aside some time to write and discuss the spiritual meaning of finding and discovering bird feathers on your path.  So what is the spiritual meaning of bird feathers?  Feathers represent flight, freedom, ascension, limitless, positive thoughts, mind, knowledge, and soaring above your limitations.  We find feathers all around us and they remind us consciously and subconsciously that we all have the ability to soar above our limitations  and problems from a higher perspective in order to gather the answers we need to deal with our current dilemma or circumstances.  Feathers are light, etheric, and very soft to the touch and this reminds us to readjust our energies to match the energy of the feather so that we can have a more open, positive attitude about our perspectives.  Whenever you spot a feather on your path, you can’t help but question, “why have I discovered a feather on my path today?”  What is the energy of the feather trying to tell me?  Do I feel too earthbound to fly?  Do I need to pay more attention to my thought patterns throughout the day?  There are so many questions to ask.

Photo Credit by Harsi S. Parker.

When I discover bird feathers, the first thing that I do is identify the bird feather.  I’m a bird photographer so I spend countless hours studying birds, their feathers and the spiritual meaning behind birds and so I am already aware of the energy and spiritual messages that birds convey.  For example, one of my most favorite birds are vultures and I have witnessed a few vulture feathers on my journey.  Vultures clean up the environment by feasting on dead animals and they represent purification and cleansing.  So when I discover a vulture feather, the vulture feather is telling me to pay more attention to cleansing my mind from negative thoughts.  The second thing that I take notice of is the color of the feather.  Associate the colors of the feather with the 7 seven chakras to make it more easier for you readers to comprehend.  If you find a white feather, then you know it represents purification and new beginnings, and if you see a blue feather, then you know the feather represents communication and speaking you truth and etc.  Always learn to keep a journal with you and write down all your thoughts about how you’re feeling when you discovered the feather.  Were you feeling happy or sad when you discovered a feather?  Were you feeling optimistic about something when you discovered the feather?   Your feelings and thoughts are drawn from your subconscious mind and they are the prime indicators of  what’s going on within your reality.  If lately you’re energy has been feeling too heavy for you to bear, and suddenly you have discovered a feather on your path, the universe is telling you to lighten up load by eliminating the heavy rocks from your mind and body and take to skies and fly.   Forget about all your worries and stresses about life and focus your energy in the present moment and transmute your energy from negative to positive and make miracles happen.

Photo Credit by Gregg Hake and Zack Travers.

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Humanity’s Ignorance – Coywolf


Whenever I get so focused on my love for wolves and coyotes, I start to get frustrated and develop a pure hatred for humanity’s ignorance.  There’s something not right with humanity’s mental state.  When people kill the wolves and coyotes, the deer numbers rise, and nature and the environment begin to become imbalance, but why?  Everything in nature has a purpose and every animal has a job to help sustain its environment so that it last and thrive for the next generation.  The presence of the coywolf reclaiming part of its historic range in eastern North America is a sign of a new paradigm.  Before the Europeans brought their havoc to the North America, the wolves roamed the whole North American continent and everything was in balance.  Food was plentiful and life was good.  Before the Europeans came to North America, they have already killed most of their wolves in Europe.  What makes the Europeans so privilege to kill the wolves and coyotes in North America when this is not even their land in the first place?  The continent of Europe is not even their land either.  The Europeans were originally genetically modified and they were created in the continent of Africa, but then they migrated northward into Europe.  The Moors were the ones who allowed the Europeans to live in Europe in the caves because they were barbaric and the land of Europe was originally prison for the Europeans.  The Europeans don’t own any land on this earth at all and neither does any other groups of people except the Moors.

This ignorance of the Europeans killing everything in their path and taking and stealing land that doesn’t belong to them is soon coming to an end.  I just have a problem with the Europeans taking and killing everything that is on my continent  even though my people  are solely responsible for the presence of the Europeans on the North American continent.  The presence of the coy wolf is the result and effect of the Europeans originally killing off the wolves once they set foot on the North American continent.  Over the centuries, once the wolves were exterminated, the coyotes out west moved eastern and soon they interbreed with the eastern wolf and eventually the coywolf was reborn.  The coywolf hybrid is twice as large as the coyote of the west and they are easily adaptable to living in human settlement.  The coywolf is the perfect predator of the east coast literally.  Coyotes in general are adaptable and they eat anything.  Combine the coyote’s marvelous skills of adaptability, and the immense, powerful size of the wolf, the coywolf can easily thrive in human cities.  Of course the Europeans aren’t happy about the coywolf’s presence expanding up and down through the east coast, so they are placing year round bounties to exterminate these amazing predators.  But here’s the thing, the Europeans have spent centuries trying to exterminate coyotes, but every time they have tried to poison and kill coyotes, they unfortunately killed many endangered species such as Californian Condors, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and many other animals in the process.  Coyotes are basically impossible to eliminate completely and I wonder why the Europeans just don’t see that.  The Coyote isn’t going anywhere and the fact that the Europeans have been trying to kill coyotes since they have arrived on the North American continent for the last few centuries proves it to be a fact.

Photo Credit by Kenn Leitch/CBC.

There’s enough prey animals on the North American continent, but there’s not enough predators and this is a huge problem.  What happens when all the deer, raccoons, rats, and opossums eat all our food and vegetables just because the Europeans have such a pure hatred for wolves and coyotes that they have to kill all the tops predators and not allow the top predators to control all the prey animal numbers to prevent the environment to become imbalance?  Wolves and coyotes keep the environment balance by feasting on all the prey animals to prevent the prey animals from destroying and overeating the food, fruits and vegetables of the forest.  Prey animals like deer, rats, raccoon, and opossums eat a lot of food and this causes problems to the ecosystem.  As soon as man tampers with nature, bad things happen and this is a rookie mistake especially since humans are supposed to be the smart ones but clearly humanity’s efforts to try to control nature proves the contrary.  Humanity is dumb as a box of rocks if humanity wanted to be honest with themselves.  Mankind is not even a million years old.  Humanity is irrelevant and there’s nothing significant about it.  The oldest people or extra terrestrials of the globe are black people.  Black people made the pyramids, the Olmec heads, the statues and the advanced technology that used to be here millions of years ago.  Black people and the animals have been here millions of years, and black people are as old as 76 trillion years old before the creation of the sun.  Now what does that tell you?  Now I am living with some hybrid as chimps in white skin suits living on my earth destroying every living thing that my extra terrestrial race has created.  Of course I will have a soft spot for my wolves and coyotes.  Hybrid ass chimps weren’t meant to rule the earth and obviously not for long and the Universal Laws are already in the process of balancing the equation.

The Return of the Wolf

Photo Credit by Mlorenzphotography.

The return of the wolf is imminent in today’s society in North America.  I am going to discuss the importance of the wolf’s presence in our society and how is brings back balance to the universe and into our environments and ecosystems.  The wolf is a very special animal to me and it is very dear to my heart.  Not too many people realized that the gray wolf once dominated most of the continents of Northern Hemisphere from going eastward from Russia and to going westward across the globe to North America.  The Gray wolf resided in most of North America, Asia and Europe just a couple centuries ago.  Not long ago at all.  When the European Settlers came into North America from Europe in their ships thanks to the help that they had from the Moors that built them the ships to travel and navigate, they saw America as a land of opportunity and success and soon to eventually build their empire for themselves like their parents have, the Moors.  The Moors build a successful empire in North America for hundreds and thousands of years ago and they have helped the Europeans build their empire by giving them the tools they would need.  The history is not so pretty but it is what it is.


When the Europeans first encountered the wolves on North America’s soil, they were really intimidated.  The Europeans have already exterminated most of the wolves in Europe and they definitely planned to exterminate the wolves in North America too so that they wouldn’t have any problems with wolves eating their livestock.  Once they have exterminated most of the wolves in the United States excluding Canada and Alaska, the Europeans started expanding their settlement westward to eventually take over the whole Moor’s continent for themselves.  Now in today’s society in the northern and western hemisphere, the wolf is only found in Canada and Alaska and a few western and northern states.  Because of this absence of wolves in the North American continent, the coyote is starting to expand its range eastward towards the eastern states and because of this, both the wolves in Canada and the coyotes migrating from the western states are breeding and hybridizing and eventually creating the coy-wolf hybrid.  There have been many sightings of these coy-wolf hybrids all over North America, but why?  The universe only operates out of balance.  Because of the absence of predators to control all the prey populations such as the deer, the squirrels, rabbits and all the other prey animals, they have now been considered as pest because there is just too many of them.  The deer population is out of control.  Who is controlling the deer numbers?  The modern Europeans claim that they can control the deer’s populations better than the wolves can by regulating the deer harvest season each year in order to keep the deer numbers balanced.  But here’s the thing, this concept of thinking is absurd.  Why would man even want to control animal population numbers.  There was nothing wrong with the animal populations.  The wolves kept the deer numbers balanced for millions of years way before the Europeans were created six thousand years ago.  Nature is balanced and operates under the 7 universal Laws and because of this, nature doesn’t need man’s assistance to balance itself out.


The wolf is a predator and predators jobs are to control the prey populations.  The extermination of the wolves is an immature form of behavior and this sheds much light on how immature, young and ignorant the elite Europeans are in their mind set.  Now these coy-wolf hybrids are easily adapting to cities, towns and human development secretly without most of the American public not even realizing this.  Now I have only posted images of the real wolves, but not the coy-wolf hybrids in my blog post.  The emergence of the wolf or coy-wolf hybrid is inevitable because there needs to be a predator animal to control all these prey populations numbers.  Balance needs to be restored to the universe.   These coy-wolf hybrids sightings are a sign and flash back about what the world was like just a century or two ago.  Wolves were everywhere not that long ago and many people find that puzzling which is amazing to me.  Wolves aren’t evil or bad like how most people view the wolves, but wolves are just balance, order, structure and peace and this is the type of energy this world needs right now.  No more fear based living like how prey animal live, but courage based living like how predators live.

Here’s a good coy-wolf documentary:

Video Credit by Coyote Documentaries.

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Spiritual Meaning Earth Element


Photo Credit by Jabari Bellamy.

So what is the spiritual meaning of the element earth?  Earth represents order, structure, foundation, stability, fertility, masculine and feminine energy, nourishment, shelter, grounded, manifestation, prosperity and projection.  I find the earth element to be the most intriguing of the four elements because it presents itself to the universe as both masculine and feminine energy.  Fire instantly presents itself as masculine energy while water presents itself as feminine energy.  Air instantly presents itself as masculine energy, but the energy of the earth is more androgynous.  Most people view the earth as feminine energy, but this is just one way  of viewing earth.  Earth has a masculine side.  The earth is mainly consisted of rocks and rocks are mostly sturdy and rough and this is a physical representation of masculine energy.

Earth also features a moon and because of that, this sheds light on earth’s masculine side.  Planet Venus is feminine energy and it has no moon.  Planet Mercury doesn’t have a moon either but the reason why is because its orbits is too close to the sun, and the closet energy to planet Mercury that contains feminine energy is Venus and because of that, Mercury doesn’t require a moon.  All the other planets have moons and because of this polarity of energies, this makes all the other planets a representation of masculine energy.  Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Uranus all have moons.  The reason why all the planets and the universe operate under this system of balance is because of the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  I meant to write a blog post about the Law of Gender so I will write about it next week.  Once you have a better understanding about how the universe operates, you will soon shed some light on the darkness.  Check out my Law of Polarity post.

Earth’s feminine side displays nurturing, food, shelter, prosperity, mothering and protection.  Planet Earth feeds and shelters all of its inhabitants and provides life for all to grow and flourish.  This is a prime example of the earth’s selfless duty to take care of all of its inhabitants and this is a representation of the divine feminine energy and the feminine energy side of the earth is the only reason why most people around the globe view earth as mother earth and feminine energy.

Listen to some Earth Meditations:

Video Credit by Brainwave Power Music.

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Tips on Photographing Vultures in Flight

Photo Credit by Ned Harris.

I will provide some tips on how to photograph vultures in flight.  This image above is not mine, I am just using it as a example for my blog post, but if you want to view my work then scroll down to the bottom of this article and click the hyper link that links you to my website.  I have spent over a decade photographing vultures in flight and I have found them pretty easy to photograph over the years.  The image above is of an American Black Vulture and they reside as far north as southeastern United States and their range extends as far south as southern South America.  The American Black Vulture and many vultures in general mostly contain black or dark colored plumage which makes it pretty hard to photograph them against a bright sky with enough lighting to expose well under their dark colored underparts.  One way to avoid this dilemma is to photograph vultures around early morning or later in the evening when the lighting is most optimal for photographing birds in flight.  Vultures tend to leave their roost around early to mid morning and arrive to their roosting site to later in the evening before night fall.  Usually around mid day, vultures are flying really high up in the sky looking and scanning the terrain for carcasses so basically your main objective is to focus on positioning yourself during times when vultures are flying closer to the earth rather than during other times when they are soaring too high above.

Now you have to keep in mind that vultures are the highest flying birds with the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture reaching heights of up to 37,000 feet and while the Turkey Vulture can reach heights of up to 20,000 feet in the air.  Vultures are one of the most challenging birds to photograph in flight but also the most rewarding.  One tip to keep in mind for when planning to photograph vultures during early or mid morning is to beware of the wind or updraft conditions.  For example, which way is the wind or updraft blowing and is the breeze blowing strongly or softly?  If the wind is blowing against you, position yourself and your camera towards that direction and look for closely approaching flying birds.  Try staying near open terrain where it is easier for you to photograph closely approaching flying birds.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to locate residential vultures’ roosting sites and this will increase you chances of photographing vultures in flight.  Try going to their roosting sites early in the morning before they start taking off to the skies or later in the evening when they are planning for roosting for the night.  You can also rack some luck by driving on the road and keeping an open eye out for dead carcasses and these are prime places for spotting vultures feasting on them along the roadside.

Here’s a youtube video of Giant Turtles vs Black Vultures:

Video Credit by BBC Worldwide.

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Spiritual Meaning Fire Element

Photo Credit by Skitterphoto.

So what is the spiritual meaning of the fire element?  Fire represents action, manifestation, power, creativity, sexual energy, creation, destruction, transformation, masculine energy, ambition, purification, authority, light and wisdom.  Fire is fueled by air and the elements of the earth.  Water is the only element that can eliminate fire.  What’s interesting is that all the three elements fire, air and earth are all masculine energy except water.  Most of the elements of the earth contain  masculine energy.  What I find interesting is that most people don’t view the earth as masculine energy because of its ability to provide nourishment for all the people and animals, but if you check out my blog post about ” Does Planet Earth Present Itself As Masculine or Feminine Energy? “, I discuss and explain about the earth having a moon and because of that, this displays the physical relationship of the Law of Gender between masculine and feminine energy.  Now that I just decoded that most of the elements of the earth are masculine energy, I have already proven my point even further that the earth is even more masculine in the physical manifestation that it presents itself to the universe, but internally the energy of the earth is represented as feminine energy by nourishing all of its inhabitant.  By viewing the energy of the earth from a higher perspective, the energy of the earth is both masculine and feminine.  I like to view things from different perspectives rather than view from the same perspective like everyone else.  So let’s get back on track to discussing the spiritual meaning of the fire element.


The element fire is positive energy while water is negative energy.  Both fire and water represent the physical manifestation of both the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity.  This represents the divine marriage between the two elements and how they balance each others energy. Fire is also represented as wisdom.  Wisdom is utilizing knowledge to manifest a desired result or goal.  Air is knowledge and it fuels fire, and fire takes that knowledge and energy of the air to conquer, control and handle business.  Check out my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding blog post to get a better understanding about where I am coming from.  The fact that fire represents wisdom from this perspective, this also sheds light on fire’s feminine side because utilizing knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is represented as feminine energy.  The aggression and action aspect of fire is masculine energy, but the act of utilizing knowledge to produce and manifest a desired result or goal is feminine energy.  Everything in the universe contains both masculine and feminine energy.

Listen to some meditative Powerful Mantra for Solar Plexus Meditation:

Video Credit by Meditative Mind – Meditation Music.

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Spiritual Meaning Element Water

View of the Lake

Photo Credit by Jabari Bellamy.

So what is the spiritual meaning of element water?  The spiritual meaning of water represents the subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, fluidity, versatility, transformation, emotions, clarity, adaptability, mystery, receptivity, openness, fertility, healing, psychic abilities, magic and alchemy.  Water comes in many forms such as clouds, liquid, fog, dew, snow and icicles and because of its array versatility, water also represents omnipresence.  Water is contained within everything and its everything and this represents how powerful and adaptable it really is.  Water even comes in different colors depending on its environment.  Like for instance in my image above, the water contains the color blue, and in some places and regions, water can appear as clear as plastic.

Since water represents the subconscious mind, it also represents creativity, and infinite possibilities.  Like I have said before in my Spiritual Meaning of the Air Element blog post, everything in the physical reality is an extension and representation of the mind.  The water element reminds us to become receptive to change and transformation in order to adapt to different environments, circumstances and scenarios, but it also helps us to keep evolving.  When you become unperceptive to change, transformation and energy, you soon become stagnant and limited.  Water goes through cycles of activity and inactivity.  For example, when water is in the form of a pond, it remains inactive, but when water remains in the form of a river, it becomes active.  This is how water refreshes and replenishes its energy and form.  So basically what I am saying is, the element of water is reminding us to keep our minds open to change, transformation, and new possibilities so that we can be more open to learning new things to keep us evolving spiritually and metaphysically.

Listen to some Mountain Stream Water Sounds:

Video Credit by Relaxing White Noise.

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Bird In Flight Photography

Photo Credit by Vic Berardi.

I have spent over ten years photographing nature and animals and from my long years of experience I will share with you readers some of my tips and advice concerning birds in flight photography.  This isn’t one of my images above, but I am using it as an example for my article, but if you want to see my work, then visit my Website.

Before I even picked up a camera, I have studied birds from researching and reading bird books  and to listening to bird calls on bird websites.  I first became an expert at identifying bird calls, their bird feathers, and comprehending their behavior so that for later on, I would be ready to start photographing them.  So first things first, if you want to get into bird photography, become knowledgeable about your subject.  The vital lesson here.  The hunter must know its prey before it can start hunting it down.  Trust me, my important advice will save you a lot of time and frustration.

My second advice is to pick the right telephoto lens that best suits your needs, your hunting strategies, your environment, and geographic region.  I have only two lens, my 18-55mm lens which is most suited for shooting landscape photography, and my 75-300mm lens which is suited for shooting nature and wildlife photography and that’s basically my camera equipment.  Of course I would rather possess a longer telephoto lens such as 1,000mm lens and a professional  camera like a Canon 5D Mark III, but I don’t have the funds to support my luxury photography equipment.  I have to make good use of the photography equipment that I do have.

I rely on my knowledge of birds to photograph and capture my bird images and this tremendously makes up for my small telephoto lens.  Now I’m not saying that you can’t capture marvelous birds images with a 75-300mm lens or even as small as a 200mm lens because you easily can.  You just have to know your subject well.  For beginners in birds in flight photography, I recommend that you start photographing sea gulls because they are more approachable and they are a lot easier to manage. Of course this can only make good use for you if seagulls reside in your region, but even if they don’t, I’m sure there are birds in your region that are easier to approach.  I photograph seagulls by throwing bread in the air to them to initially attract them to me, but then to also trick them into preforming different aerial tricks in front of me so that I can just start snapping pictures of them.  I usually preform routines with seagulls by myself because I love the challenge, but you can also bring someone along to have them throw the bread in the air while you just focus on snapping the pictures.

Your geographic region and environment can have an effect on your bird photography.  I spend more of my time photographing raptors in flight than any other bird and I reside in the east coast and because I reside on the eastern side of the United States, this has an affect on my chances of photographing raptors.  Raptors of the western part of the United States are tamer and easier to photograph and its a lot of easier to photograph them, but photographing raptors in the east coast can take decades and I am a perfect example of this.  There are many reasons why raptors on the west coast are tamer than the raptors in the east coast but I don’t have time to discuss that for this blog post. All of these factors have an affect on your chances of photographing and capturing birds in flight.  You have to study and know your subject.  Of course there are a lot more things involved in bird in flight photography, but my blog post will be too long to read so I will end it here guys.

Here’s a youtube video of Eagle vs Hare:

Video Credit by BBC Earth.

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